Jennifer Hall Makes Something Special Out Of SFA

The Chicago singer delivers empathy & compassion on her sweet new single.

Jennifer Hall is a soft touch in her sweetly forgiving single and lyric video SFA — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

SFA is about really leaning into empathy and compassion rather than judgement,” the Chicago indie singer-songwriter explains. “When I see myself and my own faults in others, I can struggle with that. SFA also captures that feeling of peace and happiness that comes when you choose to embrace compassion and kindness, not only for others but for yourself too.”

Long-time fans will instantly noitice her new track has a softer lilt than previous releases. Over a classic bass-driven vibe, Hall’s perfectly timed vocals gracefully float and bob rather than soar and swoop, as SFA finds her embrading a decidedly softer, more muted tone.

“It really needed a different kind of touch, vocally speaking,” Hall says. “Different from how I’m used to singing, with lots of power and volume. SFA called for softness, and singing that was still full of feeling — but also gentle. It felt really great to sing in this way. I felt like I had opened a new door and found another way to express myself vocally, like I was really letting in the softness.”

Written, mixed and recorded in her hometown of Chicago, SFA incorporates the work of co-writers Woody Goss and Noam Wallenberg, who not only produced and mixed the track, but also provided percussion, guitars, bass, and keys. The song also features Packy Lundholm and Andrew Vogt’s bass stylings. Hall penned the thought-provoking lyrics, never shying away from being her raw and authentic self. Her objective is to “harness her musical forces for good, to drive human connection.” Her previous releases include her 2015 self-titled debut EP, its breakthrough track Make It Out Alive, and 2019’s followup In The Water.

Watch SFA above, hear more from Jennifer Hall below, and keep up with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.