Indie Roundup | 62 Songs For Your Long Weekend Soundtrack

Wobbler, AJR, Julia Stone, Hawkins and 58 other acts you should get to know.

Wobbler make some room, AJR visit Bummerland, Julia Stone has an unreal experience, The Hawkins take it outside and much, much more in a marathon Long Weekend Friday Roundup. If this doesn’t give you enough new music to tide you over until Monday, you’re even weirder than I am.



1 | Wobbler | Five Rooms

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If there is one band who has captured the sound of the golden age of Progressive Rock (1969 – 1975) without sounding regressive or copycat, it is the Norwegian band Wobbler. The band has always had an energetic and youthful approach to the classic prog era, and has managed to blow new life into the genre. Today the band shared a new single and video for the track Five Rooms, from new album Dwellers Of The Deep, out in late October. About the new single Wobbler has to say: “Five Rooms is a fast-paced song that came along quickly in the rehearsal room, based on some bass ideas from Kristian. Lots of energy and interplay, but also with sacral and dreamy passages. We worked a lot with the arrangement of the different sections in the song, to make it flow along and feel organic and natural, even though it bounces between here and there and is full of contrast.”

2 | AJR | Bummerland

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following the success of their hit single Bang, NYC Indie-Pop trio AJR have unveiled the visual for their new release Bummerland. “There’s this weird moment when you hit rock bottom, when you start to appreciate and celebrate any tiny win, and we thought that could be an interesting compliment to a high-energy song. We thought, now more than ever, people could use a song like this.”

3 | Julia Stone | Unreal

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Unreal is the new single from Julia Stone, her second offering for 2020 and follow up to her striking return in Break. Buried beneath the darkness of Unreal is a hidden sweetness. Beginning its journey as a synth-gilded tale of friendship, the sample-heavy, richly layered track also speaks to the experience of feeling disconnected and unseen within a relationship. Unreal and Break will feature on a greater body of work to come, produced by Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Thomas Bartlett and Stone herself. Stone explains the track’s anatomy — a dichotomy between darkness and delight. “When I’m with Thomas, I feel like myself. I don’t have to hide any part of who I am because I’m all loved by him,” she explains. “The song, like songs often do as they come to life, transformed, and became both about feeling real and authentic with someone and the opposite of that — the feeling when you’re around certain people and it’s hard to be yourself for whatever reason.”

4 | The Hawkins | Stranger In The Next Room (Live In The Woods)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Hawkins’ second album Silence is a Bomb is out today, offering 12 tracks of modern-sounding, Swedish rock music with a great variety of musical expressions and feel. Besides the album, the band also shares a live video of them performing one of the album’s heavier tracks, Stranger in the Next Room, in the deep Swedish forest. Hawkins’ lead singer and guitarist Johannes Carlsson: “I am immensely excited and happy that we are finally releasing this album. I’m very proud of the songs and the album as a whole but also of how we’ve grown as a band and as a family throughout the making of this album. These days leading up to the release will probably be my best week this year, so I feel fucking amazing right now.”


5 | TV People | Nothing More

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising Dublin four-piece TV People have released their new single and video Nothing More. Mixed and recorded at Darklands Audio with Dan Doherty (Fontaines D.C., Vulpynes) and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Blur, LCD Soundsystem), Nothing More sees the band come to terms with identity and the struggle of finding a purpose in life. Speaking about the single, the band explain: “It reflects on the superficial challenges of finding yourself that you face in adolescence and early adulthood, and contrasts these with a deeper existential anxiety that emerges in their place as you begin to overcome them.”

6 | BVDLVD | Shut It Down (ft. Jasiah)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:BVDLVD’s third studio album Lunatic contains an impressive list of features including L.A. rapper Lil Darkie, German producer Pulse and most notably a collaboration with star boy and 6IX9INE collaborator Jasiah on the jaw-dropping opener Shut Down. With BVD having already dropped an impressive six videos from the project, he’s looking to continue his run of exciting and unique visual accompaniment,  making a name for himself as one of the most determined and hard-working artists of recent years. The 19 year old has been very busy over the past couple of years, dropping his first two albums Project Jinchuriki and BVDIDEA.”

7 | Terra Lightfoot | It’s Over Now

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On the heels of her recent announcement of her new studio album Consider the Speed — which comes nearly three years since the release of her critically acclaimed New Mistake — soulful rocker Terra Lightfoot shares the new single and video for It’s Over Now.It’s Over Now first emerged as a slower, more sombre song — about letting go of a failed relationship, one that seemed viable but that ultimately just didn’t work out,” says Lightfoot. “In-studio, it took on a new life as a straight-ahead rock song, and I can definitely take comfort in that. The drive of the band behind me puts me in a comfortable space to sing that intense chorus vocal.”

