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Now Hear This: Dishpit | Dipshit

The scrappy Montreal trio unveil their angular, eccentric and energized post-punk.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal trio Dishpit bring an attitude of feminist absurdism to post-punk/grunge in order to take up as much space as possible in a male-dominant genre. During their live performances they are known to be animated and eccentric, while keeping the musical performances tight. They don’t shy away from theatrics and occasional stage antics — during one show bassist Jed Stein and lead vocalist/guitarist Nora Kelly dressed up as dominatrix and led drummer Ethan Soil through the crowd in a diaper while whipping him (lightly).

Nora and Jed got together while living in an abandoned factory where each loft was rented out to different artists. A long-time songwriter and musician, Nora’s creative ambition was the inciting influence that catalyzed the group’s formation. Also a social misfit and outcast in adolescence, Nora saw Jed as a twin flame and potential co-conspirator, with the capacity to learn quickly and bring her own creative abilities as a trained dancer and multimedia artist. Carving out their niche in the Montreal music scene, Dishpit draw inspiration from riot grrrl, grunge, and post-punk, but bring a freaky, femme energy that is distinctly unique to them. Unafraid to experiment, Dishpit often challenge the confines of genre and normative songwriting; including unconventional time signatures and structural dynamics to create a sound unparalleled.

In the summer of 2017, Dishpit played their first tour in the U.K., hitting festivals such as Sound City Liverpool and The Great Escape in Brighton and landing a record deal. The following winter of 2018 they went to Chicago to record with Steve Albini (The Pixies/Nirvana/PJ Harvey). It was a perfect union for their debut album, but unfortunately the label they signed to collapsed, and time was spent wrestling back their own music. Dishpit soldiered on, releasing a series of singles and videos from the record in 2019, playing to larger and larger venues. Finally… that debut album, titled Dipshit, sees its release as the band work on a followup which they hope to release later this year.”

Photo by Jesse Gotfrit.