Son Of Dave | What A Life: Exclusive Video Premiere

The modern bluesman enjoys a wild ride in his latest single and video.


Son Of Dave takes a scenic cruise through the seedy underbelly of the American dream in his darkly witty new single and video What A Life — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Fueled by sordid visions of nuns, guns and hot cross buns, the one-man blues band and his trusty harmonica serve up a bittersweet slice of American pie in his latest modern blues masterpiece, enjoying the wild ride to hell like Slim Pickens straddling a nuke all the way down to the soon-to-be-scorched earth.

“This track is about life,” says the Canadian-born bluesman who has called London home for a quarter-century. “Like a nice set of wheels, there’s booty in the back, but doesn’t take much to smash it all up.”

Indeed. As Son of Dave (aka former Crash Test Dummies MVP Benjamin Darvill) says in What A Life: “One week you’re the king of the world / Next day it’s a heart attack / It doesn’t take a whole army of men / You just ate one too many Big Macs.”

Speaking of tasty: As usual, What A Life finds Son Of Dave wielding his sly bluesman voice, earworm harmonica riffs, beatbox bass and guitar in order to cook up delicious contemporary blues for pop playlist consumption. Add this to the collection of SoD singles produced and co-written with long term cohort Tim Gordine (Carry On, Devil Take My Soul, Aint Going To Nike Town, Bringing It Home).

And that’s not all, folks: This year there will be a dynamic range of releases from our fave cult bluesman. Expect more slick singles like this, along with piano-centric bar-room ballads, and more of his own infamous raw harmonica and beatbox style (which have graced the Breaking Bad and Preacher soundtracks, Later With Jools Holland and plenty more). Thus proving yet again that Son Of Dave is nothing short of a prolific blues-based genius of the 21st century, worthy of a place alongside the greats such as … well, this is awkward.

Watch What A Life above, listen to it on your favourite DSP HERE, check out more of Son Of Dave’s music below, and keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.