8 | Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons | Son Of A Gun

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons are back in town! The powerhouse from Wales announce their new album We’re The Bastards, to be released on Nov. 13. Singer Neil Starr on the new album: “It’s definitely great to know that we have an audience now. We know there are people that want to hear it, but the truth is that we just had fun with it. Once again, we made the record we wanted to make and it’s been really exciting. It was awesome to take our minds off everything and just concentrate on recording a kick-ass album for the fans to enjoy.” Phil Campbell about the new single: “It will blow your head off!”

9 | HM Johnsen | Stay Within Range

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Well-travelled Norwegian indie-rocker HM Johnsen releases his new single Stay Within Range. The song is a mixture between a pop tune and a more ambient rock arena sound with guitars and is about fearing the loss of someone important and to make sure they stay safe and close to you. As HM says: “Stay Within Range is a song about a dream I had. I dreamt that someone who is very close to me vanished away, while I was floating away in my own world/head. I wrote the song the day after, as a sort of reminder to always give that person all my attention and that I should never take her for granted.”

10 | J.E. Sunde | Love Gone To Seed

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Minneapolis songwriter J.E. Sunde’s third LP 9 Songs About Love comes out Nov. 20. A wide-hearted record that frames complex feelings with a winning sense of accessibility and directness, 9 Songs About Love is a poignant reminder to be good to yourself and that you are worthy of love, no matter the shape or pace it takes. First single Love Gone To Seed “is about a relationship ending. Probably one whose ending is for the best, even as the fellow is futilely attempting to save it. One partner is trying to hold onto something that has run its course while the other holds the belief that for love to be true and worth pursuing there should be no need for a person to compromise in any way. Favorite Line: “Then you cast it to the wind and I chased it like an idiot / to see if I could capture it / to see what I could hold.”

11 | Dirty Projectors | I Get Carried Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dirty Projectors release Super João, the third in a cycle of five EPs that marks the band’s growth and transition throughout 2020. Each EP to date has shined a light on a specific band member, and Super João focuses on lead Projector Dave Longstreth. The understated, acoustic and straight-to-tape collection pairs longform melodies with surprising chord progressions to create a mood reminiscent of Arthur Russell, Chet Baker, and — of course — João Gilberto, the Brazilian bossa nova pioneer who passed last year. Watch Longstreth’s live, acoustic performance of I Get Carried Away.”

12 | Stacc Styles | Night Crawler

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Tucson rapper Stacc Styles has released his new video for Night Crawler. The cinematic video takes fans down the rabbit hole in a psychedelic underworld as Stacc spits some technical high-speed raps. The track is the latest single from Stacc Styles upcoming new album entitled Mr. Purple, which will be released later this year. “Every song is unique in its own way on the Mr. Purple record and Nightcrawler is a trip down the rabbit hole,” said Stacc Styles. “It’s where I was at in a certain time in my life a few years ago where my days wouldn’t start until the sun went down, and I wouldn’t go to sleep until the sun came up. Sometimes even closing up the house before sun up and always keeping it looking light night time inside the house. Those were wild and sometimes even scary times, but it made for a good song.”

13 | Groovenom | Deine Liebe

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The new Groovenom album Mitten ins Herz will be released on Nov. 13. “The heaviest love songs of all times” — this is how the band describes their new album and hits the bull’s eye. Driving guitars, furious drumming, and angry screaming shouts dominate the album. But also expressive solos, melancholic lyrics, and emotional clear vocals make their mark on the album. Mitten ins Herz is an epic, modern metal album and carries the roots of the band into a modern era by introducing fresh influences. “Mitten ins Herz is the harshest and at the same time most catchy Groovenom album to date,” confirms frontman Mr. Sanz. “We have musically reached a new level in terms of heaviness and brutality, fitting to the rather raw production.” Take a look at the video for Deine Liebe.

14 | Cameron Hawthorn | To Break Hers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Cameron Hawthorn defies genres as an American singer-songwriter. His stunning vocals and songwriting blend elements of Country, Americana, Folk, and Pop/Rock to put him in a league of his own. His latest release To Break Hers is based on Hawthorn’s real dating experiences before coming out. He confides, “There were so many moments when I could have ended it with this girl, but I just kept going, leading her to believe I was in love. Looking back, I was 100% using that to hide and cover up what was really going on.” Oozing with emotion and heart-wrenching lyrics, To Break Hers gives listeners a look into some of the songwriter’s most vulnerable moments.”

15 | GG Magree | Nervous Habits (ft. Joey Fleming)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian DJ, producer and vocalist GG Magree slows it down with a breathtaking acoustic rendition version of her single Nervous Habits, featuring Joey Fleming. Fleming’s melodic guitar work replaces the original’s electronic bass production, providing a softer, intimate backbone for the duo’s duetting harmonies to blossom. The single is accompanied by a stunning visual filmed trailside in Burbank. With nothing but an acoustic guitar, a tambourine and their powerful voices, the duo perform the heartfelt single against a jaw-dropping backdrop overlooking greater Los Angeles.”

