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The Killers | Imploding The Mirage

Ignore that title — this is the Vegas rockers' most explosive and real disc in ages.


We could all use a bit of a boost right now. And it seems The Killers are here to provide.

In contrast to its title, the Vegas-born rockers’ sixth album Imploding The Mirage is a more explosive, real and invigorated outing than they’ve served up in some time. While Brandon Flowers and co. don’t veer far from their signature sound — slick, sleek, big and bombastic anthems that split the difference between the heartland rock of Springsteen, the flamboyant flair of Sparks and the dark electronic beauty of New Order — this time around they seem to be delivering the goods with more speed, energy and enthusiasm. Maybe it’s a reaction to the times. Maybe it’s the result of parting ways with their guitar player (replaced here by a slew of guests, including outsted Fleetwood Mac member Lindsay Buckingham). Maybe it has to do with Flowers’ move to Utah. Who knows? All I can tell you is that when he sings. “A weight has been lifted,” it rings true. For him and us.

THE PRESS RELEASE: Imploding The Mirage, The Killers’ sixth studio album and the followup to 2017’s chart-topping Wonderful Wonderful, leaves the grit and glitter of Vegas behind for something more expansive and triumphant. (Literally. Frontman Brandon Flowers moved his family from the parched flats of Vegas, NV to the lush mountains of Utah before beginning work on the record.) It’s an album that also pushed the band out of their musical comfort zone, exploring new terrain and referencing the albums in their collection that filled them with a sense of romance and camaraderie in their youth. Influences include Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, as well as Killers’ touchstones like Bruce Springsteen and New Order. Throughout it all, Flowers remains a wholly singular songwriter. Imploding The Mirage also features a brilliant array of collaborators, another first for the band who have typically kept guest spots on their albums to a minimum. The list of featured artists includes Lindsey Buckingham, kd lang, Weyes Blood, Adam Granduciel (War On Drugs), Blake Mills, and Lucius. Since the release of their 2004 debut, Hot Fuss, The Killers have sold 28 million albums, headlined stadiums and festivals around the world and won dozens of accolades globally. The band continues their reign as America’s heartland heroes as they head into Imploding The Mirage. Following their 2017 Billboard #1 album, Wonderful Wonderful — a love letter of sorts, as Brandon Flowers crafted songs of encouragement to his wife during crippling bouts of depression — Imploding The Mirage is the light after the dark; the overcoming of sadness and moving into celebration. It’s a record about eternal love, perseverance through hard times, and the strength gained from friendships and familial bonds whilst weathering a storm.”