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Brandon Blvd Feels Safer At Home On New EP

The Memphis rapper addresses an artist's life during these tumultuous times.


Brandon Blvd steps out of his comfort zone with his topical new EP Safer At Home — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I feel obligated as a creative as well an independent artist to discuss the many tribulations, setbacks, and uncharted territories that many artists are facing during these perilous circumstances,” says the Memphis hip-hop artist and entrepreneur. “These times have taken a great toll on the financial, mental, and creative capacity of many but specifically creatives and artists alike.

“In Safer at Home, I illustrated a glimpse into the current circumstances that 2020 has brought forward. Even through the adversity and obstacles this year has introduced it is essentially the obligation of creatives such as myself to continue to paint pictures, both abstract and intangible art so that stories are told, shared, and noted. Simply put, I’d like to share the story of how independent artists cope yet still create and continue to share vulnerable pieces of themselves in the midst of the calamity that this pandemic has caused.”

The EP begins with Bittersweet Symphony — featuring Uni’Q and produced by KingPin Da’ Composer — where Brandon Blvd takes a smooth and soulful record and voices legitimate concerns and thoughts on the current climate. The lead single Out of My Mind (produced by J. Gill) discusses how the events from this year are enough to drive the average person insane. Dark Rooms and Cartoons — feating Mai Ty and produced by Sunny Dizzle — reflects on times when Brandon Blvd could go to a safe and ‘happy place’ where nothing else mattered and tune everything out.

True Life, produced by Sunny Dizzle, is an appreciation and ode to family, roots, and values as well as respect and acknowledgment for his upbringing. With the help of Nashville artist Morgan Bosman, When I Fly — produced by Kelly Portis — provides a contrast to the seemingly dark theme of the project, offering an upbeat and inspirational bit of optimism in the midst of chaos. Last but not least, the EP concludes with the lyrical exercise of Immaculate Conversations. Produced by LJ1S Productions, this dark and grim track is a summation and lyrical analysis of Brandon Blvd’s personal experience as a 29-year-old Black American in an often-corrupt, systematically racist, and gentrified environment.

Listen to Safer at Home via Bandcamp below, check it out on your favourite DSP HERE, find out more about Brandon Blvd on his website, or follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.