Indie Roundup | 52 Songs That Will Knock You Flat On Your Ass This Thursday (Part 3)

Dame Area, Grosso Gadgetto, David M. Western & other acts taking it to you today.

Dame Area give you a hot foot, Grosso Gadgetto and Pink Room get woke with the help of Oddateee, David M. Western shares some sound advice, 8 Ball Aitken knows how gravity works — and then it’s on to the action-packed conclusion of your Thursday Roundup trilogy. Come back tomorrow for the sequel.


36 | Dame Area | La Danza Del Ferro

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Barcelona, Silvia Konstance and Viktor L.Crux (a collaborator of Nurse With Wound and J.Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten) have developeda unique music style known as Tribal Wave. Mixing synth bassline arpeggios and live percussions, noises and congas, industrialism and tribalism, Italian and Spanish, Dame Area are running along the same path and breathing the same air of the EBM/industrial-driven Diseño Corbusier or the drum compositions of Roberto De Simone.”

37 | Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room | Birth (ft. Oddateee)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Woke is a collaborative work between Grosso Gadgetto, Pink Room & Oddateee. This five-track EP started as a one-hour improvisation between Pink Room and her modular synth on one side, and Grosso Gadgetto with a virtual synthesizer on the other. This resulted in a drone-ish session that has then been chopped into the tracks’ foundations, around which the artists constructed beats, bass, synths, and even flute melodies. All this with a grimy spirit and sound.”

38 | David M. Western | Take Your Opportunities

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Daydreaming, whimsical and deft, Melbourne artist David M. Western delivers a special new sound with insightful lyricism and powerful, distinct musical arrangements on his new single Take Your Opportunities. It delivers David’s distinct reflective poeticism that continues to interrogate and stretch the boundaries of what it means to be a songwriter. “This is the second chapter in this journey that I’m trying to detail through my releases. I wrote it almost tongue in cheek about a relationship between two people entering into a relationship. Kind of like a ‘are you serious? I can barely cross the street or behave like a real person. How can you afford to take a chance on me?’ ”

39 | 8 Ball Aitken | What Goes Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I’m dropping a new single. Get ready for a big-ass blues rocker that I wrote and produced called What Goes Up. Blast your speakers and groove away.”

40+41 | Ethan Gold | Alexandria & Me + In New York

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. musician Ethan Gold made his solo debut with 2011’s Songs From A Toxic Apartment. He’s worn other hats over the years as producer (of Elvis PerkinsAsh Wednesday) and as a film composer (most recently for 2019s Don’t Let Go). He will return to with a new solo album — the first album in a trilogy — titled Earth City 1: The Longing on May 14. Earth City is a multipart album about the loneliness of cities, our search for connection with others, and ultimately with the degraded natural world. Today, the first two singles Alexandria & Me and In New York arrive. The songs are as different as they cities to which they pay homage — a ’90s-inspired guitar-driven ode to the city of Angels vs. a Tom Waits-ish piano ballad to New York.”

42 | Gold Record | Luxury

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Gold Record is a pop music collective created by lifelong friends Noah Clark, Evan Michalski & Ryan McKone. Today the Albuquerque / Bay Area pop group share Luxury, the first preview of Create New Love, their seventh studio release of this quarantine season. “This was one of those fun songs that built itself up through the groove,” says bassist Evan Michalski. He adds, “There was something so hypnotic, funky, and wonderful about the feel, that it’s like a song magically appeared around it … There was also a funny juxtaposition writing a song called Luxury in the height of lockdown when we’d essentially been wearing pajamas for the past five months.”

43 | Johnny Bourke | Be Someone (ft. Saige)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Johnny is an Irish artist who combines funk, nu-disco, and pop. His guitar-based sound echoes artists such as Shawn Mendes and John Mayer. No stranger to the live scene, he has crafted a career as a session musician playing all over the world including shows in Australia and New Zealand. Be Someone is his latest song, featuring the dreamy vocals of Irish alt-pop artist Saige. It’s a duet between boy and girl saying how they only want to be together, without each other their purpose almost ceases to exist!”

