Indie Roundup | Seven Songs To Finish Off Your Thursday

Ease into Friday with Klô Pelgag, Dining With Dogs, Maddox Jones and more.


Klô Pelgag is yellow, Dining With Dogs are puzzled, Maddox Jones shares his headspace, The Lacs shoot the moon and more in today’s Roundup. It’s another quiet Thursday, and you know what that means — another jam-packed Friday is just around the corner.


1 | Klô Pelgag | La maison jaune

THE PRESS RELEASE:Klô Pelgag shares La maison jaune, the fourth single and music video off her upcoming new album Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, available everywhere on June 26. A haunting song that elicits a wide range of emotions in the listener, “La maison jaune refers to the house where painter Vincent van Gogh lived while experiencing great distress,” explains Klô. “It’s a song about the moment when you finally leave this place in the hope of never returning there.” The theme of the song echoes the documentary posted online a few months ago, which depicted the writing of this album after a darker period in the life of the singer-songwriter. The intoxicating La maison jaune is characterized by string and brass arrangements that were created by Klô herself for the very first time.”

2 | Dining With Dogs | Puzzled

THE PRESS RELEASE:Puzzled is the new video from Texas noise-rock trio Dining With Dogs and their new debut LP, The Problem With Friends. Dining With Dogs sees The Dead See’s drummer Josh Paul and guitarist/vocalist Mark Key (also of BLK OPS) joined by bassist and video artist Marcos Morales. Their debut full-length The Problem With Friends boasts 10 bruising tracks which fuse noise rock riffage cranked to gnarled, sludgy depths with an intoxicating, psychedelic aura. Morales, who created the video, writes, “Puzzled’s nihilistic lyrics trapped in the beauty of the music are meant to put you at ease with the inevitable. The lyrics, written for Mark’s daughter, are about coming to terms with life’s unrelenting one-way march to death. Our poor subject wallows in the wreckage and ruin of his wasted life, all while the iridescent cosmicscape of eternity flickers above his head. If he would just look up, he would be able to take in the beauty of it, before the wondrous void ultimately consumes his brief existence.”

3 | Maddox Jones | Headspace

THE PRESS RELEASE: “British singer and songwriter Maddox Jones unveils Headspace, the title track and first single to be lifted from his debut EP, set for release on July 10. “It’s a song that kept me company in the dead of night when I was used to sleeping next to somebody and found myself alone. It can force you to take a proper look at yourself when you only have yourself for company. I wonder if maybe lots of people might be feeling a bit like this right now, if they’re isolating alone in this pandemic. It’s about searching for a connection with someone when they’re going through something hard and you just want to be there for them, to be a safe space for them.”

4 | The Lacs | Black Moon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With musicians taking a massive hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia country-rap duo The Lacs have used the time to record stripped-down acoustic versions of classic tracks from their catalog. The fourth acoustic video the duo has released is Black Moon from The Lacs’ 2014 album Nothing in Particular. The song has become an ode to soaking up the simpler things in life and enjoying the countryside.”

5 | Devastator | Spiritual Warfare

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Opening up with a riff that’s equal parts Venom and Motörhead, Devastator’s full-length debut album, Baptised In Blasphemy, roars out of the starting gates and never looks back. The riffs scramble over each other, fighting, tearing, rending their way to the front, while wild, screaming solos paint the sky above with blood and fire. These are songs for the stage, songs to push amps past the point of destruction, songs that hit you like a steel clad fist. Devastator live for the thrill of live performance, but they have managed to channel that unharnessed power and excitement and capture it all on Baptised In Blasphemy. Turn it up, close your eyes and you’ll taste that cheap beer and feel the heat of the lights. When they unleash this monster on July 10, grab hold and never let go. Bang your head, sell your soul and laugh in the face of everything life can throw at you — because this black flame will never go out!”

6 | Age Of Woe | Gospel Of Lies

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden/Germany/Finland based Age of Woe draws inspiration from doom metal, death metal, prog and sludge — with their own unique touch and interpretation. Age of Woe unloads pure audio destruction: not overly calculated, lightning-fast or technical, but reliably menacing and tremendously heavy. The band is currently in the studio putting down the final touches on their new album full of a unique, blood-pumping urgency that has produced something undeniably heavy. “The single Gospel of Lies is a new chapter in the life of Age of Woe with a new line-up and a renewed passion to write unique music that we love.”

7 | Katherine Abbott | Lullaby for Lucas

THE PRESS RELEASE: Katherine Abbott is a free spirited folk singer/songwriter from England. Influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Bon Iver and inspired by the quest for freedom and the contrast between reality and dreams, Abbott composes songs on guitar that display poetic and thought provoking lyrical content and a haunting, soulful and soaring vocal delivery. Her highly anticipated single Lullaby for Lucas is a song about forgiveness and not being so quick to judge others. Written after a man named Lucas, who she met whilst walking the Camino de Santiago, Abbott felt compelled to tell his story of an opera singer turned nomad. She explains, “Lucas was an opera singer in Vienna but had lost his voice and had taken to living a nomadic existence. We had a jam in a bar one night and he tried to sing but his voice just came out as this croak which brought him to tears.”