The Boy From The South Can’t Do Mornings in Lighthearted Single & Video

You’d never know the alt-folk singer-songwriter's cut was written on a rainy day.


The Boy From The South eases into his day in his new video for his breezy single Mornings — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I wrote the melodies in my bed, ironically, on one of the most thunderous, apocalyptic weather days I’ve ever seen in London,” explains The Boy From The South, aka indie-folk singer/songwriter Pedro Balaña. “This song came out as a really easy song structured around a catchy, surfy, summer riff with a basic, hooky melody on top. Lyrically — and meaning-wise — the vibe is simple. It’s that morning feeling when you wake up, the sun’s out, and you have no worries at al l… That feeling of having nothing in the back of your head, just raw happiness while you can still chill in your PJs, or even hungover.”

Hailing from Barcelona, The Boy From The South moved to London, England following the completion of his degree and the end of his band. He released his premiere single Home in March of this year, accumulating more than 25,000 streams and counting, before following up with Mornings. “I have two songs out, and an acoustic video with my mum playing piano, too,” he says. “Best mum ever!

Mornings was recorded in a day,” he continues. “Once we had the acoustic and vocals, we just went to experiment with synths and the most random objects you can think of. There’s a Tibetan bowl that’s run through an amp, a spongy bass, Tame Impala’s Juno sound, a broom … and there are some song samples that will remain a secret.”

Balaña counts himself among those whose creative workflow took a turn thanks to COVID-19. Mornings was half-finished prior to London’s lockdown, forcing The Boy From The South to finish its production at home on his computer. “I went absolutely bananas trying to give it another direction,” he admits. “In the end, and after several hours a day of going crazy with my 2008 MacBook, however, I decided to leave it as it was.”

Good call. Enjoy Mornings above, check out more of Pedro Balaña’s music below, and follow The Boy From The South on Twitter and Instagram.