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The Rolling Stones | Vintage Atlantic Albums Promo Poster

To mark Some Girls' anniversary, here's a poster of classic Stones album covers.

Fun Fact: Some Girls, the last indisputably great Rolling Stones album, came out 42 years ago today — June 9. 1978. Sadly, I don’t have a Some Girls promo poster. But I do have this poster that collects the covers of all the band’s Atlantic Records releases. It has everything from 1972’s classic Exile on Main St. (disappointingly represented by its CD cover) to 1986’s less-than-classic Dirty Work — plus Some Girls, whose cover sits just above the O in Rolling. Based on the background graphic from Steel Wheels in the bottom right corner of the poster, I can only assume this was printed in 1989 to coincide with the release of that album. That adds up, since I have a few more Stones posters from that album in my collection. Maybe I’ll share them when that album celebrates its anniversary in August, though if I’m honest, I’ll probably forget. Anyway, if you’d like to buy this poster for your collection, email me and we’ll work out something. Meanwhile, enjoy some vintage Rolling Stones numbers from Some Girls: