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Now Hear This: And We Should Die Of That Roar | Death Bed Lullabies

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.


THE PRESS RELEASE:Deathbed Lullabies is And We Should Die Of That Roar’s third full-length studio album following the acclaimed Where We Lay Our Bones in 2018. With its reflective gaze, Deathbed Lullabies offers seven songs, each of which provides glimpses of those oft-neglected and hidden dimensions of human existence. The album is an ode to life and death and our being in the world as individuals but, above all, as social beings forged in our relations to others and entangled in the web of emotions spun by these relations. When facing final goodbyes, what would we say to each other? What would we admit of regretting? What would we praise? What thoughts and emotions would we share?

And We Should Die Of That Roar is a one-man musical soirée, instigated and run since 2014 by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Hardy Hum. Born into a family of musicians in former Yugoslavia in late ’70s, Hardy’s love for music developed early and has ever since remained a natural part of his life. After fleeing the horrors of war in Balkans at the age of 15, decontextualized with contested sense of identity and weighing sense of loss, rootlessness, and alienation as he was trying to adapt to his new life as a refugee and his new home (Sweden), he sought comfort in music. Hardy’s story is as real as the searing heartache he’d learned to live with. Consequently, this is reflected in his music — a music that provides no escape. It is not crowned with a romantic happy ending. Rather, armed with dark bile and deeply reflexive gaze it explores the badlands of the dark while embracing those more obscure dimensions of being human. This has become a hallmark of Hardy’s music, something he has called “a homemade exposure therapy club for the hurten ones.”

Listen to it HERE.