Howard Lee Naylor Serenades Sweet Jeanine In Latest Single & Video

The Penticton singer-songwriter shares one of his Songs From Isolation.

Howard Lee Naylor sings the praises of his Sweet Jeanine in his romantic, upbeat and charming new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

It’s clear as a cloudless summer day that Sweet Jeanine is a love song written about someone close and dear to Naylor’s heart. You can hear it in his voice; there’s this happy aura about his vocal phrasing and piano playing which, without fail, instills joy in the listener.

The best part? This is just one of the many songs from Naylor’s new album, Songs from Isolation,  ai disc that bursts forth from the heart and a place of vulnerability. As its title makes clear, the Penticton artist says the 10-song album was simply a result of the global pandemic. It wasn’t long after the social distancing restrictions were put in place he reached out to his producer Ian Lopez in hopes to record some new tracks he had, he recalls. “The stay home (order) got really boring, but thank God I make music!”

Rather than record just one single, Lopez suggested Naylor do an entirely new album, to which the musician agreed. “Here we are,” he offers. “Ten new songs, all recorded and created in the most stressful manner I’ve ever done. With that said, I’m proud of the way it turned out.”

Released on Oct. 2, the labour of love serves as Naylor’s second solo studio album, and follows his 2017 debut Possibilities. Along with Sweet Jeanine, the record features lead single When They Stared, the existential and thought-provoking I Miss Love, and the extremely beautiful and fitting closing track, We’re All in This Together — the latter written as a tribute to all the frontline workers helping to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus across the globe.

Watch Sweet Jeanine above, listen to Songs From Isolation below, and connect with Howard Lee Naylor on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.