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Next Week in Music | May 3-9 • The Long List: 410+ Releases On The Way

Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, Tuba Day — and all these albums. It's a big week.

We’ve got a big week coming up. Tuesday is Star Wars Day. Wednesday is Cinco De Mayo. And as I’m sure you know, Friday is International Tuba Day — and the day when most of these 400-plus albums, EPs, singles, soundtracks, compilations, anthologies, box sets and vinyl reissues arrive. Let the celebrations begin:



The Accidentals | Time Out (Session 1) EP
Johnny Ace | The Johnny Ace Collection 1952-55
A Certain Ratio | ACR​:​EPA
Acetantina | Carmen Winstead
Acid’s Trip | Strings of Soul
Anto Addabbo | Beneath This Crown
Aduanten | Sullen Cadence EP
Latanya Alberto | The Royal Escape EP
Allblack | TY4FWM (Thank You 4 Fuckin’ With Me)
The Allegorist | Hybrid Dimension II
Marina Allen | Candlepower
Steve Almaas | Everywhere You’ve Been
Ihsan Al-Munzer | Sonatina for Maria
Alpha Chrome Yayo | Page Me
Alphaville | Afternoons in Utopia Deluxe Edition
Alphaville | The Breathtaking Blue Deluxe Edition
Aly & AJ | a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun
Amongst the Pigeons | Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance
Anjimile | Reunion EP
Anomalie / Chromeo | Bend The Rules Deluxe
Ape Vermin | Arctic Noise EP
Aqua Tofana | Dead & Famous
Arielle | Analog Girl In A Digital World
The Aristocrats | Freeze! Live In Europe 2020
Arteaga | Season Of The Witch Chapter Two
Artillery | X
Ashe | Ashlyn
Astrachan | Astrachan
Astro | Into The Past EP
Axis: Sova | Fractal EP
Daniel Bachman | Axacan
Backxwash | I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses
Michael Ball | We Are More Than One
The Bamboos | Hard Up
Bandits on the Run | Now Is The Time EP
Naomi Banks | Meeting Again EP
Mandy Barnett | Every Star Above
Beastwood | The Long Road To Ho
The Beat Farmers | Live at the Spring Valley Inn, 1983
Beekeeper | Slaves To The Nothing
Nelson Beer | Orlando EP
Natalie Bergman | Mercy
Best Move | Mirror Image Twins EP
BKGD Audio | Sufi Service
Black Market Brass | Chemical Plant Zone
Black Moon Mother | Illusions Under The Sun
The Black Watch | The White EP
Blitzen Trapper | Holy Demos Future Demos
Blue Cactus | Stranger Again
Ilan Bluestone | Impulse
Alex Bone | In Dream (ft. Nile Rodgers)
Book Of Wyrms | Occult New Age
Bridear | Bloody Bride
The Broken Cradle | You Are Here and I Am Yours
Vasco Brondi | Paesaggio Dopo La Battaglia
Brutus VIII | Beyond
Bailey Bryan | Fresh Start
Buffet Lunch | The Power of Rocks
Laura Cahen | Une Fille
Calibro 35 | Dalla Bovisa A Brooklyn Reissue + Comic
Candlemass | Green Valley Live
Century Egg | Little Piece Of Hair
Sergio Ch. | 1974 Reissue
Sergio Ch. | Aurora Reissue
Sergio Ch. | From Skulls Born Beyond Reissue
Chalk Portraits | Memory
Glenn Chatten | Baked Cafe
Cheat Codes | Hellraisers, Pt. 1
Kenny Chesney | Here And Now Deluxue
Alex Chilton and Hi Rhythm Section | Boogie Shoes: Live on Beale Street
Lucinda Chua | Antidotes 2 EP
Cochise | Benbow Crescent
Cold Moon | What’s The Rush?
