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Indie Roundup: 103 Songs That Will Take You To Places You’ve Never Been This Weekend (Part 4)

Jade Bird, Lucifer, Six Parts Seven, Shootouts and more acts to bring you along.


Jade Bird offers a little glimpse of heaven, Lucifer show off their new Dust cover, Six Parts Seven keep it quiet, Allison Russell doesn’t need a thing, The Shootouts are feeling a little down — and we’ll be here for the rest of the night with your latest corpulently creative Weekend Roundup. Try the veal:


61 | Jade Bird | Open Up The Heavens

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “U.K. rocker Jade Bird has burst back on to the scene, building excitement for her forthcoming album. The single Open Up The Heavens is her favourite from the album and was the last song written and recorded. With deadlines looming, the magic happens! The album was recorded in the iconic RCA studios by six-time Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb. Jade’s self-titled debut, featuring Uh Huh, helped set the bar for female musicianship in the current age, and she remains one of the U.K.’s most individual female voices — confidently striding ahead into an enthralling new chapter.”

62 | Lucifer | Pull Away/So Many Times

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Lucifer announce the release of the ferociously moody classic Pull Away/So Many Times, paying tribute to the opening track of Dust’s second and final album Hard Attack, released in 1972. Lucifer frontwoman Johanna Platow Andersson states, “It is the first time that I duet together with our guitarist Linus Björklund and we had a blast recording it!”

63 | The Six Parts Seven | In A Late Style Of Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Album No. 2. Recorded in 1998, and not released until 2000. Silence Magnifies Sound. This title: It’s the heart-wood, solid behind this music. Less is always more. Hear the notes, experience the space that opens behind them; and, feel, for a second, what you have forgotten among the things that truly matter. Here is where things blur: Vortex and swirl. Six Parts Seven were born in 1995, when we recorded our first album (cassette release only). Started out on, no joke, Lonesome Road, in Brady Lake, Ohio. Not giving a fuck about anyone else’s music … Six Parts Seven, at this time, played pure. Partly a punk reaction to the early ’90s DIY scene of bombastically loud music. This band forged their own path, prior to Explosions in the Sky, and years before Mogwai hit the States. Call it synergy. Call it bullshit. Either, this is your jam, or, it’s not. Keep in mind: The real magic in all music — is that the listener completes the art.”


64 | Allison Russell | Everything I Wanted

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Allison Russell, a founding member of Our Native Daughters (with Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla and Amythyst Kiah) and Birds of Chicago (with her husband/musical partner JT Nero), has shared another in her series of cover songs: A captivating bilingual version of Billie Eilish’s Everything I Wanted. Says Russell: “This song hurt my heart when I first heard it, perhaps reading too much into it, but I connected with it on a visceral level. It brought back memories of my own tormented teen years, when death was always a whisper away. It reminds me to be grateful for those rare and precious ones who see you and who love you, just as you are, and you do the same for them. We carry each other. Empathy is our currency. It gets better. You’re not alone.”

65 | The Shootouts | Here Come The Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The ShootoutsHere Come The Blues is their second single from their newly announced album Bullseye, out April 30. The Shootouts are known for their energetic blend of honky-tonk, Americana, and traditional country. Lead singer Ryan Humbert says: “Here comes a special delivery from Bakersfield, and the reckoning of loneliness and longing arrive with a California country feel. The lyrics unfold through the eyes of one who watches love depart their ‘happy home’ only to have the absence filled by an uninvited guest: the blues.”

66 | Strippers Union | No Rain Tonight

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Feb. 5, Strippers Union, fronted by Rob Baker (The Tragically Hip) and Craig Northey (Odds), released Disc 1 of their new double LP The Undertaking. Although fans were able to purchase both discs on vinyl, Disc 2 arrives digitally on March 12. For this first single from the second record, Strippers Union asked fans who already purchased the vinyl which track they wanted people to hear. The result is No Rain Tonight. Baker says, “We’ve worn a path, but if we neglect it, it may become overgrown and we could still lose our way. Take care of the path.”

67 | Thermohaline | Adamastor

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With the surging power of their progressively-minded black metal, Thermohaline summon up the secrets of the hidden depths and ride upon the cold winds that rage across the seas. They celebrate the ancient halls beyond the faintest glimpse of light and revel in the terrors that stalk the tales of babbling madmen and old sailors who have long forgotten the feel of earth beneath their feet. This unique project captures moments of beauty, moments of sanity-shaking fear and the essence of the incredible might of the oceans that encircle our planet. Infused with emotion, rife with melody, yearningly familiar and yet shockingly alien … the waters of the Maelström await you.”

