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Next Week in Music | Feb. 15-21 • The Long List: 275+ Releases On The Way

Celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day (and the rest of the week) with these fine offerings.


Next Saturday, as I’m sure you’re aware, is Hoodie Hoo Day. What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Colour me shocked. Here’s the deal: On Hoodie Hoo Day, you’re supposed to go outside at noon, raise your hands over you head and yell — you guessed it — “Hoodie Hoo!!” (I swear I’m not kidding. Go ahead and look it up.) You can also celebrate by wearing a weird hat, ordering seeds for your garden or (for some reason) buying used furniture at a flea market. I would humbly suggest adding another activity to that list: Checking out one (or more) of the new albums on this list. Hoodie Hoo!!



Abigail’s Affair | Shattered
Adeline Hotel | Good Timing
A.J. | Neptune
AJR | Way Less Sad
Anna Akana | No Longer Yours EP
Matthew Alec and The Soul Electric | Cleveland Time
Alpha Cat | Pearl Harbor Reissue
Obay Alsharani | Sandbox
The Amenta | Revelator
Amigo the Devil | Born Against
Animal Collective | Crestone Original Score
Another Michael | New Music and Big Pop
Another New Thing | Xyzzy
Antlered Auntlord | Daniel Johnston Covers
A’ Répìt | I Canti della Veglia
A Scent Like Wolves | Mystic Auras
Arsenic Tea Party | The Really Not Good Times EP
Wesley Attew | Where Do We Go From Here
Aviators | Dreams of the Deep
A Winged Victory for the Sullen | Invisible Cities
Yerin Baek | tellusboutyourself Remixes
Diego Barber | Drago
De Beren Gieren | Less Is Endless
The Best Of The Worst | Better Medicine
Richard J.Birkin & London Contemporary Orchestra | Matterlightblooming (Orchestral)
Blackout Transmission | Sparse Illumination
Blessed | iii EP
BoostJam | Peace Gang
The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness | Songs From Another Life
Bradford | Bright Hours
Geoff Bradford | Texas Psychedelic
Laure Briard | Eu Voo EP
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians | Hunter and the Dog Star
Catherine Britt | Home Truths
BTS | BE Essential Edition
Spencer Burton | Coyote
Caixa Cubo | Angela
Robert Calvert | The Last Star Fighter
Camera | Prosthuman
Carcolh | The Life And Works Of Death
Car Park Social | Car Park Social EP
Co Cash | I’m Finna Change My Name to Da Hardest
CBN | Crimes Against Amerikkka
Patrick Cc: | Launch Sequence
Chad LB | Quartet Sessions
Dolph Chaney | This Is Dolph Chaney
CJ | Loyalty Over Royalty
Alicia Clara | Outsider/Unusual
Mike Clark | The Space Between My Ears
Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs | Real One
John Coltrane | Lush Life Vinyl
Conor | Perfume In Magazines
Coronary | Sinbad
Corvair | Corvair
Crimson Throne | Volume I: To Whatever End
Nicola Cruz | Subtropique EP
Crystallization | Heads Or Tails
Bill Cunliffe, John Patitucci, and Vinnie Colaiuta | Trio
Andra Day | The United States vs. Billie Holiday: Music From the Motion Picture
Daze of June | Tainted Blood
De Beren Gieren | Less Is Endless
Decouplr | Digital Bonfire
Detritus | Myths
John Digweed | Quatro II
Dopelord | Reality Dagger EP
D$ Luqi & Raico | Lúgubre & Resiliente
Sal Dulu | Xompulse
Ryan Dugre | Three Rivers
Isaac Dunbar | Evil Twin EP
Bruno Duplant | Élégie Du Temps Présent
Bruno Duplant & Alfredo Costa Monteiro | Soleils Noirs
Sheila E. | The Glamorous Life Vinyl Reissue
Amanda Easton | Wallflower
Edoma | Immemorial Experience
Tommy Emmanuel | Live From The Balboa Theater
Enemy Awake | Fallen World
Ephemerald | Between The Glimpses Of Hope
Escape The Fate | Chemical Warfare
The Fall | Live at St. Helens Technical College, ’81 Vinyl
The Fantastics | Hey Mister!
