Indie Roundup | 45 Songs You Need Inside Your Earholes This Tuesday (Part 2)

TDA, Regressive Left, Cypress Hill, Whitehorse and more superstars of the day.


TDA makes his presence known, Regressive Left hit it and quit it, Sonic Boom reconfigures time, Leftover Salmon celebrate the good old days — and speaking of that, it’s been a pretty good Tuesday Roundup, wouldn’t you say? Let’s do it again tomorrow.


23 | TDA | Présence

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:TDA is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Gougoux, esteemed for his drumming amongst Montreal artists such as Victime, Corridor and Jonathan Personne. He will release his debut album Ascète April 23. Présence is the lead single. Almost like an elastic bending, TDA intertwines the sounds of industrial and no-wave music here. Its rhythm relies on the energy of the jolted percussions, the vaporous vocals like a ghostly choir, and the tension build-up of the scorching guitar riff.”

24 | Regressive Left | Take The Hit

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Three childhood friends who grew up performing in bands around their hometowns of Luton and Bedford, Regressive Left saw these formative friendships rekindled in Lodon. The three left the city before lockdown, setting up shop in an outhouse near Stevenage, where their music began to take shape. Today the band share their second single, the insistent art-pop smarts of Take The Hit, a song that will feel as equally at home on the dancefloor as it will performed from the stage. The band had the following to say: “Take The Hit is about how neoliberalism acts as a shield for irresponsible politicians and greedy profiteers — as we try to disentangle the complex web of capitalism to find the spider at its heart, we end up instead blaming the countless flies that have been trapped along the way.”

25 | Sonic Boom | Tick Tock (Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Sonic Boom returns with another single called Tick Tock (Remix), off of his forthcoming album Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough. The original track was previously released exclusively in Japan, and now fans can hear the song transformed and reimagined, while still reflecting its psychedelic origins. Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough promises exciting, reworked tracks from Sonic Boom, taking leads from from Kraftwerk, Moroder, Blondie and Eddy Grant. This new album is hypnotic and moody, holding onto the existential framework of his last album, but exposes a fresh, beating realm of possibility.”

26 | Leftover Salmon | Brand New Good Old Days

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leftover Salmon’s album Brand New Good Old Days will hit the street on May 7. Today, they premiere the animated lyric video for the title track. “It’s a reminder that no matter what kind of trouble we’re in these days, it may not ever be as good as it is right now,” says co-founder Vince Herman. The track is a catchy, instantly memorable song that feels like it’s been out there for years and encapsulates the band’s sound — a genre bending blend which has influenced an entire generation of today’s bluegrass-rooted jam bands, including Yonder Mountain String Band and Trampled by Turtles. It also delivers the timely message to live in the moment.”

27 | Total Massacre | Pick Yer Poison

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Right on schedule, outspoken Los Angeles hardcore thrashers Total Massacre are back with their third single of 2021: A dissection of a core pillar of capitalist propaganda titled Pick Yer Poison. At their usual breakneck pace, the band details the myriad false choices provided to us by the cruel system we inhabit, culminating in the grim realization that many of us have likely had this past year that “they don’t care if you die.” The song dispenses with any bit of fluff, and instead throws razor-sharp guitars, thunderous drums, and a primal wail of anti-capitalist rage at the listener over the course of 70 incredibly urgent seconds.”

28 | Cypress Hill | Champion Sound

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hip-hop pioneers Cypress Hill surprised fans today with the release of the brand-new song Champion Sound. The track is their first bit of new music since 2018’s critically acclaimed Elephants on Acid. If you happen to be a gamer, the song might sound familiar as it’s featured on the soundtrack of the recently released R.B.I. Baseball 21.”

29 | Brianna Perry | So What

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Brianna Perry announced that her upcoming album Boss Bitch Boulevard will be out May 28. Today, she also shared the lyric video to her single So What. Perry said, “So What is the ultimate anti-Covid lockdown song and is dedicated to the girls who love TikTok, getting dressed up and partying with friends while singing and dancing together.”

30 | Hiatus Kaiyote | Get Sun (ft. Arthur Verocai)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Grammy-nominated Melbourne group Hiatus Kaiyote return to announce their new album Mood Valiant, out June 25, and reveal the first single Get Sun (ft. Arthur Verocai). The new album has been in the making for six years, but that interval reflects more hustle than hiatus. The result is an album that relaxes into a groove: sunlit, sublime, masterful. Behind everything is Hiatus’ familiar sense of musical adventure, their knack for making the complex sound simple. Get Sun came together during a session in Australia’s Byron Bay. “It was really exciting and fun to play at the time,” recalls Perrin Moss. The song took a transcontinental trip to finish. Perrin had introduced the band to the work of Brazilian arranger Arthur Verocai, whose self-titled 1970s album, Perrin says, “changed my world.”

31 | Tons | Chronic Morning Obesity Part 1

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Get dirty with the first track off Bongzilla and Tons’ split Doom Sessions Vol. 4 EP: TonsChronic Morning Obesity Part 1. Tons put together an ear-grinding three-part odyssey, from which today’s single is only an appetizer: “It is an honor to share a split album with what is for us one of the most representative bands of the genre. For the occasion we have written a long piece that is divided into three parts, which talks about munchies obesity. The song starts in full sludge style and then becomes a long psychedelic journey.”

