Kathryn Sinopoli Goes Deep In Waterproof Single

The St. Catharines singer/songwriter eyes a washed-up relationship in her latest single.


Kathryn Sinopoli is sinking in a sea of emotion on her latest single Waterproof — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Penned last summer with producer Derek Elliotson after a “long conversation with a counsellor,” the reflective piano ballad was inspired by a personal relationship which didn’t work out, according to the St. Catharines singer-songwriter. “Not sure where to place blame; knowing two parties are always guilty,” she adds.

While the lyrics of Waterproof are heart-flled, Sinopoli’s raw, tear-jerking performance take them to the next level. It’s clear that the up-and-coming artist has no trouble connecting her passion — music — with her deepest, most personal feelings after hearing the emotional chorus: “(When) I was sinking in a sea of inadequacy / I was gasping hoping you would rescue me / I could see you on the shore / Wondering what you were waiting for / I’m sorry I thought you were waterproof.”

With this track, not only has the St. Catharines-based artist managed to leave some of the demons of 2020 in her past, but she’s released possibly her most powerful and inspiring single to date. Which is saying something. Sinopoli began singing at age 2, though she didn’t take her songwriting abilities seriously until her early 20s. Finding few opportunities in her hometown, she joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International, where she has been recognized as “One to Watch.”

Sinopoli released four singles last year, including Head Space, Clean Hands, Lemonade and Home for Christmas. Listen to Waterproof above, hear more from Kathryn Sinopoli below, and keep up with her on Instagram.