16 | Andrea Nixon | Blind Spot

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Andrea Nixon is the type of artist who believes that life and music are inseparable. The Edmonton singer/songwriter proved that on her acclaimed 2017 album Diary Of A Housewife. Now, Andrea has upped her game with a new single called Blind Spot, produced by Russell Broom (Jann Arden) and a song that will surely resonate with anyone who has struggled with finding an identity. It also serves as a timely reminder to be aware of those around us who may currently be engaged in that struggle. As Andrea says, “Blind Spot asks listeners to consider their own blind spots, both when they have felt unseen and unheard, and all the diverse voices that are currently muted in popular culture.”

17 | Movie Club | Thunder

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Not ones to let the tides slow their surf, Venice Beach duo Movie Club have written and recorded a full-length album since the beginning of the year. Fast, deep cut grooves and catchy, scratchy riffs makes Thunder the rocking first single off of Black Flamingo, due out in November. The band is Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar. In the past two years, they have released three EPs, earned local and international airtime, and performances all over Los Angeles.”

18 | Sigala & James Arthur | Lasting Lover

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “British DJ, producer and artist Sigala, alongside chart-topper, James Arthur, have released the new single Lasting Lover. It bears all the markings of a true Sigala classic, with James’ instantly recognizable vocal adding raw energy as it soars throughout, creating euphoric dance-pop perfection, enhanced perfectly by Sigala’s buoyant blue-sky signature sound. Sigala explains, “This song was actually written by Lewis Capaldi, and so I first heard it as an acoustic track. From there, it has been a very fun journey to take it to where it is now. I have wanted to work with James Arthur for ages, as I love his voice, but because the song came together during lockdown, I wasn’t actually able to meet James in person, so we worked across Zoom for a long time and finally met on the set for the music video — luckily we got on just as well in real life! You may also be able to tell, I am a massive MGMT fan, so it’s been really cool to be able to blend everything together, and I hope everyone enjoys the result.”

19 | Benny The Butcher | In Love With the Streets

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Benny The Butcher’s Black Soprano Family release a new video, In Love With the Streets, featuring Heem. The track is featured on the most recent project, Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents: Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos, which was released at the end of July. The Black Soprano Family consists of Rick Hyde, Heem, LoveBoat Luciano, Jonesy & DJ Shay. This project will be followed by a Black Soprano Family label compilation, where Benny will introduce additional members to the BSF roster.”

20 | Abby J Hall | All I Wanted

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Singer/songwriter Abby J Hall has spent the past year in the studio, and is excited to continue sharing her stories with the world. Her new single All I Wanted is an emotional plea to go deep and be vulnerable with someone you care about. It’s about not staying at the surface in your relationships but rolling your sleeves up and getting to the heart of past issues to rectify a relationship that you feel is worth rectifying. Tough conversations can lead to deeper friendship.”

21 | Subterranean Masquerade | Another Day In Paradise

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “During these trying and unsure times, Israeli progressive metal outfit Subterranean Masquerade present an all-star tribute to Phil Collins’ classic Another Day In Paradise. It is dedicated to fighting the COVID-19 music industry crisis, and includes performances from more than 20 leading participants, including members of Orphaned Land and more. Together, these talents coalesce into a bold, Middle Eastern, symphonic-rock-themed song that calls for unity in this time of crisis.”

22 | TheWorst | Lifer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The official lyric video for Lifer by TheWorst was created by Sparxsea. The song, an unreleased B-side recorded at Chillhouse Studios with long time producer Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy), is the first release on the new non-profit / charity CommunityZ RecordZ. The label aims to make musicians essential in both the their local and global communities’ by helping to save the world, one community at a time. For this very first charitable release, TheWorst have chosen to fight for their hometown of Portland, ME by donating ALL the profits from this purchase of this song to MaineTransNet.”

23 | Jack Henderson | Don’t Drink The Water

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jack Henderson reveals Don’t Drink The Water, the final track to be released ahead of his upcoming album Where’s The Revolution. Inspired by the original outlaw bluesman Robert Johnson (who allegedly made a pact with beelzebub himself in a bid for his prodigious musical abilities), Don’t Drink The Water is a case study of Faustian pacts and a cautionary tale of those willing to do anything in the pursuit of success. As Henderson states: “Almost 100 years ago Robert Johnson famously sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the gift of becoming a great blues player. Historically, transactions with the Devil, particularly those of a more venal nature, are actually more prevalent than is commonly thought. Indeed, a number of lesser advertised Faustian pacts have even been made within living memory. Perhaps most notably, one reportedly took place on the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street in New York City around 2016 and a few are also alleged to have taken place more recently somewhere in the Chiltern Hills near the Chequers estate in England.”

