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Humnos Logos Music Deliver A Faith Lift With Instrumental Verses I

The Houston classical-pop outfit illustrate Bible verses through song.

Humnos Logos Music might seem to be all about classical instrumental sounds. But one listen to the mysterious entity’s debut album Instrumental Verses I — showcasing today on Tinnitist — makes it clear they encompass so much more.

Inspired by scripture, the enigmatic Texas classical-pop ensemble led by a reclusive unnamed composer have found a new way to deliver Christian music, evoking emotion without the use of lyrical content. It was inevitable, really: with a grandmother who could play piano by ear, a great grandfather who built his own banjo, and a mother who spent years with a flute in hand, the mastermind behind Humnos Logos Music has music in the blood. “That’s just always been my reality,” the composer shares. “Music surrounded me from the start, and today I’ve found a way to marry classical sounds with Christian music.”

The result is a stunning premiere release featuring seven songs total; five classical in nature, and two offering a contemporary pop-rock feel, giving the album a nuanced yet modern edge. With humnos meaning song, and logos meaning “word of God,” Humnos Logos Music have crafted each song based on the Bible. “Although there are no lyrics, each song tells a story in sound, and the titles are connected to an important — ‘instrumental,’ even — Bible verse. In a world where there is so much conversation, so much noise, it’s nice to be able to digest emotive music that is void of hearsay. The notes, melodies, and arrangements speak volumes and allow listeners to just be in the moment with each song.”

Listen to Instrumental Verses I below and keep up with Humnos Logos Music via their website and Twitter.