32 | Wode | Lunar Madness

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “English black/death quartet Wode have issued Lunar Madness, the latest preview of the band’s impending third LP Burn In Many Mirrors, which is nearing early April release. Now into the second decade of existence in the material plane, Wode’s definitive melding of black metal’s ecstatic desecration, death metal’s sharply attuned sense of violent purpose, and classic anthemic ‘80s metal instills Burn In Many Mirrors with the elements necessary to sear itself into the fervent heart of the faithful. The band say: “The sun abdicates jurisdiction. Enlightenment and industry give way to the wild energies of the night. Sanity cannot suppress the soul’s true purpose. We give you Lunar Madness.”

33 | Knocked Down | Left & Empty

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Left & Empty is a track from Knocked Down’s album Anything But Luck. Chris stated: “This song is very personal to me. I like to write lyrics in a way that everyone can feel something different. If you read them close enough, you could get a good idea what I’m singing about. It’s not a happy song, thats for sure.”

34 | Pulse | Depth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Depth is a track from Pulse’s upcoming album ImPulse, due for digital release on April 2. They say: “Depth is about a constant struggle with our darkest feelings, a kind of redemption before an eminent end.”

35 | Sam Blacky | Body

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. singer Sam Blacky’s second single Body is out now. It was inspired by Blacky’s frequent travels from pre-COVID era, so that’s why she had to go through tons of rounds of changes and edits, to finalize it. It stays in the euphonious tech-house lane, perfectly reflecting Sam’s A New World video series.”

36 | Maia Sharp | You’ll Know Who Knows You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Maia Sharp returns with Mercy Rising, her boldest, most confessional offering to date. After living in the Los Angeles area for most of her life, Maia moved to Nashville at the beginning of 2019, partly to be in an unapologetically songwriter-centric town and partly as a personal life reboot. She reflects, “In the last two years, just about everything that could have changed has changed, and it feels now like those long walks outside of all of my comfort zones were heading toward this album.”

37 | Mike Casey | Law Of Attraction (Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I am making my “remixer debut” this year, starting with self produced remixes of my new Law of Attraction album. Here’s the title track.”

38 | Mountain Head | Shade

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Shade was written on the streets of Miami. Mountain Head landed in the city the day The Wu-Tang Clan shared their music across all of their platforms. A night on the city seemed like the proper thing to do. Somewhere between South Beach and Little Haiti one of the brothers started beatboxing and the other mouthing a melody. Laughing, they pulled out their phones and recorded a voice note. Upon returning to the studio Shade was born. The song is gritty, dangerous and full of vibe. It asks the question: Who you gonna call when you’re back up in it?”

39 | Sunfields | Just Like The Young

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Acid-laced popsters Sunfields are the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jason Kent. Although the quartet was born in 2009, three of its members have been playing music on and off together since they were teens. Their tunes carry a classy bombast of chamber rock, the intimacy of a singer songwriter, and the easy-breeziness of vintage pop with some psychedelic undertones thrown in. They just released their fourth album Late Bloomers, which was made in isolation. It’s a melodic retrospective inspired by Kent’s formative years and all the baggage that goes with it.”

40 | Arthur King | Laig Beach (Excerpt)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. multidisciplinary art studio Arthur King have announced their next full-length Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg), which will be released April 16. The process, or artistic methodology, is focused primarily on field recordings, and is the unchanging framework that allows the location to truly serve as the focus of the art. Because of this standardized approach, each project in their Changing Landscapes series has the location uniquely embedded into it. For this installment of the series, Arthur King traveled to the Isle of Eigg in Scotland.”

41 | Walking Bombs | Time To Go (Fuck Q)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Kingston, New York avant-rock/punk outfit Walking Bombs present their most infectious material to date with the expansive new full-length release Tears We Should Have Shed. The project of Morgan Y. Evans, joined by a wide cast of collaborators, Walking Bombs deliver a musical study in navigating regretful occurrences in humanity with Tears We Should Have Shed. It is a record steeped in sorrows and triumphs, delivered through a wide range of varied musical styles. The pop-punk-meets-Jawbreaker-influenced Time To Go (Fuck Q) examines the frenzied, cult-like impact of disinformation on a gullible society.”

42 | Noisepoetnobody | Look At This View

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “For well over 15 years, Casey Chittenden Jones has been soundtracking the collapse of civilization under the moniker Noisepoetnobody, utilizing homemade instruments, synthesizers, field recordings, tape manipulation, and modular equipment to create haunting, discordant, and broken sounds to express the need for creativity in a dying ecosystem. His new album Insanity Mirror will be released April 2, but you can listen to Look At This View right now.”

43 | Whitehorse | I Wanna Make Promises (That I Can’t Keep)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Introducing Modern Love, the latest edition from dual-booted songwriting CPU Whitehorse. Designed for life at 25,000 frames per second, Modern Love (arriving Friday) offers premium processing and emotion-capture capabilities. I Wanna Make Promises (That I Can’t Keep), a loping, laidback fantasy 404, buzzes with electrostatic escapism for jolted, jilted ideas. Promises exposes all of the micro aches and urges that usually go unseen.”

44 | Steel Jungle | Moonwalking

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Steel Jungle share the single Moonwalking from their new album The Golden Cut. The song started its journey from a five-timed rhythm of Varis the drummer, next to which the bass-player weaved a gravity-defying riff on acoustic guitars together with Lammin-Soila, powered by meticulously brewed steaming espresso-shots in finely cracked cups. The working title of the song was Daidalos, but when the mixing went exceptionally well, the song’s mythology was sacrificed on the face of commercialism. We won’t elaborate more on this cultural heroes.”

45 | Blodivostok | This Dream

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Humankind has lapsed into a slumber. Machines have taken over your bodies. Morbid monarchs have taken over your societies. We are the awakeners, ready to open your eyes and release your bodies. Tomorrow will be ours.”