Girl Pow-R Remix It Up With Two New Releases From The Squad

The Juno-nominated teens regroup with a pair of fresh remixes.

Girl Pow-R divide and conquer with their new Melshi remixes for Fun All Day and Friends Click — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

It’s a remix for the Juno-nominated and chart-topping Canadian all-girl supergroup in more ways than one. The Toronto teen popsters have divvied up their mega-talents into three mini-groups. First up: the premiere offering from the newly minted branch The Squad, featuring Arielle, Cindy, Emma, and Ida-Maria.

Friends Click “is all about that magic chemistry that happens between you and your good friends — like the girls in Girl Pow-R,” say The Squad. “You don’t need 100 friends, just one. And when you find that one, and you click, the rest is history! It’s the type of history that leads into the vibes behind Fun All Day.

“This track reflects the magic between you and your best friend, and how you don’t need to feel alone — you’re always there for each other. It’s about how, as you spend more time together and get to know each other even more, you realize the bond between you makes life wonderful. There’s always so much you can do together — conquer the world, take a chance chasing your dreams, and you can have Fun All Day, wherever you go, and whatever you do!”

The members of Girl Pow-R and The Squad are Canadian history makers in motion; as one of the youngest artists ever to be nominated for a Children’s Album of the Year Juno, their 2019 debut album This Is Us and its charting singles have garnered the group more than a million streams, countless media features.

Check out Fun All Day (Melshi Remix) & Friends Click (Melshi Remix) above, hear more from Girl Pow-R and The Squad below, and keep up with them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.