Tracy Colletto Takes The Plunge In Atmospheric Dream-Pop Single Diving In

The Philadelphia singer-songwriter gets in over her head on her latest track.


Tracy Colletto goes deep on her triumphant new single Diving In — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An atmospheric and heartfelt dream-pop single, the track is meant to express how the Philadelphia singer-songwriter felt when she returned to music after a long hiatus. “It was uncomfortable and exhilarating at the same time.” The title was actually inspired by a famous David Bowie quote: You will find excitement in life when your feet aren’t quite touching the bottom.”

The powerful piano-led ballad includes a versatile range of sonic influences, which make it uniquely its own. From pop to folk to ambient, Colletto’s range manages to keep the listener on their toes — with ease. Ultimately, Diving In is driven by the calming aura of Colletto’s emotional vocal tracks and triumphant lyrics, which expand upon the renowned musician’s journey back onto the music scene in 2016 after a decade away; this single arrives more than a year after her number Pretty Lights.

Tracy released her debut album Home in 1999 before focusing on other aspects of life — including her passion for art. “Music and art have always been with me, but the art was way easier to share,” the multi-talented artist shares. “I put away music for other interests. Although it was nice to travel the world and to have my paintings in exhibits, the songwriting kept hounding me.”

These feelings inspired Colletto to get back to the songwriting board and come up with what became her hit 2016 album Chocolate Happy Cake. Though she started Diving In in early 2017, it didn’t truly take shape until mid-2020, when she was feeling trapped inside of her home. It wasn’t just the global health crisis that pushed her to get it produced, however. After hearing she had been included on the Nashville Songwriter Association International’s Ones to Watch list, she felt a resurgence of creative energy.

“It’s amazing how one little step leads to another, simply because I decided not to make excuses anymore for what I love to do,” Colletto considers. “It has been a great ride — sometimes very hard, and other times magical — and I am grateful for that.”

Check out Diving In above, hear more from Tracy Colletto below, and dive into her world on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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