Elina Filice & Neolithic Love Everything About You

The spoken-word artist & the groovemaster team up on an infectiously sweet ode.


Elina Filice and Neolithic sing your praises in their sweetly romantic new single Everything About You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Everything About You features a laid-back beat, jazzy guitar licks, and a stuck-in-your-head chorus. Sprinkled with hooks and layered vocals, the thoughtful lyrics are coupled with intricate production and a surprise a cappella outro.

“This song is about when love gets hard,” shares Filice, a genre-derying singer-songwriter and spoken-word artist from Hamilton. “It’s realizing that love goes through seasons, and even the less shiny things about someone or a relationship are still your favourite parts. All of the imperfections make up a perfect whole.”

Her collaborator Neolithic — a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Dublin — adds: “For me, the song represents the moments when you take a second to reflect the little details of a partner, whether preferred or not, as a means to remind yourself how much you adore them. Even when they have their own things that might irritate you, or vice versa, it’s about taking in the little things that make their personality whole. It’s about the beauty that truly includes our perfect imperfections.”

Recorded by Wavefarm Productions in Dublin and produced by Zachary MacPherson and Filice, it’s her third release of the year and latest collaboration with Neolithic. The pair met while studying at BIMM Dublin and have collaborated on projects and performances over the years.

Filice’s music is soulful and melodic, and defies genres while being influenced by blues and spoken word. Born to Canadian parents, she spent her formative years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend university. She then relocated to Dublin where she worked extensively in the music industry, and founded Red Vine Records. Neolithic has been active in the Irish music scene, both solo and with his band Nobody’s Heroes, for over a decade. A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Neolithic’s music blends genres and influences to bring listeners a groove-heavy and truly engaging experience.

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