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Zenesoul Searches for That Love in New Single

The neo-soul singer-songwriter refuses to settle for less in her latest track.

Zenesoul mines an old-school romantic groove with her new single That Love — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“When I first heard the beat from my producer Larumadeit, I instantly thought of that nostalgic type of love people had in the past,” Zenesoul (aka Angie Akhinagba) shares. “Think: ’90s Black love culture found in movies, family TV shows, and R&B music of the time. And this is how I usually write… Not with pen and paper, but with hearing the music, getting a theme or a vibe in mind, and then singing melodies and lyrics to expand it into a song.”

Born in Nigeria and based in Toronto, Zenesoul (pronounced Zen-soul) released her debut EP Worth in 2019. Since then, a steady stream of ceiling-shattering singles — including Love And Be Loved, Sunday and I Will Not Be Silenced — have joined her 2020 full-length debut Coffee.

Coffee took listeners through my tribulations with toxic love,” the neo-soul singer-songwriter says. “Since then, I’d made a pact to only search for the best love, so the song became a manifestation of the love I wanted in my life after such hard times dealing with it in the past. So in the lyrics of That Love, I explain I’m no longer settling for an inferior love anymore. I will only love someone that loves me the same way and, since I”m not perfect, their love doesn’t need to be either. It just needs to be true.”

Check out That Love above, hear more from Zenesoul below, and keep up with her on website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.