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Now Hear This: Dan Penn | Living On Mercy

I'm still getting caught up on all the good albums I missed last week. Like this one.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “There aren’t many musical heroes like Dan Penn. In songwriting circles his name is as good as gold, and often platinum. And when it comes to those who can give life to the human spirit in song, it sometimes feels like Penn is traveling in a party of one. His voice sounds like it comes from the strong Southern soil in Alabama where he was born and raised, and then deepened in Memphis and Muscle Shoals. It is a true fact that when Penn sings one of his own songs, something happens that is beyond sound. A light is turned on inside his listeners, and the world takes on an added dimension. On his new album, Living on Mercy, Penn collaborates with some of the other best songwriters in Nashville, Memphis, Muscle Shoals and points beyond, and applies all the wondrous things he’s seen and learned since his first songwriting job when he was 16 years old. There is a truthful essence in his new music that feels like it is directed by a higher source, one that opens the door to an eternal understanding of what songs are capable of. It is no accident that Penn has waited his entire life to create Living on Mercy. Nor is it a mistake that it arrived just in time to offer the world a heaping of hope and faith, helping us cross the present river of fear to the other side. As with Penn’s soul music mega-hits in the 1960s, songs he co-wrote like Do Right Woman, Dark End of the Street, I’m Your Puppet and so many others, his new album offers a way to see beyond the trials of the present and offers a road to a new place. And like most good things in the modern world, it comes in the nick of time.”