Indie Roundup | 102 Songs That Will Bring You To Your Knees This Weekend (Part 5)

Call it a day with the help of Kirmann/Grosso, Valleyheart, Zola, Jon Klages & more.

Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso make waves, Valleyheart won’t be your stepping stone, Zola is not like the other girls, Jon Klages is going places — and sadly, that brings us to the end of another mega-mondo Weekend Roundup. But don’t worry; I’m sure there will be another hundred-plus new songs to check out at this time next week. See you then.


81 | Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso | In Waves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:French producer Franz Kirmann has teamed up with Italian artist Roberto Grosso to deliver their new single In Waves, the title track to their collaborative EP coming April 9. Much like his work to date, In Waves looks to inhabit the darker and more driven side to the electronic sound. Self-described as “filmic” with its cinematic approach to both production and composition, the two creatives aim to create a warm and enticing release that showcases the more intense and explorative sides to their character.”

82 | Valleyheart | Stepping Stone

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Marked by introspective lyricism, mournful melodies, lush blankets of driving guitars and wistful vocal deliveries, Boston’s Valleyheart are equal parts boldness and beauty. Led by singer-songwriter and producer Kevin Klein, the four-piece formed in 2016 with the idea of rearranging Klein’s haunting folk songs (written in his home closet studio) into dynamic rock statements. Stepping Stone touches on contentment and rest. A song that dives into the search for contentment and comfort through more tangible and unlikely sources; and questions our habits, vices, and faith altogether.”

83 | Zola | Not Like Other Girls

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Singer-songwriter Zola has released her single Not Like Other Girls. At just 18 years old, Zola has already mastered the craft of songwriting, creating music that is both personal and relatable. The song is “about finding the courage to stand up for one’s self in the face of a bullying or gaslighting ‘friend,’ ” she says. “The phrase (not like other girls) is inherently misogynistic, labeling other girls as inferior. The irony is that this girl who thinks herself superior is actually the opposite.”

84 | Jon Klages | 1133 Ave. Of The Americas (For Enoch Light)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:On April 1, singer-songwriter and guitarist Jon Klages will release Fabulous Twilight, a collection of original songs and instrumentals. With a songcraft, melodic inventiveness, and humor recalling the early albums of Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman, Fabulous Twilight is a fresh and bold addition to Klages’s musical resumé. Of special note (and of special meaning to Klages) is 1133 Ave. of the Americas (For Enoch Light), Jon’s tribute to his grandfather, featuring cascades of vocals that recall one of Light’s most illustrious productions, the ’60s pop group The Free Design.”

85 | Distant Matter | Four Leaf Clover

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:20-year-old Toronto artist Distant Matter is a multi-instrumental producer trained in piano, guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, and talk-box. Growing up, he learned to channel his energy into music as a creative outlet. He began producing music at age 17 and is currently working on his debut EP, scheduled for release in the summer. Ahead of the EP, Distant Matter has shared Four Leaf Clover, which highlights his production style: sultry electronic synths, clever lyricism, and pop listenability.”

86 | Jon Stickly Trio | In And About

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The title of the Jon Stickley Trio’s 2020 album Scripting The Flip suggested that guitar phenom Stickley has a knack for turning phrases inside out, and that same impulse is evident, too, in the way that the inspiration for the group’s latest single — the enforced homebound idleness of quarantine life — led to its title: In And About. “In and About reflects the experience many of us had when life came to a screeching halt,” he notes. “Adjusting to life in quarantine left me feeling extremely restless, with nothing to do but climb the walls and panic. After months that frantic energy gave way to a sense of peace and gratitude for the good things in my life. Overall this song is about unexpected seismic shifts that give you perspective and the ability to see the beauty in the world.”

87 | Bonze | Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:U.K. electronic alt-pop artist Bonze is back with a new single Jenny (Can You Hear Me?). Bonze said: “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?) is an unapologetic love song. It was written in a shed in winter. The song is about the beginnings of a relationship with a girl called Jenny, it’s about how emotionally up and down I can be and about how I felt that I was fully ready to commit to the relationship and just hoped that she was ready too. It was written with an ’80s-sounding analog synth, a mic, guitar and piano. This song became the foundation of my sound.”

88 | Danced ’Til Midnight | Shelter

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Danced ’Til Midnight begin 2021 with the sultry new single Shelter. The release features the vocals of Elize, who previously voiced Danced Til Midnight’s Real Love EP (which featured a vibrant remix of the title track by house music vanguard Kaytronik). Soulful and alluring vocals float over the smooth beat, deep funk bass and haunting guitars which are evocative of the bluesy and nuanced players of the 1960s. Significantly, there is a Mothership Connection with this single — it features bass guitar from Lige Curry, P-Funk Allstar and bassist with funk godfather George Clinton’s live band.”

89 | Karmacoda | Make Me The One

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Award-winning pop trio Karmacoda share their latest single Make Me The One. The single is lifted from their upcoming album Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire, which will be released on May 28. Make Me The One holds all of the aspects to become an instant atmospheric romantic hit single.”

90 | Good Lee | Panda Journey (Blockhead Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Having made his name in the scene as the go-to beats man for Aesop Rock and El-P of Run The Jewels, Blockhead has earned his place amongst the independent hip-hop elite. And here he’s back on a remix tip for padawan Good Lee, whose recent organic house cut Panda Journey proved to be a hit all over. Giving the track a makeover, Blockhead imbues it with his unmistakable sonic signature, flipping samples and shaping abstract beats as well as he ever did.”

