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Albums Of The Week: Hot Breath | Rubbery Lips

The female-fronted Swedish garage-rockers deliver the goods on their debut album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “That fresh minty taste won’t keep this Hot Breath away. With a pounding heart for raw ’60s Detroit energy and the dirty streets of the late ’70s London, Hot Breath are rushing with adrenaline and pure lust. This hard-beating rock four-piece from Gothenburg, Sweden bring a new twist to old sounds — and run face-first through your bedroom door shouting ‘Wake up punk! It’s time to shine!’

Dirty riffs, memorable hooks, and a no- nonsense attitude are the foundation of these 10 tracks of energetic, catchy garage rock ’n’ roll. With their minds firmly set on releasing nothing but killers, the Swedish rockers have pushed themselves into perfecting the sound that they presented on their 2019 self-titled EP. The result is a straight-shooting album that marks the real beginning of the band’s sweaty joyride, and is guaranteed to twist your hips. It’s a breathtaking debut with powerful vocals and thrilling riffs, like an intense kiss at the afterparty that never ends.

The band came together in 2018, formed by ex-members of Honeymoon Disease, Hypnos and Grand. Based around a common background of heavy rock, Hot Breath mixed their various pasts into one vibrating sound. This resulted in the self-titled EP released in 2019. A six-track KO, filled with pure lust and high energy rock, it was followed by a Swedish tour. During the spring of 2020, singer Jennifer Israelsson received the 2020 year’s memorial Stämskruven, an award dedicated to the memory of Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist (Hellacopters, Dundertåget, Thunder Express).

Recorded and mixed by Mattias Nyberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Datsuns), Rubbery Lips will be the soundtrack of your first and last drink. The one that makes you want to break your mirrors and dance through the night like stray cats covered in glitter.”