Groover Playlist 53 | More Prime Candidates

Find your next favourite artist in this crop of submissions from the Groover platform.

Someone Very Smooth wings it, Rodeo FM put pen to paper, Jay Lou Ava makes it worth the wait, Rissa Boo feels alienated by the Big Apple and more in today’s submissions from Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. You can (and should) subscribe to my Tinnitist Groover Top 100 playlist HERE, or you can listen to it via the widget at the lower right of every page on this site. If you want to be in an upcoming playlist, click the link just below the widget or go HERE. But first, spend some quality time with today’s offerings:


Someone Very Smooth | Fly Away

HOME BASE: Canada.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I’m an independent artist from Montreal. I have this new song that I just released and I would like to share it with you so that you could share it with someone else. I remember how I was in a dark place when I wrote it, even though everything about the song seems pretty happy. I hope you find it to your taste.”

Rodeo FM | Write You A Letter

HOME BASE: Germany.
GENRE: Americana.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Berlin-based Rodeo FM have been playing their brand of Americana for 15 years — in dingy cellars, at weddings and funerals, in beer tents and night clubs, at country festivals, symposiums and demonstrations. They have been filling dance floors from the South of France to the Russian border and been likened to Americana greats such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Band and Tom Petty. Write You A Letter is the fourth single off their upcoming album The Upgrade of Truth. It’s a Stonesy piece of easygoing indie Americana showing how to do right with a love gone wrong.”

Jay Lou Ava | Attends-Moi

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Jazz/World.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Guitarist and music arranger Jay Lou Ava is regularly described as “the Wes Montgomery of Africa” by French media. His music signature is a fusion of jazz and African music, drawing from both contemporary and traditional African rhythms and melodies. Born in Cameroon, Israël Jean-Louis Ava collaborated with Donny Elwood and Manu Dibango before releasing his own material, including 1997’s Prelude, 1998’s Remember J.L. Ava, 2002’s Spellings, 2006’s Ebotan, 2008’s Unforgettable Soweto and 2011’s Ethno Skies. He lives in Paris.”

Rissa Boo | Aliens In New York (ft . Bazil)

HOME BASE: France.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Rissa Boo is a writer, rapper, photographer and experimented backpacker. Hailin’ from Paris, he released his first album Heritage To Defend as an independent, as well as two EPs with tracks in English, French and Portuguese, crossing varied atmospheres and influences with his theatrical and dynamic flow. On his latest single Aliens In New York,  he welcomes the reggae artist Bazil.”

The Long Escape | Dead To Me

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Created in 2004 by singer/guitarist Kimo, The Long Escape is an alt-rock metal band. Despite the metal riffs, The Long Escape is also about melancholy. Says Kimo: “Yes, you can hear sad parts in TLE. Those sad parts lead most of the time to raging riffs just to say that in every difficult situation you can find the fire inside of you that will enlighten you. This is the power of music.”

Tanya George | Woodland

HOME BASE: Australia.
GENRE: Synth-Pop.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Tanya George was born and raised in St Kilda, Melbourne’s ever-evolving arts and entertainment hub, and it shows; her evolutionary electro-pop takes the genre to innovative new heights. Whether performing acapella with a vocal looper or surrounded by her dedicated band, she’s astounded countless audiences with her 4.5 octave vocal range. Tanya has crafted and refined the art of combining elements of soul, jazz and pop, and delivers excellence through her unique and dynamic vocal looping setup. Her Normality EP is set to be released later this year, and is crafted solely from improvised vocal looping. Tanya elaborates “It was born purely on instinct, expression, and trust in my musical ability as a musician and a singer.”

Luke Kay | Opera Blue

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Electronica.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Nicolas Luquet (aka Luke Kay) is a French soundtrack composer. His Opera Blue EP is a deep dive into the ocean, an atypical melodic odyssey in tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the French naval officer and explorer … The vastness, the complexity and the beauty of the great blue sea coming to life here with three pieces that really speak the language of the deep. The sounds are carefully crafted and set a mysterious yet uplifting tone.”

Loiseau | Killing You

HOME BASE: Switzerland.
GENRE: Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Author, composer, singer, Sébastien Loiseau has released his first album My Obsession. Killing You is an intriguing atmosphere wrapped around a tuneful pop rock enhanced by vivid instrumentation that slides towards a movie music background, increasing in intensity till the very last note.”

Wave 21 | All Over & Over (ft. Sam Roberts)

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Folk-Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Wave 21 is a Montreal rock band fronted by lead singer Mary-Lynn Doroschuk, the daughter of Men Without HatsStefan Doroschuk. Their second album Brace Yourself is slated for release in early 2021. Wave 21 proudly teamed up with Juno-winning singer/songwriter Sam Roberts for the single All Over & Over. The song is about how it would be great if the human race could start all over again by not making the same mistakes similar to the ones of past generations. It’s about working together as a complete entity by sharing our planet with all living beings equally. Instead of burning bridges, it describes the positive impact of building new bridges and working for a better world; all for the children of today, that represent the generations of tomorrow and giving them a better world to grow up in.”

Tiphanie Doucet | Think Of Me

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Folk-Pop.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “French songbird Tiphanie Doucet’s dreamy and distinct vocals take you on a rustic journey through tender emotions that will lift your spirits. Fans of Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson and Feist will welcome her new take on pop and folk. In 2020, Tiphanie performed on the Canadian Voice, where she was praised by the judges for her dreamy voice and faultless emotional performances. Doucet is set to release her latest EP Painted Blue, which threads darker, more mature and haunting tones through her adored folky sound.”

Drop of Water | Nobody

HOME BASE: United Kingdom.
GENRE: Soul/R&B.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Drop of Water is a French singer/songwriter  from Cannes,, now based in London. Mainly inspired by the sea and the beauty of nature she tends to immerse the listener into her colourful and atmospheric universe. Texture is defined as the most important characteristic of her electronic /chill/pop/soul/folk creations.”

David Blanco | Fantasmas De Ayer – Piano

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Pop-Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Fantasmas De Ayer – Piano is Part 3 of my upcoming EP. This EP includes several versions of this song — solo acoustic, electric and piano. This song means a lot to me. It’s about not being able to leave behind the ghosts of yesterday.”

Michael Dunstan | The Wind Blows

HOME BASE: Australia.
GENRE: Folk.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Michael Dunstan is a pensive Perth folk writer, with a peaceful focus on all things bigger than us. Openly sharing personal past struggles with heavy anxiety, Michael hopes to leave all with a piece of mindfulness, and share a new-found appreciation of the beautiful world in which we live. His album In the Grand Scheme  was a diverse 14-track journey that promises to further consolidate Dunstan as a profound Australian singer-songwriter. Michael draws a close to 2020 with the creation of a new EP set for release in 2021.”