Emily Taylor Hudson Learns Love Is A Dirty Word With Hearts We Wanna Break

The L.A. singer-songwriter shares a standout from her recent debut EP.


Emily Taylor Hudson picks up the pieces in her latest single Hearts We Wanna Break — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

This standout cut from the L.A. artist’s recent debut EP Love Is A Dirty Word, Hearts We Wanna Break expresses its romantic yearning with velvet vocals set against driving rock ’n’ roll.

Hearts We Wanna Break was written about a friendship I thought would last a lifetime, and the brutal feeling of betrayal ripping apart the good between me and someone I loved,” Hudson shares. “This song represents the moment I realized that love is a dirty word.”

Her talents were fostered from an early age, growing up in a creative family with her parents Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley) and Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers), and her brother, musician Zak Hudson. She didn’t need to look far for help with her EP; she got her best friend and lead guitarist Billy Newsome to help craft the sound, while brother Zak handled the rhythm section.

“I recorded this album with Billy in his hometown of Pikeville, Kentucky,” Hudson recalls. “It wasn’t recorded in a studio; it was recorded in the dead of winter, up a holler in a Kentucky trailer. Billy and I have never had to explain music to each other, and music is most magical when it’s intuitively understood. He is one of the greatest guitar players to ever live. From there, my prolific brother Zak completed Love Is A Dirty Word once I got back to L.A. with his natural and monumental talent on drums and bass. He recorded his portion in a laundry room where his drums were set up. And then J.P. made it sparkle. There was no metronome. This whole release was about the spirit of music. Rock music, to be exact.”

Watch Hearts We Wanna Break Above, listen to Love Is A Dirty Word below, and keep up with Emily Taylor Hudson on her website, Twitter and Instagram.