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Black Rainbows | Cosmic Ritual Supertrip

The hard-driving Italian power trio speed you back to the stoner-rock ’70s.


Forget about going back to the future. We’re speeding back to the past — to the ’70s, to be precise. AKA the gory glory days of Black Sabbath’s fuzzy stoner-sludge and Hawkwind’s psychedelic space-rock. That’s where the Italian stallions of retro-boogie power trio Black Rainbows find the inspiration for their latest bombastic blast of hard-driving, hard-hitting, hard-rocking power and propulsion. And it’s everywhere you wanna be. Strap in, turn on and ride the Rainbow, baby.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Black Rainbows are back with a brand new album! This time they are delivering 12 new and fresh tunes. Recorded and produced by Fabio Sforza, who was also behind the previous album Pandaemonium. Cosmic Ritual Supertrip has a monolithic force; guitars, drums and bass are all glued together to give the listener a punch in the face! This album gets its magic power from mixing together a ’70s attitude with a doom-occult and stoner rock sound in a masterful way. We can count a bunch of singles, such as Isolation and Master Rocket Power Blast, as well as a couple of doomy songs like Universal Phase and Saacred Graal and also more catchy tunes like Radio 666 and At Midnight You Cry. This is the eighth album of the band and we believe the best one so far.”