Joel Lee Running On Adrenaline In Latest Single & Video

The B.C. county singer-songwriter offers another preview of his debut EP.


Joel Lee throws caution to the wind to chase the thrill in his new single and video Adrenaline — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This song is all about living life to the fullest, and doing things that make your heart race,” the Nanaimo country singer-songwriter says. “Things like a jet black Cadillac, passing on a solid line, or kissing a girl for the very first time. I wrote this during the COVID-19 shutdown. I was thinking to myself how, after being isolated at home and unable to do a lot, I had taken my freedom for granted in the past. When I come out from being ‘grounded,’ I will try to live my life a bit more on the edge and with purpose. I hope it inspires folks to use the fear they may have in order to try something new, or to step up and make their move to succeed in whatever goal or challenge they face.”

Co-produced with Shawn Moore, the track also features five-time Central Canadian Fiddle Champion Tyler Beckett and Lee’s son Brayden, a talented drummer in his own right. “I had the opportunity, and really enjoyed the process and the result,” he shares. “As the writing was progressing, I knew I really wanted to make it feel energetic and exhilarating, and I had this feeling it needed to feature a fiddle. Only the best would do, so the opportunity to work with Tyler was definitely a highlight for me. He provided the song with the precise feel I was after.”

Having grown up in a house where “hockey and country music reigned supreme,” Lee’s lifelong passion for music has already sparked his debut single No Filter, recorded with his forthcoming debut EP at Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studio. He’s worked with industry production titans Mike Fraser and Jeff Dawson, and shared the stage or opened for the likes of Emerson Drive, Gord Bamford and more.

Watch the video for Adrenaline above and follow Joel Lee on Facebook and Instagram.