Febrvvm | Apokastasis
Final Void | Visions of Fear
Ian Fisher | American Standards
44phantom | Die Sometime, It’s Good For U
For Your Health | In Spite Of
4 Mars | Djibouti Archives Vol. 1: Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura
Aretha Franklin | The Genius of Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin | Young, Gifted, and Black Vinyl Reissue
Davie Furey | Haunted Streets
FuoriUso | Teenage Disease
Fury Weekend | Signals
Gus Garside and Hervé Perez | The Unexpected Visitor
The Gathering | Mandylion
Gazelle Twin & NYX | Deep England
Ghetts | Conflict of Interest
Giant Swan | Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness
Allen Ginsberg | At Reed College: The First Recorded Reading of Howl and Other Poems
Glbl Wrmng | Glbl Wrmng Vol. 1
The Gold Needles | What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?
Ariana Grande | Positions Deluxe
Grande Fox | Empty Nest
Cameron Graves | Seven
Gravesend | Methods Of Human Disposal
David Gray | Skellig
Guedra Guedra | Vexillology
Chung Ha | Querencia
Hand Habits | Dirt EP
Harakiri For The Sky | Mære
Harrison BDP | In The Dark EP
Hayley and the Crushers | Fun Sized
Hazing Over | Pestilence EP
Hearty Har | Radio Astro
Matt Heckler | Blood, Water, Coal
Ella Henderson | Let’s Go Home Together
Tim Hicks | The Good, The Bad and The Pretty
Grant Hill & M.O.S.| Fly
Hint | Rarities Of Two Centuries Vol. 2
Hitorie | Reamp
Hizaki | Rusalka
The Hold Steady | Open Door Policy
Hoorsees | Hoorsees
Ponzo Houdini | You Know the Vibes II
Icon For Hire | Amorphous
Illaman & Norm Oddity | Ugly Days EP
The Impaler | A Fate Worse Than Death
Indigo La End | Yakou Himitsu
Infinity Shred | EP002 (Recovery) EP
Insane Clown Posse | Yum Yum Lure EP
Insect Inside | The First Shining of New Genus
In Tormentata Quiete | Krononota
Jakethehawk | Hinterlands
Indigo La End | Yakou Himitsu
Isabella James | Isabella James
José James | New York 2020 Live
Cassandra Jenkins | An Overview on Phenomenal Nature
Jillette Johnson | It’s A Beautiful Day And I Love You
June Jones | Leafcutter
Rita Joyce | Dancing Close / Back Home Again
Whitney K | Two Years
Léanie Kaleido | All The Things I’m Made Of
Kassian | Crush EP
Kaupe | Cognitive Dissonance
John Paul Keith | The Rhythm Of The City
Kekal | Alternate Frequency Reception EP
cEvin Key | xwayxway
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds | Swing From The Sean DeLear EP
Kinlaw | The Tipping Scale
Katy Kirby | Cool Dry Place
Kimon Kirk | Altitude
Ole Kirkeng | Rocking Chair EP
Kjeld | Ôfstân
Knocked Down | Anything But Luck
Krokus | Adios Amigos: Live @ Wacken
Sylvan LaCue | Young Sylvan
Lake Of Tears | Ominous
Landlady | Landlady
Lanks | Spirits Pt. 2
Lava La Rue | Butter-Fly EP
The Lasso | 2121
Noah C. Lekas | Sounds from the Shadow Factory
SG Lewis | Times
Lil’ Diabetes | We LIT
Lizzard | Eroded
Christian Löffler | Parallels: Shellac Reworks By Christian Löffler
Lushlife | Redamancy EP
Malice Divine | Malice Divine
Anya Marina | Live and Alone in New York
Mars Era | Oniro
Andrew Martin | Fable & Fire
Mastord | To Whom Bow Even The Trees
Madeleine Mayi | 2/14
Mark Maxwell | You Beside Me
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly | Live in New Orleans 40th Anniversary Edition
Jack McBannon | True Stories
Austin Meade | Black Sheep
Kan Mikami | I’m The Only One Around Vinyl Reissue
Minimal Violence | Phase Two
Mr. Eazi | Something Else
Mister Goblin | Four People In An Elevator And One Of Them Is The Devil
Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed The Ritual and the Dance
