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Submission Accomplished: Damiano Davide | Mirror

Take a listen to the latest musical gem that tumbled out of my digital mailbag.


Thanks to the inexplicable popularity of my Submit Music page, I always have a digital backlog of albums, EPs, singles and videos awaiting my perusal. Here’s another recent winner, along with the Bandcamp link so you can buy the music straight from the source. Tell ’em I sent ya. And if you’ve got something I need to hear, send it my way. If I think you’re half as good as you think you are, I just might include you next time.


Damiano Davide

HOME BASE: Naples, Italy
GENRE: Classical.
THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Composer, pianist and conductor Damiano Davide’s vision is wide and covers many musical genres. His classical training at the Conservatory of Naples, Italy, has been long, significant and serious. After several academic recognitions, including prizes and scolarships for his composing career, he begins working as a pianist and conductor in opera houses all across the country. Alongside his life in classical music, his interest towards popular music since he was a child has built his musical palette larger and richer. He’s an eclectic musician, capable of being comfortable with traditional southern italian music, english and american folk music, songwriting, minimalism and film music as well. His collaborations with Viamedina (traditional folk music) and, more recently, with La Terza Classe (folk-bluegrass) have been crucial. He has toured all across the United States; during these trips he has written an autobiographical novel, Viaggio in Texas, in which he tells an amazing journey “on the road” filled with music and human experience.”

MY TWO CENTS: Intensely reflective.