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NRBQ’s In • Frequencies Tops Today’s Album Announcements

The eclectic ensemble's first official collection of outtakes arrives in October.

About 25 years ago — back in the days when you could still bump into actual musicians at SXSW — I found myself standing next to former NRBQ guitarist Al Anderson at a showcase (it might have been Ian McLagan, but don’t quote me on that).

We chatted about his days in the band and his then-new solo career, and while time has since erased any specifics of the conversation, I recall him being pretty down to earth and cool. Something else that’s cool: In • Frequencies, a new NRBQ rarities collection coming this October. Although there have been a few decent anthologies and collections devoted to Terry Adams’ eclectic outfit over their five-decade career, In • Frequencies is billed as “the first-ever collection of NRBQ outtakes and rare tracks.” To that end, it boasts a dozen previously unissued studio and live gems, including soundcheck recordings, radio broadcasts, alternate versions, tunes recorded under pseudonyms and more. Says Adams: “When these songs surfaced on the tapes I felt like I was meeting an interesting woman for the first time. I had to say, ‘What’s a song like you doing on a tape like this?’ ” I don’t know what Big Al will make of it, but you can count me in. If you’re not an NRBQ fan, well, your loss. But don’t fret; as always, there are plenty of other new releases on the way, including albums from The Mountain Goats, Daniel Romano’s Outfit (his ninth of the year!) and more. Scroll down to see all the latest additions, and hit the Upcoming Releases page for the whole mammoth list.


August 21

Frozen Factory | Numbered EP
Midnight Danger | Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare
Muse | Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience
Sepsiss | 11-11

August 28

Luca Draccar | Flamboyant
Hekla Magnúsdóttir | Sprungur EP
Billy Raffoul | International Hotel

September 4

Storry | Interlude-19
Wisdom Water | Anaphora
Wonho | Love Synonym #1 EP

September 11

Tuomas Rantanen | Late Cretaceous Part 2
Eric Revis | Slipknots Through A Looking Glass
Billy Woods | Dour Candy Vinyl Reissue

September 18

Automatism | Immersion
Crake | Enough Salt (For All Dogs) b/w Gef
Rudy De Anda | Tender Epoch
Dephosphorus | Sublimation
Eastwood | It Never Gets Easy
NeroArgento | Circles
Orochen | Thylacine
Photo Ops | Pure At Heart
Pyrame | The Pace Of Everything That Lives
Daniel Romano’s Outfit | How Ill Thy World Is Ordered.

September 25

Housemeister | 3ndl3ss Svmmer
Nefesh Core | Getaway
Prince Fatty, Shniece Mcmenamin | Black Rabbit 7″

October 2

Fly The Nest | Wild Ride
King Mothership | The Ritual
Legowelt | Unconditional Contours
NRBQ | In • Frequencies
Protokult | Transcending The Ruins

October 9

Andy Bell | The View From Halfway Down
Buffalo Tom | Birdbrain 30th Anniversary Edition
Hellion Prime | Question Everything
J. Pavone String Ensemble | Lost & Found
Ustad Saami | Pakistan Is for the Peaceful
Lindsay Schoolcraft | Worlds Away
Ultravox | Vienna Deluxe Edition
Yatra | All Is Lost

October 16

Helena Deland | Someone New
The Phoenix Foundation | Friend Ship

October 23

Big Scenic Nowhere | Lavender Blues EP
Chamber | Cost of Sacrifice
The Mountain Goats | Getting Into Knives

November 13

Gregor | Destiny

January 8

Michael Schenker Group | Immortal