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Next Week in Music | Nov. 9-15 • The Long List: 600+ Releases On The Way

All the new music you'll be adding to your playlist in the next seven days — & more.

If my math is right, there are 168 hours in a week. So in order to hear all the albums, EPs, singles, anthologies, box sets and vinyl reissues coming out in the next seven days, you’d have to listen to an average of four per hour — assuming you didn’t bother with other time-consuming fare like working, sleeping, watching TV or communicating with other people. Ball’s in your court. Let me know how it goes.



Josh Abbott Band | The Highway Kind
Accuser | Accuser
AC/DC | Power Up
Andrew Adkins | The Echoist
A.K.Adrix | Código de Barras
Aesop Rock | Spirit World Field Guide
Aether | Roki Vinyl
After Smoke Clears | Edification
Rauw Alejandro | Afrodisiaco
Roman Alexander | Between You & Me EP
Simon Alexander | Riverine
Alice In Chains | Facelift Vinyl
All Hail Y.T. × YOSONOVA | V​-​12 Soul Deluxe
A Love Supreme Electric: A Love Supreme and Meditiations
Amaarae | The Angel You Don’t Know
Brent Amaker and the Rodeo | Ugly World EP
Amine Limbo Vinyl
Analog Players Society | Soundtrack For A Nonexistent Film
Anane | Chapters Of Becoming… Vinyl
Andersens | There Is A Sound Vinyl
Guy Andrews | [MT][NT][ET]
Apre | Always In My Head Vinyl
Lauren Aquilina | Ghost World EP
Ava Vegas | Ava Vegas Vinyl
Armored Saint | Punching The Sky Vinyl
Brittain Ashford & Matt Bauer | Day Inside a Night
Ashnikko | Demidevil
Ashong & Tatham | Sankofa Season EP
The Ataris | Live In Chicago 2019 Vinyl
Augenwasser | Sleepdancer
Roy Ayers | West Coast Vibes Vinyl
Baby Queen | Medicine EP
Bad Moves | Untenable Vinyl
Bad Religion | Christmas Songs Vinyl
Derek Bailey & Mototeru Takagi | Live at FarOut, Atsugi 1987
Liam Bailey | Ekundayo
Balothizer | Cretan Smash
Barfeye | Amar y Diferir
William Basinski | Lamentations
Bassnectar | Vava Voom Vinyl
The Bats | Foothills
Beach Vacation | I Fell Apart
Jazmin Bean | Worldwide Torture EP
John Bence | Love
Benee | Hey U X
Ryan Benis | Rollercoaster
George Benson | Weekend in London
Volker Bertelmann & Dustin O’ Halloran | Ammonite Soundtrack
Beyries | Encounter
Bibio | Ambivalence Avenue Vinyl
Billow | III
Bitch Falcon | Starting At Clocks Vinyl
BlackHawk | Just About Right: Live From Atlanta
Kodak Black | Bill Is Real
The Black Sheep | The Choice Is Yours Vinyl
Tim Blake | Crystal Machine Vinyl
Blakkamoore | Upward Spiral Deluxe
Bleeding Out | Lifelong Death Fantasy Vinyl
Bliss Of Flesh | Tyrant Vinyl
C. Albert Blomquist | C. Albert Blomquist
Blood From The Soul | DSM-5
Rhys Bloodjoy | Human.pattern.repeat. Vinyl
Manny Blu | New Ink EP
Andrea Bocelli | Believe
Body Count | Bloodlust Vinyl
Bonobo | Dial ‘M’ For Monkey Vinyl
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | Heartbreak 12″
Boris | Absolutego Reissue
Boris | Amplifier Workshop Reissue
Boundaries | Your Receding Warmth
Boys Noize | Mvinline Vinyl
Randall Bramblett | Pine Needle Fire
Dollar Brand | Plays Sphere Jazz Vinyl
Brin | Homescreen Glow
Kala Brisella | Lost In Labour
BrokenRail | Beautiful Chaos
The Brummies | Automatic World
Brycon | Brutalism
Bubaza | Ice Breaker Vinyl
Burris | Over You (Part 1)
Busty And The Bass | Eddie Vinyl