24 | Earth’s Yellow Sun | The Infernal Machine Part III: Betrayal

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Five years ago Toronto’s Earth’s Yellow Sun released their sophomore EP The Infernal Machine. Now to celebrate the anniversary of that EP, they are re-releasing the tracks in the form of animated videos. The band has unleashed two videos so far, Part I: Assembly and Part II: Unveiling. Today, the band unveil Part III: Betrayal. The band explains: “In Part III: Betrayal, the robot realizes the contradiction between its core mission of bringing peace and stability to the world, and the violent path that has bet set for it by its human creators. The intelligence chooses to revise its own mission parameters, and proceeds to turn on the human civilization in order to bring peace and stability to the world at large. Violence ensues.”

25 | Zooni | Cascara

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brighton art-pop makers Zooni release their latest single Cascara, a powerful yet fragile mix of poetic lyrics and transcendent textures. Produced with award-winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt J, London Grammar), it is taken from their forthcoming Familiar Ground EP, out Oct. 2. Singer Peter Martin explains: “Cascara is a bit of a downer to be honest. Its about feeling overworked and powerless to change anything. Living alone I realised I would come up with all sorts of wacky theories for happiness that bore no relation to reality and the song kind of makes fun of that.”

26 | Dana Gavanski | I Talk To The Wind

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following on from the release of her Wind Songs EP, Dana Gavanski has released a new video for her track I Talk To The Wind, directed and animated by Gaia Alari. In Dana’s own words, “Gaia is such a special talent and I was really happy to work with her on this song. She made it all the more graceful and wondrous with her unbelievable drawings and vision. It is a thing to behold.”

27 | Tom Joshua | Undergrowth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tom Joshua unveils his new single Undergrowth, taken from his forthcoming debut EP of the same name, due for release on Oct. 9. Produced by Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, Billie Marten) and recorded at London’s Voltaire Studio, the rousing upbeat single is rooted in the surroundings of Tom’s hometown, inspired by surreal dream-sequence and conceived while out walking his dog. The track is accompanied by a nocturnal video shot in the small hours of the morning around Tom’s hometown by videographer and director Jodie Canwell. “The whole thing felt like a funny bones book which I liked to read as a kid and seemed a nicely absurd premise for a video. So I amassed a possy of friends and convinced them to take to the streets in the middle of the night in some skeleton outfits I bought on the internet and a brown paper bag I found in my dad’s office.”

28 | Yolcu | A Hunter and the Prey

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Anatolian-inflected art-pop and indie-electronica duo Yolcu are poised to announce their debut release with the arrival of A Hunter and the Prey. Lifted from the pair’s forthcoming EP In Stream, the accompanying video fuses the track’s atmospheric and propulsive electronica with a meditative, exploratory landscape, offering a perfect embodiment of delicate melodies and triumphant song craft. They detail the track: “A Hunter and the Prey is about becoming a part of a system, and how that process consumes and changes a person. It’s the way in which money, profit and industrialisation can slowly affect peoples’ personalities, like a psychological or physical sickness. It’s the enveloping relationship between employees and their employers; a hunter and it’s prey. In time, this system becomes their world.”

29 | Akkan | Anima (ft. Huaira)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Barcelona electronic production duo Akkan unveil ‘Anima (ft. Huaira), the first single taken from their upcoming debut album due Oct. 30. Recorded during a road trip to Iceland, “in a very strange place in the north of the island, during a road trip with some friends after playing at Icelandic Airwaves”, explains the band. “”We were literally running out of fuel and there was no place to refill, it was getting dark and it didn’’t seem like a good idea to sleep in the car at -10ºC, so we decided to spend the night in an odd guest house that we found by chance in the middle of nowhere. We took the equipment from the car and had a session next to the fire. That moment was so special and the result was also very cool … but we had no tempo reference and that’s why the sound is so liquid”.”

30 Corners of Sanctuary | Into The Fight

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A survivor, a runner, fleeing from those who seek to exterminate, must take action in order to free itself from the predators’ hunt. One must be strong, gather its wits and courage, and jump into the fight, no fear, never surrender. Corners Of Sanctuary leave enough space for imagination, for the listener to observe of what it is to be on the two sides of the coin. Between fear and courage, between life and death, all can be inhaled through the new single Into The Fight, out of their upcoming album Heroes Never Die, to be released on Oct. 30.”

31 | Commodo | Stakeout

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Out Oct. 23, Stakeout picks up where Loan Shark left off, tapping back into the conceptual, crime-ridden Wild West first imagined across tracks like Contraband and Hot Pursuit. This sentiment echoes across the Stakeout tracklist, which again details tracks that marry precision bass-weight and deft, nimble sampling techniques with nuanced flashes of genius; Commodo is no ordinary producer. Stakeout forms the fascinating concluding chapter of Commodo’s latest Black Acre odyssey.”