Coldplay | Higher Power
J. Cole | The Off-Season
Judy Collins | White Bird: Anthology Of Favorites
Comorian | We Are an Island, But We’re Not Alone
Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow | April Dreams
Cosmic Neighbourhood | All for Fall
Graham Costello | Second Lives
Aleister Crowley | Black Magic
Crystal | Reflection Overdrive
Cvlt Ov The Svn | We Are the Dragon
Cyberian | Dark Orphism
The Damn Truth | Now Or Nowhere
Marius Danielsen’s Legend Of Valley Doom | Part 3
Bachi Da Pietra | Reset
Darkfall / Mortal Strike | Thrashing Death Squad Split EP
The Dead Space | Chlorine Sleep
Death Pop Radio | Death Pop Radio
Deep Heads | Dubstep Vol​.​3
Owen Denvir | Sticks, Stones & Bones
Diamante | American Dream
Dirishu6 | Dirishu6
McKinley Dixon | For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her
Terrence Dixon | Reporting From Detroit
Dan D’Lion | Fruition EP
Simon Dobson | MDCNL
Dodie | Build A Problem
Dolly Ave | Sleep
Doss | 4 New Hit Songs EP
Dräger | Goths à la Discothèque
Drifters’ Collective | Cranes In The Rearview
Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits | Isolation Tarot EP
John Duncan & Stefano Pilia | Try Again
Dunya | Dunya
Eahwee | Solitude
Electric Party | Play
Electric Treatment Free | Electric Treatment Free EP
Tommy Emmanuel | Accomplice Series Volume 1 with Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley EP
Empty Throne | Glossolalia
Alex Epton | The Episodic Buffer Vol 2 EP
Erasure | Chorus Deluxe Edition
Ereb Altor | Eldens Boning
Everlust | Diary of Existence
False Memories | The Last Night of Fall
Fange | Pantocrator
Farawisa | Frægð
Feed Them Death | Negative
Feng Suave | Tomb For Rockets Single
Fickle Friends | Weird Years: Season 2
Firekind | Live in Lockdown EP
Fiver | Fiver With the Atlantic School Of Spontaneous Composition
Fixers | The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea
Flat Worms | The Guest b​/​w Circle
Tim Foljahn | I Dreamed a Dream
Michael Foster & Ben Bennett | Contractions
Fougére | Still Life
Fried Monk x Beautiful-Fortune | Here As One EP
Garden of Eyes | Boomhammer
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell | Burn
Ghost Iris | Comatose
Dagar Gyil Ensemble Of Lawra | Dagara: Gyil Music of Ghana’s Upper West Region
James Ginzburg | Crystallise, A Frozen Eye
Glasscastle | Tears in Los Angeles, Pt. 2
Glen | Pull
GoGo Penguin | GGP/RMX
Harlem Gospel Travelers | Nothing But His Love / God’s Gonna Move His Hand
Alma Grace | Frida
Great Lake Swimmers | Live At The Redeemer 2007
Green-House | Music for Living Spaces
Grey Aura | Zwart Vierkant
Grey Mouse | A Moment of Weakness
Tee Grizzley | Built For Whatever
Will Guthrie & James Rushford | Real Real World
Gusten | Gusten
Noah Haidu | Slowly: Song for Keith Jarrett
Todd Michael Hall | Sonic Healing
Peter Hammill | In Translation
Harønni | Existence
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer | Post Apocalipstick
Annie Hart | Everything Pale Blue
John Harvey | Second Chances EP
Graham Haynes vs Submerged | Flashtower​/​Istanbul Gran Prix
Herzschlager | All The Nights Are Done
Al Hibbler | The Singles Collection 1946-59
Andrew Hill | Passing Ships
Goldie Hill | The Goldie Hill Collection 1952-62
Hooverphonic | Hidden Stories
Christian Hornbostel | Liber Tertius
Hot Knives | Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To
Hot Puds | Hot Puds EP
The Howard Hughes Suite | Smoke From A Future Fire
John Howard | Collected: The Best Of John Howard
Iceage | Seek Shelter
Immortal Sÿnn | Force Of Habit
In Asymmetry | Ashes Of Dead Worlds
Índio da Cuíca | Malandro 5 Estrelas
Inferno | Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)
Infinite Digits | Be The Light / Be The Void
Iron & Wine | Archive Series Volume No. 5: Tallahassee Recordings
Rae Isla | Another Life
Sarah Jarosz | Blue Heron Suite
Benjamin Jayne | Theater
Kito Jempere | Every Minute Is Too Late ft. Noteless (Fango Remix)
India Jordan | Watch Out!
