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Vile Creature | Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!

Come for the Cronenbergian cover pic. Stay for the brutal headcrushing.

Come for the awesome Cronenbergian cover pic. Stay for the headcrushing doom metal. Marvel at the ability of this Hamilton duo to cleave your skull in twain with a devastatingly brutal sonic assault that makes Jucifer seem like Janet Jackson — if JJ were possessed by a succubus and having the skin flayed from her body while being slowly and horrifically flattened by a steamroller outside a choir practice. Follow up by visiting their ridiculously cute and totally incongruous website, which appears to have been built in 1995. Scratch your head and repeat.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Vile Creature has been constantly evolving during their six years as a band; from each release to the next, the Hamilton duo have been pushing the boundaries of their own creativity, and testing the limits of their own place in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than on their latest experimental doom metal album, Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! Vile Creature are digging their heels in, ready to fight against the all too easy slide into nihilism — as embodied in the sardonic album title. The record traverses a myriad of raw, real-life experiences and marks a distinct new chapter for the band. The album features contributions from vocalist Laurel Minnes and her choir, Minuscule, and additional instrumentation from Bismuth’s Tanya Byrne. Vile Creature remains embedded in the oppressive sounds of doom and metal, only now they are covered with a luxurious veil of majestic embellishments.”