32 | Death Dealer | Sorcerer Supreme

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Death Dealer release their first single and video for Sorcerer Supreme, from their third album Conquered Lands, out Nov. 13. Death Dealer has an all-star heavy metal roster featuring Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar) vocalist Sean Peck (Cage, The Three Tremors), guitarist Stu Marshall (Dungeon, Night Legion), drummer Steve Bolognese (Into Eternity), and newly added bass player extraordinaire Mike Lepond (Symphony-X). Says Ross: “We have been working on this record for quite a while now and it feels like the perfect time to get this out and give the people a kick-ass heavy metal record. It almost seems like it was meant to be that the album comes out during this time period because people could use this uplifting rock ’n’ roll to put some positive energy back into their lives.”

33 | Lost in Society | We Want Change

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “N.J. punks Lost In Society are on a tear lately. While COVID has stalled plans for many bands, it has only fueled the fire for the four-piece. Last month, on Joe Strummer’s birthday, the guys released a three-song Clash tribute EP titled Casbah Club, and now they’ve just announced plans to release a new five-song EP titled Love And War, which will be out Oct. 2. The politically charged first track We Want Change is streaming. Singer/guitarist Zach Moyle says, “We Want Change basically encapsulates our current frustration and outrage at what is going on in our country right now. We’re seeing a system that supports violence against marginalized groups and doesn’t hold their peers accountable for their actions. This song is a call to not be silenced, or intimidated. We stand with these movements as allies, and this is our way of showing our support.”

34 | The White Swan | Tell It To The Sky

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian atmospheric sludge-rock unit The White Swan, spearheaded by Kittie’s Mercedes Lander, unveil a lyric video for their moving cover of Tracy Bonham’s Tell It To The Sky. Notes Lander: “I’ve always thought that Tell It To The Sky was a fantastically well-written song. I always try to really think outside the box when it comes to choosing covers and I tend to pick songs that you wouldn’t expect a band like The White Swan to cover. Tracy Bonham’s The Burdens Of Being Upright was released the same year I started playing drums and started my first band and this was my favorite song from that record when it was released. I did my best to capture the soaring vocal melodies and we added some layered EBow for the verses which creates a bit of a darker vibe from the original.”

35 | Matt Heckler | Old Rub Alcohol Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Anti-Corporate Music has just launched a new singer/songwriter-themed series, The Magnolia Sessions. The maiden instalment of this new sequence of releases comes by way of Carolina Appalachian folk soloist Matt Heckler, who releases his new album The Magnolia Sessions and the song Old Rub Alcohol Blues. The Magnolia Sessions is a special new series which highlights bluegrass, dark country, and folk singer/songwriter acts in an intimate outdoor setting in Nashville. On a muggy August evening, between light rain showers, Heckler stood beneath the large magnolia tree and recorded some songs. This is from that session. Heckler offers, “I’ve been wanting to do a live recording for a while now. But I always prefer being able to focus more on my playing while recording. This Magnolia Session captured the best of both worlds. Live takes, completely raw, and also the solitude needed to focus in on the instrumentation. Many of these songs are old busking tunes that I don’t play out much so it may be your only chance to hear ’em.”

36 | Ben Pirani & The Means Of Production | More Than A Memory

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ben Pirani & The Means Of Production are back with their first single from their newly built studio! Heavy dancefloor vibes with a punk attitude are the order of the day! Dig on Ben’s new composition More Than A Memory with lush, soulful string arrangements from Ben and mix engineer Rafferty Swink!”

37 | M Ross Perkins | Wrong Wrong Wrong

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The first single from M Ross Perkins’ forthcoming LP is the catchy Wrong Wrong Wrong. A classic blend of psychedelic and rock & roll with songwriting that’s progressing into a slightly darker tone to reflect the times. M Ross is ready to stretch out with regard to his songwriting and production.”

38 | Hail The Sun | Relax/Divide (Reimagined)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “California-based progressive post-hardcore band Hail The Sun have announced a series of reimagined singles they’ve been working on over the past few months. The first reimagined track comes in the form of fan favorite Relax/Divide, which originally appeared on the band’s 2014 album Wake. One this new take, the band brings the song into a more atmospheric setting complete with delicate piano and orchestral-esque drums.”

