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Alizarin | The Last Semblance

You know somebody who likes prog. Why not share this album with them?


We all have somebody in our life who likes ’70s-style art-prog. No shame in that. Well, OK, maybe a little shame. But if you’re a good friend, you’ll just shut up and share this L.A. outfit’s latest album with them. They’ll thank you for it

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Steeped in rich, brooding atmospheres, The Last Semblance covers a wide spectrum of sonic landscapes and emphasizes the melodic journey over deliberate technique. The album draws influence from such groups as Porcupine Tree, Nevermore, Alice in Chains, Opeth, Portishead, and yet creates an aura that is distinctly unique. The results are a sound that is challenging to define, pensive, and often at the crossroads of melody and dissonance.”