Cakes da Killa | Muvaland EP
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons | We’re The Bastards
Candy Opera | The Patron Saint of Heartache
Card Reader | Mental Scars EP
Carmody | My Jupiter EP
John Carpenter / Alan Howarth | Escape From New York Vinyl
Johnny Cash | Johnny Cash and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Causa Sui | Szabodelico
Ceremony | In The Spirit World Now Vinyl
Chelou | Real
Chiki Wanted | Wanted: The Snake
Chillwithme | Whysomelancholic
Chris Christodoulou | Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyl
Chrome | The Chronicles I Vinyl
Judson Claiborne | When a Man Loves an Omen EP
Kelly Clarkson | All I Want For Christmas Is You
Cleared | The Key
Nels Cline Singers | Share the Wealth
Club Love | Embrace The Machine EP
Code Noir | Jack of All Spades
Cognizant | Cognizant Reissue
Collapse Under The Empire | Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us
Color of Light | Daydream Garden
Come At The King | Take To The Streets EP
Guilherme Coutinho | Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo Vinyl
The Cranberries | No Need To Argue Expanded
The Cribs | Night Network
Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection | Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection
Cvso | Basic Cuts Vinyl
Cyrax | Experiences
Cry Club | God I’m Such A Mess
Dalida | Dans La Ville Endormie Vinyl
Brian Dalmini | Can You Tell Me Vinyl
The DamNNation | Parasite EP
The Darcys | Fear & Loneliness
Dark Buddha Rising | Mathreyata
Darknet | No Love (ft. Enkojin)
Alan Davey | Eclectic Devils Vinyl
Deadmau5 & Kiesza | Bridged By A Lightwave
Dead Meat | The End of Their World is Coming!
Dead Original | Bought and Sold
Death Dealer | Conquered Lands
Deathless Dogs | Five Across the Eyes
Décembre Noir | The Renaissance of Hope
Defecto | Duality Vinyl
Déluge | Ægo Templo
Derek & The Dominos | Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs 50th Anniversary
Sam DeRosa | The Medicine EP
Richard Devine | Systik
The Diabolical Liberties | High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics
Diac | Miedo EP
Neil Diamond | Classic Diamonds
Gregory Dillon | Sad Magic EP
Dinastia | Alcazaba
Dismal | Quinta Essentia
Disparaged | For Those Enslaved
Dizzy | Basement Covers EP
Dr. John | Night Tripper Vinyl
Dokken | Breaking The Chains Vinyl
Domenique Dumont | People on Sunday
DomJord | Gravrost
Doro | Magic Diamonds: Best Of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures Vinyl
Downtown Mischief | Warm Bath
Dragged Under | The World Is In Your Way Deluxe
Droeloe | A Matter of Perspective
Dune Sea | Moons Of Uranus
Durutti Column | Obey The Time Vinyl
Dusty Idols | Pars Destruens Et Oriens
Dying Wish | Enemies In Red
Ecclesia | De Ecclesiæ Universalis
Gaspard Eden | Soft Power
Ludovico Einaudi | Undiscovered Vinyl
Elbow | Asleep In The Back Vinyl
Elbow | Cast Of Thousands Vinyl
Elbow | Dead In The Boot Vinyl
Elbow | Leaders Of The Free World Vinyl
Elbow | The Take Off And Landing Of Everything Vinyl
Billie Eilish | Therefore I Am
Elfensjón | Styx
Elle Belle | Post Everything
Deuce Ellis | Midnight Ouroboros
Elsa Y Elmar | Ojos Noche 2.0 feat. Carla Morrison
Enemy Alliance | Damnation Dawning Vinyl
The End | Allt Ar Intet Vinyl