39 | Tribe Friday | Loosie

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish indie-pop four-piece Tribe Friday release the single Loosie, and announce the Oct. 23 release of Waiting For A Sign, their second EP of 2020. For singer and songwriter Noah Deutschmann, Loosie is a signifier of the band’s growth as songwriters and arrangers. While they had previously preferred to begin and finish new songs in short bursts of creativity, Loosie marked a change of attitude as it was developed over multiple sessions. At its heart, it’s still a slice of textbook Tribe Friday ragged indie-pop, but its edges and undercurrents have been finessed in ways that previous cuts were not afforded. It’s also about an acid trip going terribly wrong. Noah says, “We snatched the name (Lucy, the name given to ‘the trip herself’ in the lyrics) off a quartet of British gentlemen you might’ve heard of. They were pretty big in the ’60s, or something.”

40 | 2nd Generation Wu | Heaven on Earth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Continuing their charge across the hip-hop genre, 2nd Generation Wu have released their latest track Heaven on Earth, featuring producer J. Glaze (Q-Tip, Method Man). Comprised of the sons of the Wu-Tang Clan, the group’s new track embraces their defined sound, combining jazzy, old-school, Wu-style loops with modern production for an icy atmosphere punctured by powerful vocals. “Heaven on Earth was actually the very next track 2GWU worked on with J. Glaze after ‘7.O.D.” explains 2nd Generation Wu frontman iNTeLL. “Very different sounds, but we were looking to push the envelope and be different. I don’t ever want to be predictable.”

41 | Jason Lancaster | Good Things Only Happen If You’re Good

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Former Go Radio/Mayday Parade vocalist Jason Lancaster has announced details for his first new solo music in six years. The upcoming EP Say I’m What You Want will be released on Dec. 11. The first single is Good Things Only Happen If You’re Good (feat. Jake Bundrick of Mayday Parade/Via Fiori). Jason says “Working with Jake again in this was a trip down a familiar and awesome road. I think we laughed more than we worked.”

42 | Spaza | Sizwile

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The new Spaza release is the original motion picture soundtrack of the film Uprize!, but it serves a parallel function. Recorded in Johannesburg, during a three-day improvised scoring workshop in 2016, the recording is almost the underside of the film, which strikes a defiant pose both in the selection of speakers and in the tone of much of the archival footage. “Sizwile is a sufferer’s requiem. It is a ripe declaration that time cannot alter the truth. The moment has come for us to grow with our inheritance. We deserve to live differently, right in the middle of our ancestor’s dreams. And they have visited us in this music.”

43 | Floorbird | Navy Blue

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From the ‘burbs of Philadelphia comes indie/emo four-piece Floorbird. The band’s new EP Fall Apart Anywhere will be released on Sept. 25 and they’re giving listeners a taste, with the release of their new single Navy Blue. Of the new single, vocalist Eric Reavey says, “Navy Blue is one of the more upbeat songs on the record. It’s all about communication issues — how (for me, at least) they tend to be the most intense when we feel hurt or unheard, which are vexingly the times when healthy communication is most important — and the damage that can cause across your life.”

44 | Dagny | It’s Only A Heartbreak

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian singer Dagny has announced she will release her long-awaited debut album Strangers / Lovers on Oct. 2. In conjunction with the album announcement, Dagny is releasing the single It’s Only A Heartbreak. Dagny commented: “It’s Only A Heartbreak is actually partly inspired by the classic movie Casablanca from 1942, and Humphrey Bogart’s famous quote: “Here’s looking at you, kid”. Like the movie, the song is about knowing that you will never get someone back, but you can secretly still look at, and admire, that certain someone. The song carries a nonchalant expression, but the undertone makes it pretty obvious that you’re not over that person yet.”

45 | Kurt Baker | Over You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “American musician, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kurt Baker has announced details for his upcoming solo album After Party, set for release Oct. 23. The rock/power-pop wizard is giving fans a preview of the album with the release of the first single Over You. After Party marks a return to primo power pop form under Kurt’s own name, backed by his bangin’ five-piece American band for the first time in five years. The twelve-song sonic boom of hooks and melodies hits on the heels of two acclaimed albums with Kurt Baker Combo, his four-piece group based in Madrid, Spain, where the native of Portland, ME has resided for some years now.”

46 | Alright Alright | Trans Am

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Husband and wife Seth and China Kent are well on their way to adding new life and complexity to the concept of the “family band.” The Kents, better known as Colorado-based duo Alright Alright, have been hard at work creating orchestral-folk for the open-minded and poetry for the broken-hearted with their new album, Crucible. Second single Trans Am is out now. “This song was a journey in writing,” says Seth Kent. “For as long as I can remember since moving to Denver, and up until late last year, there has been a yellow, early ’80s car — I actually think it was a Camaro rather than a Trans Am — sitting on the north side of I-70 in the Colorado town of Georgetown. It barely ever seemed to move. Naturally, I fell into an unhealthy love with the beast over the years and was tempted to pull over and leave a note on it saying I wanted it.”

