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Now Hear This: Anthroprophh | German Oak

The Bristol noisemakers return with another megadose of mind-bending intensity.


THE EDITED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Anthroprophh is a Bristol trio that features Paul Allen from The Heads and Gareth Turner, the former bass player from Lillydamwhite. Anthroprophh’s music originates in the evolutionary field work of both Allen’s endless 33.333 rituals and near-mythical status of one of the U.K.’s greatest underground acts.

Covering the spectrum of sonic assaults, Anthroprophh follow the Krautrock tradition of at times being anarchic, at others mystical, magical, or utopian. Heavy on the the planetary rhythms, laced percussive half-man, half-machine grooves, Anthroprophh glaze their music with a darker spirit of Michael Karoli and CAN secret rhythms. Anthroprophh are concerned with all aspects of musical behavior, past, present, and with an eye to the future like the sonic output you would find on labels such as Blackest Rainbow and Not Not Fun. Their interest in the oscillating neuronal discharges of instruments induce the long-distance pattern of synchronization, corresponding to the moment of perception itself and to the ensuing Motorik response. Human, humanoid, or humanlike, this is the sound of the mind burning out.

Side 1 of their latest EP is a 17-minute Freak Out / Meltdown / Brain Buzz of a motherfucker — Imagine a star collapsing in upon itself and I reckon you have the sound of German Oak. Side 2 is four tracks all melded together — two tracks of hypnotic minimal electronic bliss meld into a Tacoma-like fingerpicking hoedown before the final track brings the spirit of Skip/Syd/Roky for a hauntingly mesmeric end. STUNNING.”

NOTE: The stream below is not the full EP, but it’s all I could find. And it’s more than enough to get the job done. For more, go HERE to read my review of their slightly more accessible 2018 outing Omegaville.