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Agency | Wild Possession

The Australians show they have just as much brain as brawn on their latest EP.


Come for the slashing, noisy post-punk nuggets and dynamic, driving noise-rock outbursts. Stay for the artfully decorated, moodier indie-rock fare that shows these four Australians have just as much brain as brawn. This six-track EP actually came out a few weeks back, but it’s worth going back for.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Three years after these songs were captured in recorded form, Agency drops Wild Possession, their second album and first release since the double drop of Do We Go It Alone? and I Know I’m In Flames in 2016. Recorded in three days at Sia Ahmad’s home studio space Brick Lane with powerhouse Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, Arse) and Hayden Fritzlaff from Moaning Lisa on the drum stool, this brisk 22-minute record takes off from the get go, taking their trademark noise rock twists into direct pop actions at times and expansive discourse in others. Always keeping their mind on musical community, they are joined by Joel Saunders (Spirit Bunny), Peter Hollo (Tangents) and Hannah de Feyter on Buffaloes while Tom Lyngcoln from Harmony and The Nation Blue delivers a monologue on the tonal abstract Sensitive.”