Jordsjø | Pastoralia
Anthony Joseph | The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives
Mia Joy | Spirit Tamer
Judason Void | Good Things Take Time
Kali | Circles EP
Ted Russell Kamp | Solitaire
Kardashev | The Baring Of Shadows EP
Kelsey Karter | Live From Nowhere
Kasai Allstars | Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Kataan | Kataan
Kayak | Out Of This World
Sophia Kennedy | Monsters
Sarah Klang | Virgo
Klexos | Apocryphal Parabolam
Linn Koch-Emmery | Being The Girl
Kosine | Truth Serum EP
Kosmodemonic | Liminal Light
Bobby Krlic | Returnal Original Soundtrack
Kryptik Mutation | Pulled From the Pit
Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall | The Marfa Tapes
Ronnie Lane | Anymore For Anymore Vinyl Reissue
Rhys Langston | Stalin Bollywood
Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band | Damballah
Last Days Of April | Even The Good Days Are Bad
Leftover Salmon | Brand New Good Old Days
Stefano Leonardi & Antonio Bertoni | Viandes
Gretchen Lieberum | This May Only Be A Dream
Lil Poppa | Blessed, I Guess
Link | Turbo
Lipstick Jodi | More Like Me
Little Snake | A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect
Isabella Lovestory | Remix Mixtape
Lucid Sins | Cursed
Lucy | The Music Industry Is Poisonous
Lùisa | New Woman
Lulu | Gold
Lunar Octet | Convergance
Maj | Deceased And Departed
Malneezy | Escape From Grey Whale City
The Mammuthus | Last Trumpet Of A Giant
Man On Man | Man On Man
Jake Manzi | Whatever My Heart Allows
Charlie Marie | Ramble On
Mariotte | La Géante
Francisco Martin | Beautiful Ramblings of a Restless Mind EP
Jesse Maxwell | Hellion
Robin McCauley | Standing On The Edge
McCormick | Till the Sun Comes Up
Mephitic Grave | Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity
Messier | On Malaise
Methadone Skies | Retrofuture Caveman
The Mighty Mighty BossTones | When God Was Great
Mighty Oaks | Mexico
Mitski | This Is Where We Fall
Model Child | Unscrewed EP
Modern Fools | Seer
Mod Sun | Internet Killed The Rockstar Deluxe
Modularz | The 6 Planet Discovery Mission
Moneira | Colour Visions
Elektra Monet | Transience
Monolith Of Absolute Suffering | Extirpation Paradigms
Moon Coven | Slumber Wood
Emma Moore | The Table EP
Jane Morgan | The Jane Morgan Collection 1946-62
Chloe Moriondo | Blood Bunny
Van Morrison | Latest Record Project Volume 1
MouthBreather | I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman
Maria Muldaur & Tuba Skinny | Let’s Get Happy Together
Peter Murphy | Deep Vinyl Reissue
Peter Murphy | Holy Smoke Vinyl Reissue
Mushroom Giant | Painted Mantra 10th Anniversary Edition
Nasimiyu | Potions
Nature Morte | Messe Basse
La Nausée | Battering Ram EP
Nehushtan | Book 1: Medusa’s Revenge
New Order | Education Entertainment Recreation
Red Nichols | The Red Nichols Collection 1926-32
Night Beats | Outlaw R&B
Night Huron | Instructions For The Night
Nightjars | Modjeska
Night Lovell | Just Say You Don’t Care
Carlos Niño & Friends | More Energy Fields, Current
NoMBe | Chromatopia
Nordjevel | Fenriir
No Te Va Gustar | Luz
Nous Alpha | A Walk in the Woods
Oblivion Orchestra | Scene to Scene
Observe Since 98 | King Clout
Oceanator | I’m Going Online Today: A Livestream Concert Recording
Ohyung & Matt Evans | Godless
Angel Olsen | Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories
Endre Olsen | Baklengs Tebake
L’Orange & Namir Blade | Imaginary Everything
Osiah | Loss
Ovaltine | Help Yourself
The Owen Guns | 2: Electric Boogaloo EP
Dean Owens | Sand and Blood: The Desert Trilogy EPs, Vol 2
Dorothea Paas | Anything Can’t Happen
Paupière | Sade Sati
Pentral | What Lies Ahead Of Us
People Club | Take Me Home EP
Pet Shop Boys | Cricket Wife
Grace Pettis | Working Woman
Pile | In the Corners of a Sphere-Filled Room
Pillow Person | Music for 8pm
Pine Tree Riot | Spore Sessions No. 5
Pink | All I Know So Far
Pistols At Dawn | Nocturnal Youth EP
P!Off? | P!Off?
