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Albums Of The Week: Heavy Feather | Mountain Of Sugar

The Swedish retro-rockers dig even deeper in the past on their sophomore release.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish retro-rockers Heavy Feather are back with their sophomore album Mountain of Sugar, featuring heavier ’60s and ’70s rock influences and amazing blues vocals at the core of the release.

Heavy Feather’s first album Débris & Rubble (2019) was praised by both press and audience, which spurred the band to go on tour of Europe. Now it´s time for their second album Mountain of Sugar: Aan even rawer, heavier, and harder release than the previous one, but still with rock and psychedelic touch holding it all together.

Mountain of Sugar consists of 11 retro-rock tracks oozing with a ’70s sound and feel, filled with attitude and raw vocals from blues singer Lisa Lystam (formerly of Siena Root along with guitarist Matte Gustavsson). Catchy hooks and roaring guitar riffs are based on influences from the greats of the ’60s and ’70s, drawing inspiration from bands such as Free, Cream and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Recording at No Regrets Fonogram Studio in Stockholm, the band created a unique and intricate sound that incorporates both their influences and their own creativity.

Just like their first album, this one was also recorded with producer Erik “Errka” Petersson. With some help from Pink Floyd’s former mixer table, he gave the songs completely new dimensions. In addition, the band had the honor to work with Magnus Lindberg, who has previously mastered bands such as Lucifer and Imperial State Electric.”