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The Irish alt-rockers offer a call to arms with a rugged, aggressive sophomore set.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “Led by Northern Irish songwriter Shauna Tohill, the fierce, high energy, alternative-rock band Rews follow up their 2017 critically acclaimed debut Pyro with the new album Warriors. The single Today We’re Warriors is Rews’ call to arms to unite, stand up, be strong and take life’s challenges head on using music as our binding force… it is a perfect sentiment in this time and highlights what this new album is all about. Rews are building on the success of debut album Pyro which saw them perform at Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Boardmasters and Marshall Live as well as extensive touring across the UK and Europe including a support tours with Halestorm and The Darkness as well as appearances at Mad Cool Festival, Camden Rocks and Eurosonic.”

MY TWO CENTS: Due to some really shitty circumstances that were totally beyond my control — and trust me, you truly don’t want to know — I had neither the time nor the brainpower to review albums this week. So consider this a recommendation, or a referral, or a heads-up, or whatever. That’s the best I can do right now. Regular programming will resume next week (assuming nothing even shittier happens). Thanks for your patience.