91 | Wild Powwers | Bone Throw

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Wild Powwers recently announced their upcoming What You Wanted LP. Their new album will be out on April 23, but you can check out the new single Bone Throw now. Wild Powwers are a dynamic trio who come from the dark, dank corners of a basement in Seattle. Throughout their several years relentlessly writing and touring as a band, they have grown their sound using the vastly different influences in their lives.”

92 | Melkeveien | Moonie

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Moonie is the new single from Melkeveien. It’s an upbeat tech house track with hints of Italo and Nu Disco.”

93 | Ron Moor | Octavia

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:A couple of weeks after unveilling a first audio/video glance from their upcoming album Gethsemane, alt-rock/nugaze duo from France Ron Moor just shared a new single with Octavia. Both songs will feature on the third full-length record Upside Down, coming out on April 2.”

94 | Dirge | Carrion Shrine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Some two years after the end of the band, French post-metallers Dirge will release the compilation Vanishing Point on March 26. The band just revealed a first audio sample from the effort with Carrion Shrine, an unreleased outtake from their 2018 release Lost Empyrean.”

95 | VIBI | Fallback Girl

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:VIBI is the alias of Canadian pop singer Valerie Borghesi, who has been making a statement through her intense energy performance, red-hot aesthetic, and impressive vocal abilities. Fallback Girl, the first single under her new name, is a reminder that you are powerful and have evolved enough to not let yourself fall into a pattern of being someone’s second choice. Have enough self respect to let go of the people and habits that have proven to not be healthy for you.”

96 | Witch Prophet | Shine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Witch Prophet shares her new single Shine, a track that aims to offer hope in the midst of difficult times. Witch Prophet says: “Shine is about overcoming hardships. It’s a glimmer of hope in a world that seems like it’s falling. On Shine, I sing about walking through fear, doubt and obstacles with confidence creating the path by leading the way. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of a storm, sooner or later the sun will come up.”

97 | SC.undercover | Deeper Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:U.K. artist SC.Undercover started creating music as a way of escapism from the darker periods of his early life. The mysterious and sometimes flamboyant crossover artist blends characters and influences of indie, dark pop and R&B, offering something distinctly unique in today’s industry. His single Deeper Love is a combination of soothing acoustic guitar and velvet R&B vocals. The record draws on feelings of intimacy and sensuality. SCU explains: “I wanted to encapsulate the old school R&B vibe that I grew up with and this record is totally stripped back and intimate.”

98 | Leah Kate | Boyfriend

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leah Kate is a force to be reckoned with. She just released her latest single Boyfriend, an “it’s-too-late anthem.” Kate confides: “It’s an anthem to empower girls (and guys) to move on and help to not recycle exes who aren’t good for you.”

99 | Melldu | Mute Theatre

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Alternative electronic composer and producer Melldu has released Mute Theatre, the title track from his April 2 album. Drawing inspiration from the celebrated electronic likes of Thom Yorke, Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Bonobo and Fink, Melldu incorporates a mix of piano, minimal, ambient, downtempo, unusual vocals and electronic into his work. Melldu tells us: “The track combines a neoclassical vibe mixed with the minimal. The piano melody was created quite quickly and I was inspired by the vibe of Radiohead and Hans Zimmer when writing the melodic lines.”

100 | Flo Gallop | Can’t Be Friends

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Flo Gallop doesn’t want to change the world, just get your attention. She lives to perform, yet she feels, writes and lives like an antidote to this world of filtered fakery and ‘pick me!’ poses. Honesty is the only policy here, even when it hurts. The fun and flirtatious Can’t Be Friends narrates falling for the wrong person and happily overlooking the consequences. Flo shares: “This song came from another deluded boy crush and was based around the nerves of seeing someone when you know you shouldn’t and that they’re not good for you, but also knowing you really want to, attempting to make someone jealous and just generally being up to no good.”

101 | Ġenn | Mackerel’s Funky Mission 

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mackerel’s Funky Mission is the escapist new single from Brighton-based, transnational, genre-blending band Ġenn. With the grooving track, vocalist Leona Farrugia takes on the life of a fish in order to get away from it all and traverse the seas, with her aim specifically on her homeland Malta. She chants passionately through her mackerel mission as the song and journey unfold. Farrugia says: “I think Mackerel’s Funky Mission is an escapism mechanism. You sort of pretend to be someone else — in this case a fish — to escape from a current situation. It’s fun to pretend you’re something else and write from that perspective. It was also inspired by the lockdown as I wanted to be a fish just to be able to travel, and also by my love for the sea.”

102 | Enola Fall | Twisting The Knife Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tasmanian/everywhere indie band Enola Fall shared the new track Twisting the Knife Away. They say: “In the vacuum of covid, we’ve re-discovered guitars and ’90s bleak.”

Bonus Track: Jacob Kupferberg | Sweet Surrender

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Danish artist Jakob Kupferberg released the rousing track Sweet Surrender, featuring a stirring assortment of guitars and strings. Originally released as the title track from his second EP, Jakob chose to go back in the studio and remix the string-laden song.”