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Curse The Son | Excruciation

The doom-sludge stoner-metal brigade's album does not deserve its title.

Suicide By Drummer. That’s the title of the opening track on Curse The Son’s fourth album Excruciation. You have to give these New Haven thugs a point for that. And then you have to give them a few more for following it up with an impressively solid array of doom-sludge stoner-metal. They’ve got the craggy chugging riffs. They’ve got the molten-lava solos. They’ve got the slogging beats and muddy basslines. They’ve got the murky ambience and pitch-black humour. They’ve got the wailing vocals. Most importantly, they put them all together into an album that doesn’t even come close to deserving its punishing title.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Haven’s doom rock warriors Curse The Son unleash their dark and genre-defying fourth album Excruciation. It’s a defining moment for a band who has dealt with multiple challenges since the release of Isolator, and responded in full with their most diverse, ambitious, and genre-shattering record to date. Excruciation is shaded heavy and light. Beautiful and disfigured.  Depressingly sad but strangely uplifting at the same time. It is a record that defies genres, defies limitations and generalizations.  A true musical experience for one and all who love their music heavy. What began as a studio project in 2008, Curse The Son has slowly and steadily risen to achievements never imagined.  Beginning with the release of the Globus Hystericus EP in August 2008, founding member Ron Vanacore (Guitars & Vocals) felt “a calling”.  There was a need for sonic expression and a passion to create music to share with the world.  What followed was the 2011 debut LP Klonopain, which set the stage for what the band was and what it was to become.  Riff rock in the truest sense.  Screaming guitars, thick, teeth rattling bass, bombastic drums and that voice expressing years of pain, torture and sadness.”

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