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Now Hear This: Roscoe Weathers | I’ll Remember

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “For every celebrated name in jazz, soul and related music, there are probably another 1000 musicians who had all the talent and potential but for whom widespread recognition remained elusive. Roscoe Weathers is one such figure, a jazzman who earned his chops the hard way, a sideman in smoky clubs from Memphis to Seattle, before finally settling in L.A. He recorded a significant amount of music through the 1960s, but never found the slightest modicum of commercial acclaim nor the success that comes with it.

Overlooked by all but the tiniest of record labels, Weathers released much of his material himself. Indeed, London’s Jazzman Records can lay claim to be the first outside label to release any of his music since the early 1960s. That’s 60 years of being overlooked by the record industry. The release of this full-length album of his music is a first attempt at righting that historic wrong.

A multi-instrumentalist, Weathers mainly led on the flute in his recorded output. The music here spans the course of the 1960s, and moves from laid-back beatnik-jazz stylings through to percussion heavy Afro/Latin-influenced workouts. Featuring extensive background and biographical details, I’ll Remember shines a much-deserved light on this enigmatic and largely unheralded figure for the first time.”