Enigma Experience | Question Mark
Brian Eno | Film Music 1976-2020
Entartung | Maleficae Artes Vinyl
Envy | Last Wish Live At LiquidRoom Tokyo
DJ Enyoutee & Zagnif-Nori | Blood & Iron 2
Eric13 | Black Lipstick Remix EP
The Ex | Disturbing Domestic Peace Vinyl
The Ex | History Is What’s Happening Vinyl
Exile Di Brave & Time Cow | Folklore EP
Faithless | All Blessed Vinyl
Paloma Faith | Infinite Things
Falcon Jane | Faith
Family Fodder | Savoir Faire: The Best Of Vinyl
Famous Letter Writer | Warhola
Ty Farris & Bozack Morris | Wired Different
Father | Come Outside, We Not Gone Jump You
Fazer Drums | Sound Measures
Felt | Felt 4 U Vinyl
Tiziano Ferro | Accetto Miracoli: L’esperienza Degli Altri Vinyl
Flaming Tunes | Flaming Tunes Vinyl
The Flat Five | Another World
Fluidity | Still Hope EP
Focus | 50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976
Aaron Frazer | My God Has A Telephone Vinyl
Freshest | La Capital, Vol. 1
Frisco | The Familiar Stranger
Camila Fuchs | Kids Talk Sun
Furnace | Dark Vistas Vinyl
FYI Chris | Black Dragon Loop EP
Gaijin Smash | Gaijin Smash EP
Garagedays | Something Black
Red Garland | Solar Vinyl
Garou | Seul: 20Th Anniversary Vinyl
Rebecca Garton | Take Me Home EP
M. Geddes Gengras | Time Makes Nothing Happen
Gentleman | Blaue Stunde
Ghost Funk Orchestra | An Ode To Escapism
Ghost:Hello / Night Goat | Split
Ghøstkid | Ghøstkid
Dizzy Gillespie | Town Hall New York City June 22 1945 Vinyl
Ginesse | Somewhere To Die EP
Kendji Girac | Amigo Vinyl
Gitkin | Safe Passage Vinyl
Glacier | Passing Of Time The Vinyl
Gnarl | The Great Blackness
Go Go Berlin | LyfeE EP
Goings | it’s For You
Gong | Angel’s Egg Vinyl
Gong | Flying Teapot Vinyl
Gong Wah | Gong Wah
Chilly Gonzalez | A Very Chilly Christmas
Miki Gonzalez | Tantas Veces Vinyl
Goodie Mob | Survival Kit
Gracey | The Art of Closure
Wayne Graham | 1% Juice
Grand Corps Malade | Mesdames
The Grand Sbam | Furvent
Green Child | Shimmering Basset Vinyl
Vivian Green | Love Absolute
Gregor | Destiny
Grfriend | 回:Walpurgis Night
Griff/Scorcese | Midnight Express: The Gusher
Groovenom | Mitten Ins Herz
Gaia Guarda | Anatomy of Fear
Goya Gumbani | Truth Be Sold EP
Buddy Guy | Play The Blues Featuring Eric Clapton Vinyl
Hachiku | I’ll Probably Be Asleep
Marika Hackman | Covers
M.T. Hadley | There Isn’t A Window That I Won’t Look Out Of EP
Gavin Haley | Unfolding EP
Hanoi Rocks | All Those Wasted Years Vinyl
Happy. | Imposter Syndrome Vinyl
Harlott | Detritus of the Final Age
Quinn Harris | Protect Me From Myself Vinyl
Hautajaisyö | On Vain Pimeys
Heathered Pearls | Cast
Heaven 17 | Before After Vinyl
Heaven 17 | How Live Is Vinyl
Heaven 17 | Naked As Advertised Vinyl
Zach Heckendorf | Hawk Talk Vinyl
Heinali | Madrigals
Helsott | Woven Vinyl
Hermitude | Pollyanarchy Deluxe
High Contrast | Notes From The Underground
The High Water Marks | Ecstasy Rhymes Vinyl
Billie Holiday | Billie: The Original Soundtrack
Thee Holy Brothers | My Name is Sparkle
Homecamp | Did We Return As Something Else
Christian Hornbostel | Liber Secretus
Lawson Hull | Dreaming Is Easy EP
Hum | Inlet Vinyl
Humanity Is Cancer | Humanity Is Cancer
Clive Hunt | Blue Lizzard Vinyl
In Malice’s Wake | The Blindness of Faith
Intervals | Circadian
Ize | Ize Cream Man