47 | Aruba Red | Wild Woman

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-soul artist and modern-day Earth mother Aruba Red has released her brand-new track Wild Woman. It was conceived along Aruba Red’s journey as a Radical Birthkeeper, someone who protects the sacred wisdom surrounding physiological birth and walks with women during pregnancy and beyond, bearing witness to autonomous birth, and serving their communities as wise women. Aruba Red said: “So much has been sparked on my journey to becoming a Radical Birthkeeper, as well as the music I am currently creating. The song is a tribute to all the wild women in the world and a big F*ck You to the patriarchy. Wild Woman is everything I long to be… wild, free, at one with nature, in tune with the elements and my place in the universe as an integral part of all things.”

48 | T-Rex Marathon | Faux News

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ottawa’s T-Rex Marathon are releasing their first full-length album this year and it is chock full of melodic, energetic, and authentic pop-punk and post-hardcore. The reception T-Rex Marathon is hoping for is one of mild nostalgia. As much as they are a new band, they aim to send their listeners back in time to the 2010 era when life felt a little simpler and times were a little happier for their fans. The first single from the album is Faux News and T-Rex Marathon share the motivation behind it: “Let’s get political. The title is a pun on Fox News and fake news (as if it wasn’t obvious). It’s us holding a mirror to our neighbours to the south and diagnosing some of the more obvious issues with them and by extension, the rest of the western world.”


49 | Nicky William | Pathetic Fuck

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of his forthcoming EP, alt-folk artist Nicky William releases woozy new single Pathetic Fuck. Stepping outside of the melancholic alternative-folk sphere for a more experimental, ambitious sound, the new playful tune Pathetic Fuck is a straightforward illustration of the angry emotions one can feel towards their own character traits. Discussing the track, Nicky tells us: “The goal for me is to express myself as honestly as possible, and in this song there is no masking of my pettiness or anger. I wanted the emotions to control the song without embellishments or poetic metaphors.”

50 | Airports | Party All The Time

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Airports is Australian DIY pop artist Aaron Lee. After taking on two life-threatening illnesses and the ups and downs of being a full-time creative, Airports is an avid voice for personal development mental health. Party All The Time is a bass heavy, sing-rap anthem featuring Los Angeles artist Riley. Sonically the track pays homage to Airports’ love of both hip-hop and punk, combining both genres to create something new and exciting, reminiscent of Machine Gun Kelly and Chase Atlantic. Airports explains, “I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a girl I knew who was literally just out every night clubbing and said to myself, ‘she just wants to party all the time.’ Although she sparked the idea, it’s more of an exaggerated story about a person you can’t love because they’re more into socialising than into you.”

51 | Lomon | Escape Velocity

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle-based artist Lomon’s new single Escape Velocity is about addiction and relapse and the fight to break out of a cycle, but failing miserably with each attempt. Through kaleidoscopic melodies, hypnotic vocals and dreamy, falsetto harmonies, Lomon takes you to a place where you can truly lose yourself. Lomon explains, “There’s also the story aspect — the song drops you into a particular moment of a concrete but open-ended tale. I think it’s easier (for me at least) to digest heavy topics when there’s a layer of fiction (or even whimsy) overlaying them.”

52 | Home Counties | That’s Where The Money’s Gone

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bristol-based Home Counties release their new single That’s Where The Money’s Gone, lifted from the band’s debut EP Redevelopment, also out today. Singer Will Harrison commented: “It’s possibly the most lyrically simple track of the EP. It’s message is so to the point, it probably even seems quite juvenile. It’s about contemporary conversations of where money goes and comes from. It was written very spontaneously around the time of Brexit and the last general election, and presents an oversimplified conversation about tax havens, immigration and welfare.”

53 | Molly. | Paradise

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Lancashire-born Molly. is armed with strength and individuality. Her tough exterior blends with her soft, vulnerable core — a combination that shines through in her honest music. Her latest single Paradise was written during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown and touches on the subject of what is happening in the world at this current time. Molly. shares, “Paradise to me is a place that has no hassle or problems, where life seems so much more positive and easy. I’m sure many people will agree that life this year hasn’t been what they expected, but who knows next year may be better.”

54 | Lola Parks | Freight Train

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Freight Train is the second single from Vancouver musician Lola Parks’ new album No Apologies, due Sept. 25. Freight Train is a musical shotgun straight to your heart, an Americana folky-blues track that warns you to check your heart at the door. “I wrote this song when I was finally letting go of a love relationship that was over and wrong for me,” says Lola Parks. “I’d mislead myself about the person and the reality. Major self-denial. I needed to be honest with myself, let go and move forward. I think this way of thinking also works with human rights issues, especially with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). Human rights abuses aren’t ‘done’ or ‘over’ anywhere. Violations and trauma are ongoing. We need to listen, converse, listen some more, help heal and support, and work toward collective betterment, understanding, acceptance and respect.”