Pressure | Ingen Som Hör Dig
Procol Harum | Missing Persons (Alive Forever) EP
DJ Psychiatre | Different Philosophies EP
Pure Hate | Beauty Of The Chaos
Purpleston | Soul Keys
The Purrs | We Thought There’d Be More People Here
Quando Rondo | Still Taking Risks
Rag’n’Bone Man | Life By Misadventure
Ziad Rahbani | Bennesbeh, Labokra… Chou Vinyl Reissue
Reality Grey | Beneath This Crown
Red Giant Project | Outside The Lines
Manolo Redondo | The Lost & Found EP
The Resonaires | Standing With You / Don’t Let It Bring You Down
Results of Adults | Interstellar Peach Delight
Bebe Rexha | Better Mistakes
Rexxx | Pure Pleasure II Vinyl Reissue
Ritual Cloak | Divine Invasions
Rituals Of The Dead Hand | With Hoof And Horn
Frederic Robinson | Hiding Music In Everything EP
Rodrigo y Gabriela | The Jazz EP
Rosali | No Medium
Shaun Ross | Shift
Round Eye | Culture Shock Treatment
Billy Joe Royal | Very Best of Billy Joe Royal: All the Hits + Rarities
Salem | Salem II EP
Saliva | Every Twenty Years EP
The Samurai Of Prog | The Lady and the Lion and Other Grimm Tales I
Sanjay | Initiation EP
Lucas Santtana | 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse
Sasha | Luzoscura
Scar Of The Sun | Inertia
Chris Schlarb & Chad Taylor | Time No Changes
Semi Precious | Post-Euphoria
Senso | Drifter94 EP
Servant Leader | Raised By Wolves Part 2
Seth | La Morsure du Christ
Adi Shaham | Last on the Shore
Graham Sharp | Truer Picture
Maia Sharp | Mercy Rising
David Shaw | David Shaw
Isatta Sheriff | A Kind Of Biography EP
Shevils | Miracle of the Sun
Single Celled Organism | Percipio Ergo Sum
The Skinner Brothers | Iconic EP
Slinky Vagabond | King Boy Vandals
Slow Leaves | Holiday
SNKT | No Saints
Sonic Haven | Vagabond
Soulive | Get Down 21st Birthday Edition Vinyl
Soulive 1999 | Gettin Down At Hampshire College Vinyl
Speak, Memory | Adirondack EP
Squid | Bright Green Field
Sqürl and Jozef Van Wissem | Only Lovers Left Alive Reissue
Staind | Live: It’s Been Awhile
Stars Hollow | I Want to Live My Life
Sufjan Stevens | Convocations
The Stools | Live at Outer Limits 12-28-19
Storyinsoil | Passage
Jeffery Straker | Play That Song Again
Will Stratton | The Changing Wilderness
Stuff | T​(​h​)​reats
Sumo Cyco | Initiation
Supervøid | The Giant Nothing
Carter Tanton | Carter Tanton
Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Stolen Goods
Teke::Teke | Shirushi
The Telescopes | Absence Presence
Temple Ov Saturn | Quartet For The End Of Time
Alfie Templeman | Forever Isn’t Long Enough
Terminalist | The Great Acceleration
Richard Thompson | Serpent’s Tears EP
Tijuana Hercules | Mudslod and the Singles
Mina Tindle | The LFO/ Blogothèque Sessions
Mara TK | Bad Meditation
Tóke | The Art of Letting Go EP
The Tom – Emmanuel & Ron Experience | Why (The Knower) / When You Lose Your Groove
Tommy’s RockTrip | Beat Up By Rock ‘N Roll
Toosii | Thank You For Believing
Torn Between Two Worlds | The Beauty of Deception/All Eyes On Me
Ali Farka Touré | Red Vinyl Reissue
Joey Trap | Professional
Traumatomy | Extirpation Paradigms
Treephones | Pink Objects
Treesearch | Birdward
Travis Tritt | Set In Stone
Trucker Diablo | Tail End Of A Hurricane
Undo K From Hot | G.A.S, Get A Star
Useless ID | Most Useless Songs
Sam Valdez | Take Care
Various Artists | Bow To Your Masters Vol. 2: Deep Purple
Various Artists | Conform 20th Century
Various Artists | Dear Sunny…
Various Artists | Deewee: Foundations
Various Artists | GOST: A Spiritual Exploration into Greek Soundtracks (1975​-​1989)
Various Artists | Hausu Mountain & Deathbomb Arc Artists in Collaboration: Arc Mountain
Various Artists | Homanity
Various Artists | Kitchener-Waterloo Metal Cover Compilation
Various Artists | Reveal Records: Have You Heard?
Various Artists | The Thing That Ate Floyd Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Celebrating The Winston-Salem Sound
The Vendettas | III
Vernacular | The Little Bird
Bobby Vinton | The Early Years 1958-62
Vitreous Humor | Posthumous
Pabllo Vittar | Ama Sofre Chora
Vokonis | Odyssey
Voroni | The Last Three Seconds
Jake Vossler & Dan Rosenboom | Ceremony
Waker | Fresh Out
Walter Etc. | There There
Robert Walter | Spirit Of ’70
Weezer | Van Weezer
Geoff Westen | Random Acts of Music
White Cliffs | 101 EP
Tony Joe White | Smoke From The Chimney
Jesse Keith Whitley | Breakin’ Ground
Wiki & Nah | Telephonebooth
Chris Williams & Patrick Shiroishi | Sans Soleil
Nancy Wilson | You and Me
Amy Winehouse | At The BBC
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra | Twisting Ways
Remi Wolf | We Love Dogs! Remix EP
Zayde Wolf | Neon Blood Type
Wormlight | Nightmother
Yes | Union Live 30
Pete Yorn | Rooftop EP: 20 years of musicforthemorningafter
YoungBoy Never Broke Again | Sincerely, Kentrell
Jeremy Young | Amaro
Zaeus | Be Still
Frank Zappa | Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl Box Set
Ziúr | Antifate