The Divorcees Have A Few Choice Words For Fat Cats In Must Be Nice

The New Brunswick country vets deliver an anthem for working stiffs everywhere.


The Divorcees speak up for the little guy in their twangy new single and video Must Be Nice — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Anchored by a funky beat, laced with twangy licks and an earthy organ line, and topped with sarcastic lyrics aimed squarely at the rich, Must Be Nice is an anthem for every low-paid, blue-collar working stiff who’s ever gotten the shaft.

Must Be Nice is for every single hard-working person out there who gets out of a 12-hr shift from a job they’ve done for years,” the New Brunswick country vets agree. “It’s for people who work for multi-billion-dollar companies for minimum wage — with no health plans and needing food stamps to get by. It’s for the ones who flip on the news to hear their company got sold out from under them. It’s for everyone who’s watched people make millions off other people’s pain without a care in the world. It’s for the guy on the bus getting cut off by a guy in a BMW and whispers under his breath, ‘Must be nice’.”

It’s something the bandmembers — Alex Madsen, Jason Haywood, Denis “Turtle” Arsenault, Shawn Thomas and Kevin Macintyre — understand only too well. “Must Be Nice is a song of frustration,” they say. “It’s something every single guy in The Divorcees has lived. Here in New Brunswick, no one’s got it easy. We’re a poor province. Believe me when I say we’ve had our share of hard knocks. And when we see the richest of the rich living the good life while we’re picking which bills to pay — and they don’t even seem to care at all? Well, you get my drift.”

Must Be Nice is the newest single from The Divorcees’ most recent full-length Drop Of Blood. Their fifth studio release, it follows From Labour To Refreshment (2016), Four Chapters (2012), Last Of The Free Men (2009) and their 2006 debut, You Ain’t Gettin’ My Country. In addition to the 11-track Drop Of Blood, The Divorcees are releasing a documentary of the same name to complement the offering.

Watch the video for Must Be Nice above, hear more from The Divorcees below, and meet up with them on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.