Indie Roundup | 6 Songs To Ramp Up Your Monday

External, Kabbalah, Astari Nite and more artists help kick off another year.


External give you the bird, Kabbalah get closer, Astari Nite feel gloomy and more in your first Indie Roundup of 2021. And so it begins again …


1 | External | Motion in Stillness

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish hypermodern metal band External have released their new EP Stillness. Each song was released individually once a month starting from September and now ending with Motion In Stillness, which is also accompanied by a music video. The band tells: “Stillness was born in the uncertain spring of 2020. We were supposed to work on our second album, but when the pandemic hit, we all quarantined in our homes. During that time, completely out of nowhere, this set of songs was manifested. Musically, it’s quite different from anything we have done before. The songs ended up in more of an alternative direction, embracing many of our influences outside of metal, such as third stream jazz and the British jazz scene, contemporary classical music such as Ólafur Arnalds and Nordic visionaries like the legendary Björk.”

2 | Kabbalah | Night Comes Near

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bow down, fanatics! Spain’s most exciting occult rockers Kabbalah deliver the thrilling second excerpt off their upcoming album The Omen. Hailing from Pamplona, Kabbalah were formed on the ashes of local outfit Las Culebras, looming in the dark, esoteric realms of witchcraft and closed door arts. The trio started a prolific cycle of music by self-releasing three EPs between 2013 and 2016, progressing to their 2017 debut album Spectral Ascent. With their garage-sounding, ’70s-style hard rock and Coven–inspired occult atmospheres draped over the bones of Black Sabbath and Blue Öyster Cult, the Spanish power trio have been well received among followers of the darkest sounds.”

3 | Astari Nite | Gloomy Witch

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Miami goth artists Astari Nite release the video for their song Gloomy Witch, off their album Here Lies, which was released in May.  The video was directed by Freyja Lilith and gives a look into the creative aspect of Astari Nite. Vocalist Mychael explains: “I write sad songs in appreciation to show how happy I really am inside. For those paying attention, they understand that it is the only way possible for me to smile. Taking a day and a night out of my life to create a short film for Gloomy Witch was always the intent for me simply saying thank you for reading my diary.”

4 | Hailey Whitters | Fillin’ My Cup (ft. Little Big Town)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising country star Hailey Whitters releases Fillin’ My Cup (ft. Little Big Town). “I wrote this song with Hillary Lindsey and Nicolle Galyon. I’d had the title Fillin’ My Cup for a while, but then Nicolle had the brilliant idea to turn the lyric into a recipe,” explains Whitters. “It’s a concoction of all of those little things in life that have a way of making my glass feel half-full. It’s been a hopeful reminder throughout the year and just felt like the right note to start 2021 on.”

5 | Andrew Gabbard | Wake Up, Brother

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Andrew Gabbard ushers in 2021 with his new single Wake Up, Brother, from his forthcoming Homemade Album. “I wrote the first verse of this song on a plane about a year ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) when I was on tour playing shows. I came back to it and recorded it this Christmas Eve. The more it went on, lyrically, the more it became this kind of New Years tune. I think we all can agree 2020 was a real drag. But here we are in 2021. “Wake up, Brother/Sister/Change the world” Let’s put on our shoes and kick the fu**ing door open to tomorrow. Happy NY!”

6 | Griffin Moonstone | Spill My Feelings

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New Jersey alternative songwriter/producer Griffin Moonstone just announced he will be releasing his debut album House of Mirrors on Feb. 1. With the announcement, he released the album’s first single, Spill My Feelings — a deep conversation and confession with a lover. Griffin started his music career producing music at his home studio for friends and local R&B singers and rappers. After contributing to several EPs and albums, he decided to start his solo side project Griffin Moonstone, where he can showcase his own lyrics and diverse musical talents. House of Mirrors has elements of jazz, bedroom pop, and R&B and tells the story of the various stages of a relationship.”