Jackboy | Living In History Deluxe
Terence Jack | Bloom
Paris Jackson | Wilted
Jessica Jade | Bet EP
Jaime & Nair | Jaime & Nair Vinyl
Jam City | Pillowland
Loraine James | Nothing EP Vinyl
Bert Jansch | Crimson Moon Vinyl
Jacques | Four Five Three Vinyl
Justin Jay | Lost Boi EP
Jeff The Brotherhood | Gremlins Vol. 1 Vinyl
Jesu | Terminus
Johansson & Speckmann | The Germs Of Circumstance Vinyl
Elton John | Jewel Box
Philly Joe Jones | Blues For Dracula Vinyl
Julie Et Joe | Marelle Vinyl
Jump | Breaking Point
John K | Love + Everything Else
Kadaverficker | Kaos Nekros Kosmos Vinyl
Kage | The Grave
Faten Kanaan | A Mythology of Circles
Dan Kanvis | Understanding Dead Plants
Charlie Kaplan | Sunday
Karkara | Nowhere Land Vinyl
Katatonia | Dead Air
Katla. | Allt þetta Helvítis Myrkur
Katya | Vampire Fitness EP
Steven Keene | Them & Us
Keep Shelly in Athens | Defy Me EP
Tom Keifer | The Way Life Goes Vinyl
Kekal | Primal Spirits Of The Immortal
Josh Kelley | My Baby & the Band
King Creature | Set The World On Fire Vinyl
King 810 | AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement in G Major
Kit | Kit EP
Jesse Kivel | Infinite Jess
John R. Kjellström | John R. Kjellström
KnifeTrick | Gold Harlotte
Gordon Koang | Unity Vinyl
Koko-Jean & The Tonics / Dani Nel-Lo | Please Mr Milton Vinyl
Kazumichi Komatsu | Emboss Star
KO:MI | We Said We Didn’t Know but We Knew
Kruder & Dorfmeister | 1995
Kutmah | Isolation Tapes
Jesper Kyd, Sarah Schachner & Einar Selvik | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Soundtrack
L.A. Guns | Renegades
Lambchop | Trip
Lambert | False
Lamps | People With Faces Vinyl
Maxime Landry | Le Party Beauceron Vinyl
Last Year’s Man | Brave the Storm
Gianna Lauren | Vanity Metrics EP
Duncan Laurence | Small Town Boy
Anton LaVey | Satanic Mass Vinyl
Lecrae | Restoration Deluxe Edition
Leitkegel | Bis Zum Ende EP Vinyl
Lemin. | Petey Passed Away
Lemon Demon | Spirit Phone Vinyl
Lie Still | Severing the Hands of Manipulation and Fate
Lil Ricefield | Omakase EP
Lil Tracy | Designer Talk 2
Liraz | Zan
Lizzy Borden | Best Of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2
Lock & Key | Circadian
Lord Sonny the Unifier | All New Information
Loski | Music, Trial & Trauma: A Drill Story
Lost FX | A Moment’s Pause EP
Lovelytheband | Conversations With Myself About You Vinyl
Lovers Turn to Monsters | What About my Planets? / In Yr Face Space Coyote
Lucky Losers | Godless Land Vinyl
Luna13 | God.Dis
Lunatic Soul | Through Shaded Woods
Tor Lundvall | Yule Vinyl
Maazel | Memories
Taylor Mac | Holiday Sauce
Macabre | Carnival Of Killers
Machetazo | Ultratumba II
Madisenxoxo | Plead No Contest
Nick Mitchell Maiato | Pino Carrasco Vinyl
Malneezy | The Gunslinger Returns
Mandala | The Echoes Of Your Mind
Marilyn Manson | Dancing With The Antichrist Vinyl
Love Mansuy | (món-swee) Side B EP
Manticora | To Kill To Live To Kill & To Live To Kill To Live Vinyl
Eve Maret | Stars Aligned
Bob Marley | Uprising Live
Marsh | Lailonie
Shaun Martin | Three-O
Masego | Studying Abroad EP
Augusto Materlli | Black Sound From White People Vinyl
Daniel Maunick | Musica Encantada Vinyl
McFly | Young Dumb Thrills
Megaton Sword | Blood Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire
Reiss Meister | Dizzy On The Dancefloor
