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The Sarandons | Caught In A Dream: Exclusive Single Premiere

The T.O. quintet's latest bridges psychedelic nostalgia & contemporary discontent.

The Sarandons are Caught In A Dream on their hazy new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Drifting into the warm, nostalgic waters of Pink Floyd circa Wish You Were Here, the Toronto quintet’s psychedelic waltz gently floats into your consciousness, lightly propelled on shimmering waves of piercing fretwork — and buoyed by dusty vocals and dark lyrics that nudge the song out of its acid-washed reverie and into the cold hard light of contemporary discomfort.

“This past year has been the ultimate test of whether familiarity breeds contempt,” explains singer-guitarist Dave Suchon. “When you’re marooned at sea together, all sorts of things start to creep in. More insidious than contempt, the people we’re locked in with start to become another piece of furniture in our lives. Days are on repeat and it’s the struggle against these enemies that we tried to capture in this song.”

The Sarandons won’t be making any enemies anytime soon. Hailing from the Junction, and citing influences like Wilco, Kurt Vile and Cage the Elephant, the band — which also includes Damian Coleman (vocals, bass), Edmund Cummings (vocals, keys), Craig Keeney (lead guitar) and Phil Skot (drums) — craft a winning sound that spans Americana, neo-psychedelia, and indie-rock. Dripping guitar tones, billowing keyboard melodies, and defiant bass / drums all contribute to their richly textured and fastidiously arranged approach. Songs are bittersweet, rich with nostalgia and tell stories that are familiar but just out of reach.

Catch Caught In A Dream above, hear more from The Sarandons below, and connect with them on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo by Ryan Thompson.