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Now Hear This: Blossoms | In Isolation

The English quintet compile their quarantine performances into an album.

I ran out of time and words before I ran out of music to write about this week. So strictly speaking, this isn’t a review — but it’s definitely a recommendation. Check out the press release, watch some videos and hear for yourself.



THE PRESS RELEASE: “English quintet Blossoms burst onto the British scene in the 2010s, quickly rising from local clubs to festival stages within a few short years. Their breakthrough debut landed in 2016 after years of anticipation, topping charts and winning fans with a catchy, synth-forward blend of Brit-pop and indie rock heard on songs like hit single Charlemagne. Incorporating more new wave influences on their follow-up, 2018’s Cool Like You, the band maintained their presence on U.K. charts and on the touring circuit. By the end of the decade, they were selling out shows, including one at a hometown stadium. The group entered a new decade in 2020 with their third LP, the lovelorn Foolish Loving Spaces. “We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing our recent isolation covers, including tracks with @JamesSkellyBand, @thecoralband & @MilesKaneMusic, over the next few weeks starting with our Frank Ocean cover Lost. There’s also a few more that we’re currently working on. Release dates still to be confirmed but keep your eye out for those. All of these tracks will make up our Blossoms In Isolation, album.”