Zola Mennenöh | Longing for Belonging
Merzbow | Pulse Demon Vinyl
Meg Myers | Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 the Disco
Gratien Midonet | Ven En Levé
Andy Mineo | Happy Thoughts EP
Charles Mingus | @ Bremen 1964 & 1975
Misogi | little*stars EP
Mr. Freak Ska | Ska Casola Vinyl
Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas| Vangarde
Mr. Saik | Mr Saik el Unico Loco
Kim Mitchell | The Big Fantasize
Mitochondrial Sun | Sju Pulsarer
Modern Romance | Their Greatest Tracks
Modificacion | Across The Time / Annelie Vinyl
Molchat Doma | Monument
Ray Mono | Blowback
Molly Moore | Voice on the Internet
Ben Morey and The Eyes | Still Life
Muma Ganoush | The Big Beam
Martha Skye Murphy | Yours Truly
The Musalini & Planet Asia | Pharaoh Chain
Mustard Gas and Roses | We Are One EP
Meg Myers | Thank U 4 Taking Me To 2 The Disco EP
Meg Myers | I’d Like 2 Go Home Now EP
The Mystic Underground | Wrapped in Riddles
Nada Surf | Never Got Together Deluxe
Aya Nakamura | Aya
David Nance | Staunch Honey
Nané | Nané
Nas | King’s Disease Vinyl
Nefeli Walking Undercover | Twelve
Negativland | The World Will Decide
Negramaro | Contatto
Neon Dreams | The Happiness of Tomorrow
Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge | Der große Preis
Newmeds | Nothing Is Heavier Than the Mind EP
The New Regime | Heart Mind Body & Soul Deluxe
Nibiru | Panspermia
Nickel Creek | This Side Vinyl
Nine Inch Nails | Quake Vinyl
Novarupta | Marine Show
Nuclear | Murder of Crows
Nutrition | No EP
Of Feather & Bone | Sulfuric Disintegration
Orden Ogan | Final Days
Gabríel Ólafs | Absent Minded Reworks
Old Cross | Daggers
Hinako Omori | Bank of Inner Criticisms Remixes
OneFour | Against All Odds
ORβIT |00
Orthodoxy | Marine Snow
O’Sisters | Unity Is Power
Oveous | Hyper Soul: Medicine
Overt Enemy | Inception x Possession Expanded Edition
Buck Owens | A Merry ‘Hee Haw’ Christmas
Buck Owens & The Buckaroos | The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1975
Pacific Range | High Upon The Mountain Vinyl
Molly Parden | Rosemary EP
Parkland Music Project | Eminent Ghosts
The Parson Red Heads | Lifetime of Comedy
Katy J Pearson | Return
Pentatonix | We Need A Little Christmas
BK Pepper | Territories
Tristan Perich | Drift Multiply
Periphery | Live In London
Pg.lost | Oscillate
Pharaoh Overlord | 6
Quinn Pickering | Supernova EP
Le Pie | A Room Of One’s Own
Plain White T’s | All That We Needed 15th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Poirier | Pull Up Dat Vinyl
Jonny Polonsky | In Between Worlds
Polyphozia | Suitcase of Voices
Praed Orchestra! | Live In Sharjah
The Prats | Prats Way Up High
Precaria / Oros Kau | Theosulphuros Split
The Pretty Things | Parachute 50th Anniversary Edition
Mark Pritchard | EP 1
Professor & The Madman | Séance
Puteraeon | The Cthulhian Pulse: Call from the Dead City
Pyramaze | Epitaph
Quakers | II: The Next Wave
Sun Ra | Dark Myth Equation Visitation Vinyl
Sun Ra | Egypt 1971
Sun Ra | Horizon Vinyl
Sun Ra | Nidhamu Vinyl
Gwenifer Raymond | Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain
Reform | Close Encounters Vinyl
Pat Reilly | Prince Of The Night EP
Viola Renea | Syguiria Lady Vinyl
Repuked | Dawn Of Reintoxication Vinyl
Respire | Black Line
Trent Reznor | The Social Network Vinyl
Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos | Live At The Hollywood Palladium
Rich The Kid & Youngboy Never Broke Again | Nobody Safe
Ricky | Palm Trees
Penny Rimbaud | Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun
Duke Robillard & Friends | Blues Bash
Rosa Nocturna | Andělé A Bestie
Richard Rose | Radiation Breeze
Hayley Ross | Moving All Around EP
Ana Roxanne | Because Of A Flower
Safe Hands | Highs & Lows
Saffronkeira / Paolo Fresu | In Origine: The Field Of Repentance Vinyl
Saicos 69 / Erwin Flores | El Mercenario / Un Poquito De Pena Vinyl
St. Thomas Pepper Smelter | Soul & Pepper Vinyl
Ryuichi Sakamoto | Hidari Ude No Yume Vinyl
Pa Salieu | Send Them To Coventry
San Leo | Mantracore
Satl | Lucid Dreams EP
Scalp | Domestic Extremity
Niels Schack | Jade EP
Schnellertollermeier | 5
Sari Schorr | Never Say Never Vinyl
Marc Scibilia | Seed of Joy
Scrimshire | Believers
Seba Kaapstad | Konke
Seether | Disclaimer II Vinyl Reissue
Seether | Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces Vinyl Reissue
Seether | Karma and Effect Vinyl Reissue
Seismic | Seismic EP
Henriette Sennenvaldt | Something Wonderful
The Sensational Country Blues Wonders! | The World Will Break Your Heart
Shadow Blow | 2da Parte
Jules Shear | Slower
Shenandoah | Every Road
Shrines of Dying Light | Sadness
Sig Nu Gris | Saliva
Silence | Electric Meditations Vinyl
Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin | Fly Siifu
The Silhouettes Project | The Silhouettes Project
The Silverbeets | Halcyon Days
SixTones | New Era
Geneva Skeen | Double Bind
Skinny Puppy | Last Rights Vinyl
Gudars Skymning | Olycksfagel Vinyl
Todd Slant | Point the Flashlight and Walk
Slim Loris | When Life Interferes
Slowdive | Holding Our Breath Vinyl
Slowey and The Boats | Merry Christmas from Slowey and The Boats
Slow Weather | Clean Living EP
Small Town Titans | The Ride
Smith & Myers | Volume 1 & 2 Vinyl
Huey Smith | Having A Good Time Vinyl
The Snarlin’ Yarns | Break Your Heart Vinyl
Snurfu | Round 2
Solar Fake | This Pretty Life EP
Jimmy Somerville | Suddenly Last Summer Vinyl
Something Weird | Spook Show Spectacular A-Go-Go Vinyl
Jimi Somewhere | Nothing Gold Can Stay
Soulburn | Noa’s D’Ark
Soulskinner | Seven Bowls of Wrath
Soul Supreme | Soul Supreme Vinyl
Emily A. Sprague | Hill, Flower, Fog
The Staple Singers | Come Go With Me: The Stax Collection
Chris Stapleton | Starting Over
Star Feminine Band | Star Feminine Band
Matt Star | Matt Star EP
Starry Skies | Do It With Love
Statis | A Garden For All To See EP
Stats | Powys 1999
Stolen Wheelchairs | The America
Stone Temple Pilots | Core Vinyl
Stormbringer | Stealer Of Souls Vinyl
Strange Neighbor | Radiation EP
Strydegor | Isolacracy
Subterraen | Rotten Human Kingdom
Sumeau | This Is Not A Dream
Superlove | Superlove EP
Susu | Panther City EP
Swamp Dogg | Total Destruction To Your Mind Vinyl
Swans | Children of God Remastered
Sweeps | All There Is EP
Taemin | Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2
Uschi Tala | Between The Veil
They Might Be Giants | Flood Vinyl
Kirsten Thien | Two Sides Vinyl
Thrudvangar | Vegvisir
Tiflis Transit | A Dim Daze / Mondaene Dysfunction Vinyl
Luke Titus | Plasma
Tokio Hotel | Durch Den Monsun 2020 Vinyl
