echolily | michelle’s imagination (blue): Exclusive Premiere

The singular synth-pop singer-songwriter serves up her sublime second single.


echolily finds a colourful solution to a creative conundrum in her kaleidoscopic animated video for the sublime single michelle’s imagination (blue) — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The second release from the singular synth-pop singer-songwriter, michelle’s imagination (blue) finds echolily trapped inside her own mind, wandering a darkly claustrophobic netherworld of pulsing synths, ambient soundscapery, thumping grooves and her own hauntingly beautiful vocals — all of which stylishly and elegantly combine to chronicle an artistic journey from frustration to fruition.

“This is a dark synth-pop song with a little bit of trip-hop vibe,” echolily shares. “It tells a story of how an eager audience wait as the artist faces the biggest writer’s block ever. As the writer’s block finally comes to an end, the artist stares at her blue-coloured microphone and drifts off. What’s at the end of a writer’s block?”

echolily should know. The Australian bedroom musician and producer is constantly striving to make music that breaks the boundaries of her little echo chamber. She describes her music as a combination of downtempo electronica, synth-pop, triip-hop and lo-fi. Always chasing that nostalgic high from old recordings, you will detect effects of cassette tapes, vinyl records, crackles and other forms of sonic greatness misperceived as imperfection. When she’s not producing beauty in her bedroom, echolily works as a medical doctor. A frontliner throughout the pandemic lockdown, she finds solace and respite in her music.

Watch michelle’s imagination (blue) above, listen to the track below, and follow echolily on Twitter.

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