Mobley | Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme EP
Mogwai | As the Love Continues
Steve Moore | Analog Sensitivity
Keith Mosfet | Now Your Life’s Gone
Jess Moskaluke | The Demos
Moun | Blue EP
Natural Born Machine | Human
Lael Neale | Acquainted with Night
Tami Neilson | Chickaboom! Deluxe
Antonio Neves | A Pegada Agora É Essa (The Sway Now)
Jay Nice & Machacha | A Stream of Consciousness
Nissim | Uneven Ground
Nilsson | Gold
Sanya N’Kanta | These Are The Days EP
Nobody’s Girl | Nobody’s Girl
Normandie | Dark & Beautiful Secrets
Nothing, Nowhere. | Trauma Factory
Nun Gun | Mondo Decay
O Future | Immaculate EP
OJM | Live At Rocket Club
Ol’ Burger Beats & Vuyo | Dialogue
Lil Zay Osama | Trench Baby
Robert Palmer | Collected
ParkWalker | Distant Phenomena
John Patitucci, Bill Cunliffe, and Vinnie Colaiuta | Trio
Carly Pearce | 29
Perfume Genius | Immediately Remixes
Piero Piccioni | Volubile Vinyl Reissue
Pierce with Arrow | Shatter
Planned Dilemma | Inspace
DJ Poolboi | Rarities EP
Practice | Not A Game
Philip B. Price | Oceans Hiding In Oceans
Psymon Spine | Charismatic Megafauna
Qoqeqa | AxuxA
Masha Qrella | Woanders
Qwälen | Unohdan Sinut
Trippie Redd | Neon Shark vs Pegasus
Resounding Maybes | Sine Qua Non
The Reytons May Harm You And Others Around You EP
Ruf Dug | Manc Sunset EP
Sapata | No Sun To Embrace
Saprobiontic | Apocalyptic Retribution
SayMaxWell | Bad Energy
The Scalar Process | Coagulative Matter
Senyawa | Alkisah
Serpente | Irmãs EP
Sheep, Dog & Wolf | Two Minds
Sheppard | Kaleidoscope Eyes
Shmu | The Universe Is Inside My Body
Ballaké Sissoko | Djourou
-(16)- / Grime | Doom Sessions Vol.3
Moira Smiley | In Our Voices
Smith & Burrows | Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough
Socioclast | Socioclast
Sojua | EP
Sow Discord | Quiet Earth
Indigo Sparke | Echo
Speedboat | Split The Bill EP
Steady Sun | Truth Is a Needle
Stick To Your Guns | The Meaning Remains EP
Julia Stone | Sixty Summers
Str4taA | Aspects
Pauline Anna Strom | Angel Tears In Sunlight
Suffering Hour | The Cyclic Reckoning
Sulaco | The Privilege
Tash Sultana | Terra Firma
Super Junior | The Renaissance
SWR Experimentalstudio / Arditti String Quartet / Sophie-Mayuko Vetter | Ein Schattenspiel; String Quartets No. 4 & No. 7
Tala Vala | Modern Hysteric
Teen Daze | Breathing Tides EP
Temperance | Melodies Of Green And Blue
Tindersticks | Distractions
Rian Treanor | Obstacle Scattering EP
Reed Turchi | I’ve Chosen Love
Reed Turchi | Creosote Flats
Turnstiles | Turnstiles EP
TwinTimes | Hwawon
Uma | Moth & The Dove EP
Vákoum | Linchpin
Valley Maker | When The Day Leaves
Valse Noot | Title: Utter Contempt
Vandemonian | Xenophilia
Ryan Van Haesendonck | Vauville
Various Artists | Brighter Days Ahead
Various Artists | Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Various Artists | In Trux We Pux 04
Various Artists | Staring at the Rudeboys: The British Ska Revival 1979-1989
Various Artists | Super Somali Sounds From the Gulf of Tadjoura: Djibouti Archives Vol. 1
Venomous | Tribus EP
Wolfgang Voigt | Rückverzauberung Exhibition
Ricky Warwick | When Life Was Hard and Fast
Weekend Hours | When You’re Here EP
White Cliffs | Stockholm EP
White Ring | Show Me Heaven
Whitesnake | The Blues Album
Wild Pink | A Billion Little Lights
Lainey Wilson | Sayin’ What I’m Thinking
Michael Wimberly | Afrofuturism
Witch | Introduction Reissue
Wizard | Metal in My Head
Lyle Workman | Uncommon Measures
Xael | Bloodtide Rising
Xixa | Genesis
Yeah Sure | Sasquatch Ain’t Hidden EP
Yelawolf & Caskey | Yelawolf Blacksheep
Zinga | Mood