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Bocephus King | One More Troubadour: Exclusive Single Premiere

The Vancouver veteran salutes singer-songwriters with his latest single.


Bocephus King knows how it feels to be just One More Troubadour in his latest single — premiering today on Tinnitist.

A sombre, slow-burning contemporary folk ballad decorated with twangy guitar, angelic backing vocals and a dash of gypsy flair, One More Troubadour — from the Vancouver singer-songwriter’s upcoming album The Infinite & The Autogrill Vol. 1 — addresses the complex relationship between itinerant musicians and audiences throughout the ages. And as you might expect from an artist with a quarter-century of shows under his belt, King knows what he’s talking about.

“I wrote this song wanting to start with a first-hand account of the modern version of this gypsy-style life and to finish with a reminder of the very message the original Troubadours tried to hide from the dreaded, soulless inquisition,” the singer-songwriter born James Perry explains. “That is this: Enlightenment is a choice, everything you need dwells in you. You are the universe trying to understand itself. You don’t need a middleman to reach spirituality.”

He certainly hasn’t. Known for his worldly folk sound King has played music for crowds around the globe as well as collaborated with master musicians from all over the world, and quite fittingly. King carries a sound from places near and far, familiar and foreign, rooted in folk tradition and infused with his contemporary, unique approach. He is a storyteller through and through and his ability to connect with his listeners transcends cultures.

King began his musical career 25 years ago, when he and a group of friends (including Jesse Zubot, Steve Dawson, Dan Marcus, Doug Fujisawa, Craig Ducommun) recorded his debut album Joco Music at his family’s cabin in Point Roberts, Wash. Over the years, he’s amassed a rich catalogue — including A Small Good Thing (1998), The Blue Sickness (2000), All Children Believe in Heaven (2004), Willie Dixon God Damn! (2010), The Illusion of Permanence (2015) and the retrospective Amarcord. The Infinite & The Autogrill Vol. 1 is due in April.

Listen to One More Troubadour above, hear more from Bocephus King below, and keep up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.