Told Slant | Point The Flashlight and Walk
Tomberlin | Projections Vinyl
Toots & The Maytals | Knock Out Vinyl
Toots & The Maytals | Pressure Drop | The Golden Tracks Vinyl
Torn Hawk | Here Comes Language
Trees | Trees 50th Anniversary Edition
Tsha | Flowers
Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass | Buddies II: Still Buddies
TV Priest | Uppers
Twister | Cursed & Corrected
Tygapaw | Get Free
Ukiyo | Ukiyo LP
Unseen Faith | Evoke
Until The Sky Dies | Forgotten Pact
Uthullun | Dirges For The Void
Van Houten | Home Alone EP
Various Artists | Brazilian Nuggets Vol. 4 Vinyl
Various Artists | Brown Acid | The Eleventh Trip Vinyl
Various Artists | Christmas Blues Vinyl
Various Artists | Christmas Choral Vinyl
Various Artists | Christmas Jazz Vinyl
Various Artists | Entropia Coletiva II Vinyl
Various Artists | The Gospel Truth: The Complete Singles Collection
Various Artists | Happy Times: Songs of Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham Vol. 2
Various Artists | Jazzanova Presents Paz E Futbol 3 Vinyl
Various Artists | Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Soundtrack
Various Artists | Peace Chant Vol. 3 Vinyl
Various Artists | Peace Chant Vol. 4 Vinyl
Various Artists | Sadaba 6 Vinyl
Various Artists | Strum & Thrum: American Jangle Underground 1983 – 1987
Various Artists | Total War: Three Kingdoms Vinyl
Vaughan | I Was EP
Tony Velour | 3M
The Blaze Velluto Collection | We Are Sunshine
Verbz & Mr Slipz | Radio Waves
The Viceroys | We Must Unite Vinyl
Rafael Vigilanitcs | Blue River, Grey Sky
Franck Vigroux | Ballades Sur Lac Gele Vinyl
Viji | Are You In My Head EP
Villages | Upon the Horizon
The Vision | The Vision
Le Volume Courbe | Fourteen Years EP
Völur | Death Cult EP
Barry Walker Jr. | Shoulda Zenith Vinyl
B.J. Ward | Vocal Ease Vinyl
Warfect | Spectre Of Devastation
Warsaw Pakt | Lorraine / Dogfight Vinyl
Nick Waterhouse | Live At Pappy & Harriet’s: In Person From The High Desert Vinyl
Wayfarer | A Romance With Violence Vinyl
Weedeater | And Justice For Y’all Vinyl
Weedeater | God Luck And Good Speed Vinyl
Weedeater | Jason…the Dragon Vinyl
Weedeater | Sixteen Tons Vinyl
The Weeknd | Beauty Behind the Madness 5th Anniversary Edition
Emily Weisband | Not Afraid to Say Goodbye EP
Gillian Welch | Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 3
Emi Wes | Departure EP
Madisyn Whajne | Save Our Hearts
What Is TEC | Genodified
Snowy White & The White Flames | Something On Me
Trixie Whitley | Lacuna (Re-Imagined) EP
whyouarei | Season Pass
Kim Wilde | Wilde Winter Songbook Vinyl
Mars Williams | Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 4: Chicago vs. NYC
Reid Willis | Mother Of
Sarah Willis | Mozart & Mambo Vinyl
Wisdom Of Crowds | Wisdom Of Crowds Vinyl
Witchrider | Electrical Storm
Woodes | Crystal Ball
Wordcolour | Juno Way EP
The Wytches | Three Mile Ditch
XTC | Drums & Wires Vinyl
Yachtclub101 | Yachtclub101
Fatima Yamaha | Spontaneous Order
Yes | The Royal Affair Tour Vinyl
Ymir | Ymir
The Yorks | Purple Sunsets EP
Ysgaroth | Storm Over a Black Sea
YSN Flow | Long Story Short
Yukon Blonde | Vindicator
Yungblud | Weird!
Yung Dior | Waiting On The Butterfly
Azim Zain & His Lovely Bones | Be Good
Hans Zimmer | No Time To Die Soundtrack
Alex Zurdo | M.E.M.E