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Louis Jucker & Coilguns | Play Kråkeslottet (The Crow’s Castle) & Other Songs from the Northern Shores

The Swiss rockers rev up their bassist's solo songs into guitar-rock cyclones.


Near as I can tell, singer-bassist Louis Jucker and his bandmates in Swiss noise-rock outfit Coilguns have about half a dozen different bands and musical configurations between them. Some are louder and grittier. Some are softer. Some are more experimental. This one is a muscular guitar-rock monster that revs up Jucker’s solo folk-rock numbers into thundering, rangy guitar cyclones with echoes of everyone from Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Sonic Youth and Superchunk to Led Zeppelin. Best of all: They’re giving away the album — along with every other title in the absurdly vast and varied catalogue — on their Bandcamp page. You’ve got nothing to lose. Except a few years of your life.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Louis Jucker spent a year touring his album Krakeslottet with the three other members of Coilguns as a backing band. Playing these intimate folk sketches among friends with loud guitars and meaty drums turned out to be much more successful than any of them had expected. Show by show the songs grew thicker and greasier. It felt logical and necessary at the end of the tour to lock down for two days in the studio and record a very last live set in front of the microphones. Tracked on tape with ribbon mics and mixed by the artist himself the old-school way, the result is a faithful rendition of what the band sounded like during their intense last shows.”