44 | Andria Piperni | Settle

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Andria Piperni is an alternative R&B artist in Montreal. Her new single Settle is one of six songs off her debut EP Who’s Counting?, due out in spring. Produced and mixed by Chris Vincent (whose credits include Busty and the Bass, Macy Gray and George Clinton), the project underlines a theme of awakening that in many ways reflects the general mood of the past year, as we’ve been forced to face truths like never before.”

45 | Spunsugar | (You Never) Turn Around

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As Oscar Wilde once put it: “There is no romance without tragedy.” An uncharacteristically poptastic offering from the Swedes Spunsugar, (You Never) Turn Around is synthwave melodrama about indifference, specifically the tragedy of loving someone who’ll never quite meet you in the middle. Like Alvvays covering Gary Newman, and ever so macabre — this is Spunsugar, remember — it’s the trio at their most unashamedly flamboyant. Sad never sounded so spectacular. In the band’s own words: “A little less steel, a little more silk: that was the mantra when (You Never) Turn Around was recorded. The lyrics are inspired by a hazy memory of a film. In the film the theory goes that when they say goodbye but turn to look at you one last time, you know it’s love.”

46 | Noisepoetbody | Can’t See It Now

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Experimental sound alchemist Noisepoetbody, a project led by Casey Chittenden Jones, will release Insanity Mirror on April 2. For well over 15 years, Noisepoetbody has been soundtracking the collapse of civilization under the moniker utilizing homemade instruments, synthesizers, field recordings, tape manipulation, and modular equipment to create haunting, discordant, and broken sounds to express the need for creativity in a dying ecosystem. In advance of the record’s release, Jones today unveils Can’t See It Now, describing it as “abstract conversations about manipulations of perception and multi-directional audio reproduction.”

47 | Boh Doran | Cat’s Cradle

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Mixing ’80s and ’90s alternative influence with a healthy dose of indie pop, Boh Doran’s new single Cats Cradle represents a shift toward a more polished sound that still has all of her signature charisma and DIY spirit. Fans of Mazzy Star, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and Alanis Morissette will find something to love here — and a new artist to keep on their radar!”

48 | SNAFU | Choking Game

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hardcore thrash/punk unit SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fucked Up) will unleash their Exile//Banishment full-length on March 26. Spawned from the ruins of Detroit, SNAFU self-released their debut full length Fear The Future in 2013. Further honing their artistry, 2015’s Present Day Plague LP stayed true to their raw punk roots while working in elements of thrash and grind. In advance of Exile//Banishment, SNAFU deliver Choking Game. In their words: “Conjuring old Sepultura and early Slayer vibes, Choking Game offers a dark look into the world of mental illness, drug addiction, and depression so often overlooked in today’s society.”

49 | John Bringwolves | Feel

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Feel is the new single from John Bringwolves. It is the first single that anticipates his first album Sassy Goose.”

50 | Lisa Ramey | Left For Dead (Ayaya Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The new remix from Lisa Ramey shows her perfecting a unique brand of R&B and dance music with a healthy dose of electronic influence courtesy of producer and remixer Ayaya. “I chose to remix Left for Dead because of the strong message behind the song and tempo! L4D is my underdog song and I love screaming the chorus. Tempo-wise, It’s always fun to take a slow sexy song and speed it up. It leaves so much room to play!”

51 | Wolf Saga | Get Back

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Indie-popster Wolf Saga has shared his catchy single Get Back, from his recent self-titled album. Get Back is light and fierce, written after seeing men relentlessly bothering women in a Kensington Market nightclub. Wolf Saga shares his thoughts: “Thinking back on it, Get Back was the first step that informed the direction of the album, even if I didn’t recognize it at the time. It established the tone and foundation I then built ideas and themes on, which would eventually take shape as Wolf Saga. I hope it marks a beginning of sorts for you, too.”

52 | Sad Boys Club | Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Our new single Could Have Beens (& What Ifs) is out now! With the most promising suggestion that shows MIGHT just be around the corner yet, it feels so good to be putting out music again, we can’t wait to see you all. for the first time in a long time I feel optimistic — I hope you do too.”