55 | Big Loser | Ruby Red

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Austin’s own Big Loser choose not to stand on the sidelines. After the tragic death of George Floyd and the ongoing displays of police brutality, Big Loser wanted to give back to their community. The band penned Ruby Red and all money from the single will be donated to The Austin Justice Coalition. “Just recently a video was released of an unarmed black man, Jacob Blake, being shot in the back by police in front of his kids. It’s still happening. It’s difficult to not be emotionally affected by all of it, and that’s why we wrote Ruby Red, in hopes to release it and raise some money for a righteous cause.”

56 | Monica Lee | What Went Wrong

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver singer/songwriter Monica Lee will donate all of today’s Bandcamp Friday sales of her latest single What Went Wrong to the Vancouver Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. It’s a cause close to Lee’s heart, and directly inspired the writing of What Went Wrong, which appears on her latest album, Farewell.The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre assists women with their immediate and crisis needs so they can develop stability and access the resources they need to improve health, family, employment and housing situations. They promote positive change by offering individual long-term support, education, advocacy, peer mentorship and exposure to alternatives.”

57 | Daveband | Might Be Alright

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Halifax’s Daveband have just released the single Might Be Alright from their debut album This Was Your Dad At 28, out Sept. 22. Might Be Alright uses upbeat influences like Shotgun Jimmie, Ashtray Rock-era Joel Plaskett, and Jonathan Richman to turn the page on a particularly difficult chapter in the life of Daveband songwriter, David Archibald. “The song celebrates a cautiously optimistic moment where it felt like I was finally turning a corner after a prolonged period of depression. I was on my back deck in the middle of the night. It was winter, the night was cool and clear, and I could see the stars. As I looked up, I experienced a moment of peace and calm, and had the feeling that I Might Be Alright after all. The sense of relief and optimism matched an uplifting, songless riff I had carried around for years, and this song was born.”

58 | Iska Dhaaf | Crying in Your Sleep

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Crying in Your Sleep, the newest release from Iska Dhaaf, tells a multilayered story that revolves around two separate dialogs: one from the waking world and one from the dimension of dreams. The production of the song has an ethereal delicacy that cycles around a driving bass line and clusters of electronic percussion. Beautiful pads and arpeggiations flutter and dance around the steady beat and heavenly keys. The main melody drifts in and out as a sweet lullaby as Benjamin Verdoes’s gentle voice lilts and sways. Melancholy and sincere, Crying in Your Sleep, flows through the currents of a lucid dream.”

59 | East Of June | Little Bird

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “What started out as a Bumble connection turned into a formidable band. When Kyle Mortensen swiped right on Emily Rath’s photo, what he ended up with was the lead singer for the band that he didn’t know he was forming. Add former Incubus bassist Dirk Lance to the picture and you have the power trio East of June, who are releasing their sixth single Little Bird. “The song came about during this very strange time in our world and might not have been created otherwise,” says Dirk. “During the first week of quarantine in L.A., Kyle decided he better write a simple acoustic song that could easily be recorded and produced given the limitations of everyone being stuck at home. So, he sat outside on his porch and started developing the guitar melody and basic song structure, which led to Emily writing the concept and I shaped the bridge and overall flow and production.”

60 | YellowStraps | Si Tu Savais

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The brothers of Belgian R&B duo YellowStraps keep the excitement going with new single Si Tu Savais. Mellow yet carrying undeniable groove, Si Tu Savais shows off their incredible musical dexterity. A fully French affair, the boys give a very honest account of their trust issues and navigating the post-relationship stage. Si Tu Savais is the third single of their upcoming Yellockdown Project.

61 | L’uomo Nero | Nel Deserto

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Albuquerque blues-rockers L’uomo Nero (The Boogeyman) recently announced the release of their EP trilogy, whose first chapter Andiamo Nel Deserto will be issued Nov. 6. First single Nel Deserto is available now. The EPs are a Lovecraft-inspired murder investigation inspired by true events. Paranormal phenomenons and a fantastic scenery sprinkle these three EPS, while each artwork will reveal missing clues of the story.”

62 | Burning Pools | Bang Bang

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Burning Pools, the new band led by former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Ginger Pooley, has been long in the making. She and husband Kristopher Pooley had been demoing songs showcasing Ginger’s penchant for empowering protest lyrics clothed in pop hooks, when they decided to reach out to guitarist Max Bernstein. He promptly added some tracks with a sub-octave fuzz permanently in the “on” position. Instantly, the three decided that Kris (a keyboard player by trade) would dust off his drum kit as this was not a synth operation — and a band was born. Bang Bang features gritty, distorted guitars and crashing percussion, emphasizing the angst and exasperation they have towards the inequities central to modern power structures.”

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