68 | Yndling | Childish Fear

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Yndling is the dream-pop project of Norwegian artist Silje Espevik. Her debut single Childish Fear is composed of a hushed, muffled bassline, beatific drums, flows of shimmering synths and hypnotic, celestial clouds of production, creating an engrossing paradise of sound and a melancholy atmosphere. Produced by Adrian Einestor Sandberg, the track drips in intimacy creating a stunning contrast to the story behind the tune which entails her fear of intimacy. Yndling divulges: “The song is about that stage in a relationship where there isn’t really that much new and exciting to discover about each other, and capture the fear that I might not be enough once the shimmering glow of first expressions fade.”


69 | Butterfly | Heavy Metal Highway

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Traditional heavy metal displaying twin guitar and vocal harmonies, huge power chords and a pounding rhythm section! A solid revolution of rock music that will drive all the turmoil away. Four veteran musicians who share a broad background of music influences and experiences. The album Doorways of Time is a unique trip through a musical landscape that contains hints of psychedelics, rock and metal. You cannot relive the ’70s and ’80s, but Butterfly manage to give you just that experience. This is not just a nostalgia trip, this is a window to the future … And it’s looking bright!”

70 | Eye of the Destroyer | Retinal Deprivation

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Eye of the Destroyer are an American death metal band from New Jersey. Formed in 2013, they are known for their consistently hook-laden song structures, characterized by mixing hardcore with death metal, slam riffs and heavy breakdowns. Their latest offering Retinal Deprivation is a high-energy riff-fest that deals with the harsh realities of not recognizing the person you’ve become. “Self-reflection has been a focal point during the Covid 19 pandemic” says vocalist Joe Randazza. “It has enabled me to slow down and really take a look at the man that I had become. This self reflection birthed a new attitude. I am focused on bettering myself as a person and as a writer.”

71 | Chris Berardo | Baby Blue

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Baby Blue embodies the kind of rock songwriting, cool harmony singing, and great melodies that have always moved me. It’s so catchy — it just rocks, and yet there’s such a beautiful melancholy within all that,” says Chris Berardo, describing his reimagined version of Badfinger’s classic rock staple. Baby Blue perfectly reflects some of the many influences and roots of Berardo’s musical sensibilities. “Just prior to the pandemic, I was on the patio with David Abeyta [of Reckless Kelly] outside his Austin, TX studio having cocktails and taking in the sunset when the idea took hold. I was telling him the story of opening for the great British band Badfinger years ago, and what a fun gig that had been,” Chris describes. “I said, ‘You know, I’d love to maybe take a stab at Baby Blue someday. I think it might be made for us,’ and David’s response was, ‘Oh, hell yeah, we are doing this!’ ”

72 | Postdata | Inside Out

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Listen to Postdata’s latest track Inside Out. This is the third single released ahead of his third album Twin Flames, out March 5. Paul Murphy candidly explains: “I didn’t really know what to do with this song at first. It has this open hearted feeling to it and I usually try and mess with a song lyrically or darken it up when there’s something musically so light and warm. I don’t know why that’s always the inclination? For this though and maybe it was because I completed it during the first lockdown period. I wanted to really to celebrate that warmness or joyous quality, to lift it up. Endow it. It helped. I hope you it lifts you up a little bit too.”

73 | Jack Silverman | Mixed Signals

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Now What is the brand new three-song single from Jack Silverman, produced by Roger Moutenot and due out March 26. The first single is Mixed Signals. “This is the song that really started it all. I just started hearing this melody in my head, and then tried to find the chords that made it work. When I got set up, something in my guitar or pedal board was picking up radio interference, and I couldn’t get rid of it. When I turned up the volume, I realized it was a radio preacher. So I figured, hit RECORD. Some of those demo tracks are in the final mix, including the preacher.”

74 | Jeremy Garrett | Good Times

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Music fans in search of a little celebratory release will find just what they’re looking for in the lighthearted vibe and upbeat energy of Good Times, the latest single from Jeremy Garrett. Written with frequent collaborator Jon Weisberger — the pair have contributed a score of songs to Garrett’s catalog and that of his Grammy-winning group The Infamous StringdustersGood Times finds the freewheeling singer exuding optimism over a propulsive guitar groove. “I think all of us can identify with a song like this,” he notes. “Sometimes we can get in a rut with life and work, and it’s then we realize that we need to get away. Maybe we love what it is we do, so this song is not about a total change, but rather a recognition that we may need a break.”

75 | Bluegrass at the Crossroads | Lonesome Is The Price I Pay

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The latest collaboration under the Bluegrass at the Crossroads banner drives home once again the project’s essential characteristic, bringing together some of the best musicians in the genre over fresh material for recordings that blend individual mastery with the excitement of new musical conversations. Co-written and sung by mandolinist Darren Nicholson of the award-winning Balsam Range quintet, Lonesome Is The Price I Pay is an archetypal bit of bluegrass — a happy-sounding song with miserable lyrics, as many observers have put it. “Sometimes lonesome is the price you pay when you give your heart away,” notes Nicholson, who wrote the song with frequent collaborator Charles Humphrey III. “It’s a bluegrass frolic about starting over. It hurts when we fall on the ground, but we also use the ground to get back up — that’s the sentiment.”

