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Now Hear This: Kilfeather | Island Of Forgotten Toys

The Las Vegas outfit mix, match and merge rock flavours on their solid full-length.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On the back of singles King Creep, Never Stop and Beneath The Silence, psych-rock outfit Kilfeather have released new full-length album Island of Forgotten Toys, a 12-song powerhouse filled with every flavour of rock ’n’ roll. A diverse evolution of the heavy rock sound unlike much heard in the music world these days, Kilfeather’s latest work explores many aspects of the genre while also mixing in a dash of punk and pop into the potion.

Island of Forgotten Toys is an album of many colours. Each song has a unique character accompanied by its very own shade of emotion. Jam packed with high-definition instrumentation and social commentary, this record has something for everyone to feast on. The album starts off with King Creep, a heavy fast-paced guitar freak out that leads you on a joyride into a multiverse of madness. Mixed with elements of punk rock and classic metal, the opening to this album pulls no punches and gets you right in the mosh pitting spirit.  Second single Never Stop is driven by a thumping bass rhythm and unstoppable drumbeat. It starts off with a grounded pop groove and ends up blasting you through the atmosphere and into the cosmos.

Up next is Beneath the Silence. This barreling punk anthem explodes like a Molotov cocktail. With a catchy hook, screaming guitars, and a runaway train style rhythm section, this track is definitely poised to get heads banging and bodies moving. The lyrics feel like a shot of adrenaline and its musical sneer amplifies the songs rebellious attitude. Then you have Bleeding Hearts, an odyssey into the depths of desperation, love, and dedication. This four-and-a-half-minute rock ballad pleads in devotion with guitar and vocal harmonies that pump straight through the ventricles and into your bloodstream.

Kilfeather is a known multi-instrumentalist but specializes in guitar, vocals, and songwriting. He has written and released over 30 records and counting since 2006 and performs with a power trio under his own name. His music has been referred to as “Psych Garage Punk”, a sound that best describes a concoction of garage rock ’n’ roll mixed with elements of punk, classic metal, and pop music. He has shared the stage with a wide variety of artists and bands all across the West Coast.”