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Now Hear This: Gasoline Lollipops | All The Misery Money Can Buy

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Gasoline Lollipops stitch scraps of American roots music to patches of their own tattered hearts to form an all-new tapestry of bleeding rock ’n’ roll. Fresh out of the legendary Dockside Studio in Lafayette, LA, Gasoline Lollipops are promoting their new album All The Misery Money Can Buy, which pursues happiness and the American Dream to the end of the rainbow and chokes on a pot of gold. Gas Pops collaborated with Clay’s songwriting mama Donna Farar to create this politically charged union of soul music and Southern rock.

Clay Rose was born to a draft-dodging pot farmer on the lam and a country songwriter. What did these two have in common? They both did business with Willie Nelson. Clay’s mother Donna Farar wrote Last Thing I Needed, which was recorded by Willie on his 1982 album Always On My Mind. Clay’s father provided Willie with ‘medicine’ throughout the ’70s until the law sent him skipping to Colorado from Arkansas on a midnight train. When Donna’s song hit number 1 on the Billboard charts, she moved to Tennessee to be closer to Nashville, and Clay began his disjointed childhood, straddled between the Rocky Mountains and the backwoods of Tennessee.

Clay’s penchant for open roads and troublemaking are the backbone of the Gas Pops’ sound. The rest of the band consists of Don Ambory, Scott Coulter, “Bad” Brad Morse and Kevin Matthews, who all come equipped with music degrees from Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville, and Denver, respectively. They each add flavors of their own background and heritage, further diversifying the band’s signature sound.”