76 | Low Island | Feel Young Again (The Juan Maclean Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Oxford ​quartet ​Low Island ​reveal an invigorating remix of their latest single ​Feel Young Again ​by ​LCD Soundsystem and ​DFA ​collaboratorThe Juan MacLean. Vocalist ​Carlos Posada says: “Feel Young Again is about a toxic relationship; not with a person, but with a part of yourself that you need to let go of. A part of yourself that is doing you harm but because of familiarity and a fear of change, you can’t give it up. It’s about taking that thing, feeling or frame of mind for one last dance before finally letting it go.”

77 | Marcus Lee | Just Wish You Cared

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Marcus Lee is spellbinding on his newest single Just Wish You Cared, a heartrending tale of unrequited love. Boasting the same compelling artistry that made the likes of Mumford & Sons household names, Marcus perfects the skill of a powerful crescendo, using soaring strings, plucky guitar riffs and a spirited acoustic rhythm to create the lavish folksy soundscape. Marcus explains: “I wrote this song wailing into the darkness of my hometown after finding myself very suddenly isolated. Endlessly reviewing what had found me in this situation, I arrived on a clear sentiment that felt simple yet comprehensive, ‘I just wish you cared’.”

78 | Kardboard Kid | Earth Angel

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With over 10 years of experience working behind the scenes, Kardboard Kid aka Jamie Sellers kicks off his solo career with the perfect teaser — blending infectious pop melodies with sample-driven pop and hip-hop influenced beats to create an addictively refreshing tune. Boasting work with likes of Ronan Keating, Alesha Dixon, Chelcee Grimes and Liv Dawson to name a few, he is widely regarded as one of the U.K.’s top producers and his debut solo project feels like it will understandably garner much attention.”

79 | Freya Beer | Siren

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bewitching alternative singer-songwriter Freya Beer returns with her first new music of 2021: Siren. The track is from her highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release later in 2021. Originating from London but currently residing on the south coast, Beer deftly mixes poetic lyrics inspired by Charles Bukowski or Anne Sexton, with a distinctive gothic noir of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and David Lynch. Siren is a fine case in point: An intoxicating brew of lyrical incantations and artful mystique, paired with arrangements of a piercing intensity.”

80 | Brandon Furtado | Selena

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Upcoming pop sensation Brandon Furtado has released his latest feel-good song ​Selena. Produced by Chris Piquette, the piece enters with acoustic guitar, but soon swerves genre with classic synths and double-time drum hits. As a feel-good electronic pop tune it certainly is memorable and fun, with bongo hits and vocal samples adding variation. Furtado’s positive lyrics soar strong and centre-stage. Selena is “the story of meeting someone at a club on a summer’s night and going all out with them the whole weekend,” he explains. “It’s a totally fun love song about letting go and just having a blast.”

81 | Pat Absent | Outlet

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Richmond musician Pat Absent released his debut album Tangible Absence on Dec. 18. It showcases an eclectic range of sounds in the rock, dream-pop, and synth-pop spectrums; tracks like Outlet mesh lush synths with jangling guitars. The lyrics were written in the midst of pandemic lockdown, feeling trapped in the D.C. suburbs, and starkly reflecting the eerie world outside Pat’s window. Tangible Absence describes both the palpable feeling of something missing that drives people to create and the sense of loss that filled so much of an especially difficult year on planet Earth. Pat Absent’s music is the essential outlet of an anxious mind living in these interesting times.”

82 | 25th Street Band | Monday Morning Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The 25th Street Band are a London crossover-jazz recording project featuring musicians who have worked with Ray Charles, Nnenna Freelon, Gordon Goodwin, Don Henley, Whitney Houston, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, k.d. lang, Queen Latifah, The Manhattan Transfer, Brian McKnight, Luis Miguel, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample, Ben Tankard, CeCe Winans and Stevie Wonder. Their new single Monday Morning Blues expresses a sentiment that now applies every day of the week (all year ’round).”

83 | Lunarette | Messing

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Former members of the iconic Brooklyn jangle-pop band Gingerlys have teamed up on in new band called Lunarette, and they are not messing around. Today, they offered their final single off the upcoming debut Claire De Lunarette. Messing is melancholy pop perfect for those working through the in-between stages of a relationship. The track reflects on when you want to move forward in a relationship, but don’t know if the other person feels the same way or if you are wasting your time. Yet, that one moment when you felt a real connection keeps you hooked, hoping it was real.”