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Now Hear This: Bowser | Whispers From The Wicker Man

The Australian rockers make up for lost time on their first release in a decade.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If you like your music loud, dynamic and inventive then the meaty tones of Bowser will scratch your itchy soul. A tight, prolific unit — their crunchy, volcanic, riff-driven rock has been continually evolving since their inception. In 2019, the band emerged from a deeply creative hiatus with People in the TV, the first single from their long-awaited sophomore release Whispers From The Wicker Man.

Bowser churn out rock music the way it’s meant to be. It has an apocalyptic intelligence, hitting as hard as city concrete and drawing comparisons to such goliaths as QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures along the way. Their songs are not easily forgotten, colliding unapologetically with any ears fortunate enough to receive them.

Rewind several years and the talents of Nathan Williams, Otto Mitter Jr and Brad Weynton first come together as Bowser. The connection was instant. Here were three artists with the ability to pull each other in new directions, to make music that was ingenious and original. It has since been a continual musical evolution of these firm friends who grew up playing music together under the Gold Coast sun.

Their trajectory has been nothing short of intriguing. After releasing their debut mini-album Modus Operandi, they were hand-selected to support Eagles of Death Metal on their Australian tour, and were nominated for multiple music awards in their homeland. Brilliant and promising in their early years, their music has continued to gestate behind the scenes to create work of exceptional quality. More than a decade after their previous release, Whispers From The Wicker Man is a collection of gritty crunch rock.”